Freestyle Digital Media, an on demand and theatrical distribution division of Byron Allen’s global media company Entertainment Studios, is proud to announce that it has secured North American theatrical, digital and home entertainment distribution rights for Jason Winn’s family-friendly feature SHIFTING GEARS. Cast includes M.C. Gainey (“Speechless”), R. Keith Harris (“The Walking Dead”), Brooke Langton (“Melrose Place”), M. Emmet Walsh (Blood Simple), John Ratzenberger (Toy Story), C. Thomas Howell (“Ray Donovan”) and more. The day and date release for the Dove Foundation-approved narrative will be March 23.

Tom (Harris) is a hard-working manager at a big box super store. He started in the stock room, always imagining himself at the helm. Now poised for a big promotion, he gets the news he always feared: “No college degree, no promotion.” In the face of this new reality, and lamenting the time he devoted to work over family, Tom and his wife, Carol (Langton), decide to change course and start a family business. They pack up their kids and move to a small town to take over a run-down garage bequeathed to them by Tom’s estranged father, Clem (Drew Matthews, Paper Towns). They sink their savings into renovating the garage, only to get another unfortunate surprise – the title to the property has been contested and now must be sold at public auction, with arch nemesis Conrad Baines (Ratzenberger) poised to take over the land in the name of “economic development.” In a last-ditch effort to avoid financial ruin, Tom and his teenage son, Jeremy (Adam Hicks, “Zeke and Luther”), join forces with old time racer “Dirty Harry” Hawkins (Gainey) and enter the Dirt Track Grand National.

Shared filmmaker Jason Winn, “We wanted to make sure there were two major ingredients in this movie… Authentic grassroots racing, and a fun family story that pays tribute to the hard-working families that are the backbone of this country. Shifting Gears is an action comedy with timeless themes about family struggles and the father/son dynamic that all ages can enjoy. We’re very excited to share this movie with the world!”

“Shifting Gears is a warm, winning tale of the power of family in the face of adversity as well as a high-octane racing film. We are delighted to partner with the Shifting Gears team and look forward to sharing the film with families and racing enthusiasts across North America,” stated Freestyle Digital Media’s Vice President of Acquisitions, Dan Fisher.

Winn directed from a script by R. Keith Harris. Harris also served as a Producer alongside Matthew R. Zboyovski. Lauren Moews Vilchik (Abundant Acreage Available), Jeff Williams of Alderman Company, and Rob Johnston are the Executive Producers. The deal was negotiated by Freestyle Digital Media’s Vice President of Acquisitions, Dan Fisher, and Lauren Moews Vilchik on behalf of the filmmakers.

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