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Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Paladin has acquired domestic theatrical rights to SHOT, a gripping drama about three lives irrevocably changed when a gun is accidentally fired on a busy Los Angeles street. Starring Noah Wyle and Sharon Leal, and introducing newcomer Jorge Lendeborg, Jr. in his first leading role, the film is a visceral roller coaster ride unflinchingly exploring the consequences of gun violence in America. Directed and produced by veteran filmmaker Jeremy Paul Kagan (The Chosen, Roswell, Conspiracy), SHOT is being targeted for a Fall release.
Based on an original story by Kagan and a screenplay by Anneke Campbell and Will Lamborn, SHOT begins as movie sound mixer Mark Newman (Wyle), is pumping up the volume on a bloody shootout in an action film. Hours later, after an argument with his wife Phoebe, Mark is suddenly felled by a real random bullet, and lies bleeding on the pavement with a chest wound. With Phoebe desperately trying to stop the bleeding, they both agonizingly wait for an ambulance to arrive as Mark franticly fights for his life. Meanwhile, hidden behind a fence across the street, a teenager, Miguel (Lendeborg), watches in horror with the still smoking gun in his hand that was just passed to him by his cousin. A gun that was meant to protect him against gang bullies.
From the moment the shot rings out, Kagan’s camera in real time daringly follows Mark from street, to stretcher, to gurney, to examining table, as we watch the paramedics and medical teams in full life-saving mode. We share Mark’s shock, pain, anger, fear, gallows humor, guilt, and resignation, and how this all effects his troubled relationship with his estranged wife. We experience the pain in his bodyfrom the trauma of a gunshot wound as well as the terrors in his mind via a stream-of-semi-consciousness that conveys his panic and confusion as he wonders if he will survive. Through the imaginative use of split-screen, Kagan juxtaposes Mark’s medical crisis with Miguel’s moral one, as we simultaneously see the frightened young man wrestle with the fact that an innocent man was injured – or worse – as a direct result of his actions. And, in the film’s thrilling climax, the two meet face to face. But now a gun is in Mark’s hands.
About the film Paladin president Mark Urman says, “SHOT deals with the urgent social issue of gun violence in a striking and original way. What makes it particularly effective is that it is devoid of polemics and rhetoric—no speeches are made. Rather, through action and character alone, the viewer is drawn into a situation that is emotionally moving and disturbing. Anyone concerned about the lack of sensible gun control in our society, will want to see this film, and will tell others to see it as well.”
For Kagan: “This has been a passion project for me.I wanted to make a film where we get intimately involved in what happens when someone gets shot. I want us to care about these people and I didn’t want us to turn away, like we get to do with most movie violence. This isn’t about ‘no guns,’ it is about responsible living. It’s about sanity and gun safety to prevent the staggering loss of lives. They say you save a world when you save a life. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this movie could save a life!”
A key component to Paladin’s marketing campaign will be coordinated audience-engagement activity with wide array of gun control advocacy groups, organizations, and activists, both national and regional. John Raatz, an associate producer on SHOT, who coordinated grass roots outreach on Paladin’s highly successful release of Tom Shadyac’s “I AM,” will once again be spearheading this initiative.
SHOT is directed by Jeremy Kagan and written by Anneke Campbell and Will Lamborn, based on a story by Kagan. The film stars Noah Wyle, Sharon Leal, and Jorge Lendenborg Jr. Producers are Jeremy Kagan, Dave O’Brien, and Josh Siegel. Cinematography by Jacek Laskus, editing by Norman Hollyn, and original music by Bruce Broughton.


Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

he New York Yankees have given their rare endorsement to the new motion picture project “The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth,” the telling of the extraordinary legend and love story of Lou and Eleanor Gehrig. The film will be directed by Jay Russell (“My Dog Skip” “Ladder 49”) and based on the biography “Luckiest Man” by Jonathan Eig, with a screenplay adaptation by Dan Kay. The producing team is led by Branded Entertainment’s Michael Uslan and David Uslan, and includes Kingsway Productions’ Robert Molloy and Conglomerate Media’s Armando Gutierrez. Academy Award winner Barrie Osborne and Jeff Steen will serve as executive producers. Principal casting will begin this month.

Today’s announcement coincides with the anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s retirement from the Yankees on June 21, 1939. “The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth” will chronicle baseball legend Gehrig, the heroic Yankee who was one of the greatest athletes of his time, and his love affair with his wife, Eleanor, who stood alongside him and equaled his heart, strength and bravery in the face of an extraordinary life.

“If Lou Gehrig was an Iron Man, his wife Eleanor was an Iron Woman. This is one of the greatest love stories of all time,” says producer Michael Uslan, whose credits include serving as the originator and executive producer of the “Batman” movie franchise.

“Lou Gehrig is an iconic character, not just in baseball, but as a true American hero, a man who faced his intense, personal battles with quiet bravery,” says director Jay Russell. “While Gehrig’s story has previously been told in the beloved ‘Pride of the Yankees’, this will be a new depiction with a more contemporary style and approach.

“As my late grandfather, George Steinbrenner, always believed, Lou Gehrig was a great role model for the world. There is triumph even in tragedy and it’s only in the face of great odds that true human heroes are born and inspire us all,” says producer Robert Molloy.

Author Jonathan Eig sees the adaptation of his book as “the perfect film for anyone in search of a role model for love, marriage, teamwork, heroism, and self – sacrifice.”

Dan Kay, tasked with bringing Eig’s book to life in his screenplay says, “Eleanor and Lou’s undying love for each other elevates this movie to an uplifting affirmation of the human spirit.”

Producer Barrie Osborne, whose credits range from “Apocalypse Now” to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, defines what makes this project so unique. “What I love most about the project is the fact that audiences need know nothing about sports, baseball, the Yankees, or even the legend of Lou Gehrig in order to be moved by this emotionally uplifting story.”

Producer Armando Gutierrez states, “It’s a real life story told through the extraordinary relationships of extraordinary people: Lou and Eleanor; Lou and his domineering mother; Lou and his ally and adversary, Babe Ruth; and finally, Lou and the doctors who look to the latest scientific means in an attempt to save him.”

Producer David Uslan summarizes, “This is the story of how a shy, quiet man, at the moment in life that tests him to the absolute extreme, can step up to the plate and deliver extemporaneously, and from the heart, arguably one of the greatest speeches in American history. It can’t help but rekindle our belief in the best of humanity during today’s polarizing and dispirited times.”


Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Focus Features has acquired worldwide rights to Boy Erased, the coming-of-age and coming-out drama from writer/director Joel Edgerton based on Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family by Garrard Conley. Academy Award nominee Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea) will star opposite Academy Award winners Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. The movie will be produced by Anonymous Content and will begin production this fall for a 2018 theatrical release. Focus chairman Peter Kujawski made the announcement today.

The film will tell the story of Jared (to be portrayed by Mr. Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is outed to his parents (Ms. Kidman and Mr. Crowe) at age 19. Jared is quickly pressured into attending a gay conversion therapy program – or else be shunned by his family, friends, and church. It is within the program that Jared comes into conflict with its head therapist (Mr. Edgerton).

“I’m excited to work with an ensemble of actors, seasoned and new, to bring Garrard’s story to the screen. I think Focus is the perfect partner on this, and I will always thank Garrard for trusting my passion for his life story. I can’t think of a better reason to get behind the camera again,” said Mr. Edgerton.

Boy Erased is being produced by Mr. Edgerton and Anonymous Content’s Kerry Kohansky-Roberts and Steve Golin, an Academy Award-winning producer of Best Picture Oscar winner Spotlight. Executive-producing the film are Rebecca Yeldham, Ann Ruark, and Anonymous Content’s Kim Hodgert and Tony Lipp. Josh McLaughlin, recently promoted to Focus president of production, will supervise the project for the company.

Mr. Conley’s book was first published last year by Penguin Random House, and was issued earlier this year in paperback. Mr. Edgerton has written the screenplay adaptation; Boy Erased will be his second feature as director following the sleeper hit The Gift (also produced by Ms. Yeldham), which earned him a Directors Guild of America Award nomination. He was recently a Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award nominee for his performance in Focus’ Loving.


Saturday, June 17th, 2017

BET has picked up the comedy FAT CAMP and will air the film this July, it was announced today. The film was picked up prior to its world premiere on June 21 at 9:05 pm PST in the LA Muse section of this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival.

The film stars Chris Redd (Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping, Netflix’s Disjointed), Anabelle Acosta (Quantico, Ballers), newcomer Michael Cienfuegos, Mel Rodriguez (Last Man On Earth, Getting On), and Vivica A. Fox (Empire, Kill Bill: Volumes 1 and 2).

“As the premier destination for lovers of African American culture, BET Networks is committed to supporting independent filmmakers and engaging our viewers worldwide, ” said Maureen Guthman, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy, BET Networks. “We are thrilled to give this film a home.“
In FAT CAMP, twenty-something Hutch (Redd) thinks image is everything. He fronts like a baller and is too spoiled to get a job. But when his mom kicks him out of the house, and he’s forced to work at his uncle’s fat camp, he finds himself supervising an offbeat group of husky boys, who ultimately help him grow up.

Chuck Hayward’s (Netflix’s series Dear White People) irreverent script is all about embracing your inner loser as the ultimate winner, making Emmy- nominated Jennifer Arnold’s (A Small Act) fiction feature directorial debut a willfully offensive adult comedy with no manners and tons of heart.
FAT CAMP is a production of Fluency, a division of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises. Aimed at the emerging majority, Fluency is committed to celebrating new heroes and amplifying bold voices.
“We are very excited to work with BET to premiere our newest film, FAT CAMP,” said Peter E. Blacker, EVP, Digital and Emerging Business, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.

FAT CAMP is directed by Jennifer Arnold and is written by Chuck Hayward based on a story by Shane Dawson and Hayward. The film is produced by Tatiana Kelly, Jim Young, William B. Macomber, and Eleanor Nett. Valerie Stadler, Peter E. Blacker, and Shane Dawson are executive producers. Cinematography is by Patti Lee with editing by Brad Wilhite. Music by Siddhartha Khosla.


Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Principal photography has begun in Lima, OH on “A Walk with Grace,” starring David Lee Smith (Fight Cub, Zodiac, A Walk to Remember), Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, The Flyboys, Born on the Fourth of July), Jason London (Dazed and Confused, Out Cold), Ashley Bratcher (War Room, 90 Minutes in Heaven), announced today Producers/Executive Producers Lance Paul (Secret Life of Pets, Crepitus) and April Kennedy (Divine Appointment). The film is written and directed by Nick Kellis (LA Ink, Trading Spouses).

“My greatest wish for this film is that it serves a dual purpose: first and foremost, to be an entertaining romantic drama that families will love. I also want it to instill a sense of hope in people of all ages, and remind them that it’s never too late to do the right thing,” said Paul.

The faith-based film is produced under the banners of Paul’s Ginger Knight Entertainment (Crepitus, Divine Appointment) and Kellis’s new shingle Flyover State Productions.

“A Walk with Grace” also stars Yorke Fryer (Extinct, Accepted), Mishka Calderon (Christmas in Hollywood[DR1] ), Ian Grey (Winner of Lifetime’s The Pop Game with Timbaland), Joe Estevez, Lance Paul (Dark Roads 79, Buried Cain), Austin St. John (Power Rangers), and Nicole Dambro (Pitchfork).

“There are so many variables that go into successful filmmaking, one of which is the chemistry of the cast. From the very first day of filming this week, the energy on set has been electric. I think a story of redemption is something we can all relate to, especially in today’s society,” said Paul.

In “A Walk with Grace,” after his mother dies a week before Easter, a widowed hotshot L.A. exec, Nate Lassiter (David Lee Smith), is confronted with heart-tugging responsibilities. He must finally return, with his daughter Chloe in-tow (break-out star Mishka Calderon), to his hometown in Ohio. There, he faces the daunting task of signing away his family’s factory to Jay Thorson (Stephen Baldwin).

Nate must also confront several ongoing difficult situations: his spitfire cousin, unhappy that Nate left it up to her to run the factory years ago; a labor-strike lead by his high school wrestling buddies Pastor Tom (Jason London), Shawn (Yorke Fryer) and Duane (Austin St John); and a legal battle over the impending sale of the factory, brought on by his high school sweetheart, Grace (Ashley Bratcher).

Nate’s biggest challenge, however, will be to face the life he left behind, and to learn to once again do the right thing for the right reasons. Forced to search his soul and embrace his broken past, he just might reconnect with his faith, and fall back in love with his Grace. Once lost in Los Angeles, Nate Lassiter is about to be found in the Heartland of America!


Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

PBS announced today it has acquired North American distribution rights for “Bill Nye: Science Guy,” which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March. “Bill Nye: Science Guy” follows the legendary science advocate and TV personality Bill Nye in his pursuit to ignite a passion among Americans for science and science education.

PBS Distribution (PBSd) will release the film in theaters across the country later this year, following a robust festival tour including upcoming screenings at AFI Docs in Washington, D.C. and the Los Angeles Film Festival. It will have its broadcast premiere in 2018 via PBS documentary series POV. PBSd will handle all home entertainment, digital, educational/non-theatrical and Canadian rights.

“Bill Nye: Science Guy” was produced and directed by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, produced by Seth Gordon, Kate McLean, and Nick Pampenella, executive produced by Walker Deibel, Mary Rohlich, Henry S. Rosenthal, and Chad Troutwine, and co-executive produced by Andre Gaines.

Bill Nye is on a journey to change the world. Once the host of a popular kids show, today he is the CEO of The Planetary Society where he’s leading a mission to launch a solar-powered satellite into the cosmos and advocating for the importance of science research and discovery. He is taking off “The Science Guy” costume and taking on those who deny the importance of science, with the goal of creating a more scientifically literate and engaged universe. “Bill Nye: Science Guy” follows the man himself as he embarks on a quest to change the world through science advocacy and education. With intimate and exclusive access, as well as plenty of wonder and whimsy, this is a behind-the-scenes portrait of “the Science Guy,” as he inspires millennials to participate in STEM. The film features Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Ann Druyan, Ken Ham, Joe Bastardi, and many others.

“We are over the moon to add BILL NYE: SCIENCE GUY to our theatrical slate and to be partnering with POV to bring Bill back to PBS,” said PBS Distribution’s Head of Theatrical, Erin Owens. “The filmmakers have given us a revealing portrait of an icon whose work and personality are seared indelibly into the minds of so many Americans. We can’t wait to bring this film to audiences across the country, and we know they’ll leave the theater further inspired by Bill Nye and his lifelong quest to making science a national priority.”

“Many of us grew up with Bill Nye the Science Guy. He loved science, and he inspired a whole generation of kids to share that passion through his PBS show,” said POV executive director/executive producer Justine Nagan. “Now, as Bill Nye has focused on his role as a champion for climate science, we hope his story and this film will spark dialogue across ideological lines. We are thrilled to bring this outstanding independent film on Bill’s life and work to public media audiences.”

“Bill Nye has long been synonymous with education, science — and PBS! So, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with POV and PBSd to bring this film both to PBS audiences and to theater audiences across the country,” said Marie Nelson, Vice President of News and Independent Film, PBS. “His message of the importance of science education is as relevant today as when his show debuted on PBS nearly 25 years ago.”

Said the filmmakers, “We’re thrilled to partner with PBS, PBSd and POV to bring this film to American audiences. We grew up as middle schoolers watching Bill Nye on PBS, and we’re science filmmakers in no small part due to ‘The Science Guy.’ It’s a dream come true to have our movie in theaters and on public television, and we know our film is in good hands with the PBS family.”

The deal was negotiated by Emily Rothschild, Justine Nagan, and Chris White on behalf of PBS/POV and WME Global on behalf of the filmmakers


Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Paladin has acquired domestic theatrical rights to THEY REMAIN, a genre-bending experience in terror written and directed by Philip Gelatt, it was announced by company president Mark Urman. Gelatt, who has amassed impressive credentials as an innovative, versatile creator of sophisticated genre content in a variety of mediums, has re-teamed on the project with Reno Productions, with whom he made his acclaimed debut feature, “The Bleeding House,” which premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. The deal was negotiated by Urman and Reno principal, Will Battersby, who served as the film’s producer. Paladin and Reno are prepping THEY REMAIN for a film festival launch and theatrical release commencing in the Fall.

Based on the 2010 short story, “-30-” by award-winning author Laird Barron, THEY REMAIN explores the evolving relationship between Keith and Jessica, two scientists who are employed by a vast, impersonal corporation to investigate an unspeakable horror that took place at the remote encampment of a mysterious cult. Working and living in a state-of-the-art, high tech environment that is completely at odds with their surroundings, they spend their days gathering physical evidence, analyzing it, and reporting on their findings.

The intensity of their work, and their extreme isolation, bring the pair closer. But, when Jessica discovers a mysterious artifact of unknown origin, the dynamic between them changes: secrets are kept, sexual tensions arise, and paranoia sets in. Keith begins to have visions and is unable to distinguish whether they are nightmares or hauntings. Having lost all sense of what is real and what is imagined, all he knows is that the horror he and Jessica have been sent to uncover—a horror that could be biological, psychological, or supernatural— now threatens his very survival.

Barron’s novels, short fiction, and poems have earned him a substantial following among aficionados of fantasy, noir, horror, and sci-fi, and have twice won him the Shirley Jackson Award. Gelatt, similarly, combines multi-disciplinary experience as a graphic novelist and comic book creator for the “Indiana Jones” franchise, and for such companies as Dark Horse Comics and Oni Press, with his background as a video game writer for such companies as Crystal Dynamics and Frictional Games, and on “Rise of The Tomb Raider” (for which he won the WGA Award). With this pedigree, it is unsurprising that THEY REMAIN succeeds in splicing these various strains of pop culture DNA into a unique and imaginative cinematic hybrid.

About the deal Urman says, “I can’t remember when I last encountered a film that so completely defies categorization and so consistently forges new territory as THEY REMAIN. Phil weaves such a potent spell, and creates such extraordinary images, you’re utterly convinced that, any second, something awful will happen. I’m so excited to have people see it, just so I can talk about it with them!” Producer Battersby said “Phil and I are thrilled to be teaming up with Mark Urman and Paladin again. Mark helped us sell and market Phil’s first film “The Bleeding House” and he did a tremendous job financially and creatively for us. He was the first and only distributor to whom we showed THEY REMAIN as we were so convinced that his experience, ability and unique taste would be the perfect combination to release this film.”
THEY REMAIN stars William Jackson Harper (“Paterson,” “True Story”) and Rebecca Henderson (“Mistress America”) as Keith and Jessica. The film’s third “star” is cinematographer Sean Kirby, whose hallucinatory images contribute immeasurably to its disorienting, disturbing mood. Kirby’s credits include the acclaimed documentaries “Racing Extinction,” and “The Tillman Story,” as well as Robinson Devor’s notorious “Zoo,” which created a sensation at both Sundance and Cannes, and which Urman executive produced and released through THINKFilm. Peter Askin produced with Battersby.


Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS) and Pixar Animation Studios are teaming up this holiday season when WDAS’ new featurette “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” opens in front of Disney•Pixar’s original feature film “Coco” on Nov. 22, 2017. The new trailer for the featurette will run in front of Disney•Pixar’s “Cars 3,” beginning this Friday, June 16, when Lightning McQueen’s new big-screen adventure opens in theaters nationwide.

“I’m thrilled that Disney Animation’s featurette ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ will be coming to theaters in November with Pixar’s ‘Coco,’” said John Lasseter, chief creative officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. “It’s a perfect pairing – they’re both beautiful, heartfelt films about families and how people carry traditions forward. I can’t wait for audiences to get to see both of these terrific projects together on the big screen.”

Featuring four new original songs, the 21-minute featurette welcomes the original cast and characters back to the big screen, including Olaf (voice of Josh Gad), who is on a mission to harness the best holiday traditions for Anna (voice of Kristen Bell), Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel) and Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff). Directed by Emmy®-winning filmmakers Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton (“Prep & Landing”), produced by Oscar® winner Roy Conli (“Big Hero 6”), with original songs by Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson (“Between the Lines”), “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” will be in theaters for a limited time beginning Nov. 22.

“Stevie and I were deeply honored to be entrusted by John [Lasseter] to create an all-new story with these characters we love,” said Deters. “We’re thrilled to have our film play on the big screen with ‘Coco’ during the holidays.”

“We loved getting in the recording booth with these incredible actors who know their characters inside and out,” added Wermers-Skelton. “We can’t wait for audiences to see the featurette, enjoy their performances, and hear the incredible new songs written by Elyssa and Kate.”

“Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” celebrates characters who won over audiences worldwide when “Frozen” first hit the big screen in 2013. Earning more than $1.27 billion globally, the film won two Academy Awards® (best animated film and best original song with “Let It Go”) and a Golden Globe® (best animated feature film). Slated for November 2019, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ untitled feature-length follow-up to the hit film reunites filmmakers Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck and Peter Del Vecho with the Grammy®- and Oscar®-winning songwriting duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE – Photo Gallery and Trailer

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

To celebrate the release of “THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE” on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and HD Digital Download, here is the film’s trailer and a photo gallery.


Photo Gallery

The LEGO Batman Movie





Monday, June 12th, 2017

Martin Scorsese, founder and chair of The Film Foundation, Irina Bokova, the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Aboubakar Sanogo, the North American Regional Secretary of the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI) joined together Wednesday, June 7 to sign a letter of agreement formalizing their partnership on the African Film Heritage Project, a new initiative to preserve African cinema.

“I’m proud to be partnering with FEPACI and UNESCO on this critically important project,” said Martin Scorsese, “and I’m excited to have already restored the first film of the program. I believe that cinema is the perfect way to open up one’s mind and curiosity and share different cultures with people around the world. Working together, we can help ensure that Africa’s richly diverse cinematic heritage will be preserved, restored, and made available.”

In the context of UNESCO’s International Coalition of Artists for the General History of Africa, and working in association with their partner and FIAF member archive Cineteca di Bologna, the project will locate and restore an initial selection of 50 African films, identified by FEPACI’s advisory board of African archivists, scholars and filmmakers. Initially launched in February at the Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO), the alliance has completed its first restoration: SOLEIL O (1969), directed by Med Hondo, considered to be one of the founding fathers of African cinema. The restoration premiered recently at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO, highlighted the importance of the project for Africa but also for cinema lovers all over the world.

“This project will contribute to enhancing Africa’s cultural heritage and improving the global understanding of the continent’s past and its rich cultural diversity,” said Irina Bokova, underscoring that these are the objectives of the General History of Africa, which the International Coalition of Artists for the General History of Africa aims to promote. “Fast-evolving technology has offered safeguarding cinema history new possibilities and new challenges.”
Signing on behalf of Cheick Oumar Sissoko, Secretary General of FEPACI, an organization that remains, since its establishment in 1970, the voice of all African filmmakers, across the continent and the diaspora, Aboubakar Sanogo, North American Regional Secretary stated:

“We at FEPACI come to you standing on the shoulders of the founders of our continent’s independence and, in cinema, the founders that have laid the groundwork and who are responsible for the creation of FEPACI. Our task consists in pursuing their work by creating the best possible climate and institutions for the prosperity and success of African cinema. This partnership will work to bring African cinema into the field of visibility and audibility in order to reclaim and reconquer the continent’s dignity and place in the world. The films that will be restored will show her beauty, her complexity, her doubts, her uncertainties, and of course, her hopes, aspirations and attitudes toward life on Earth and beyond.”

An extensive survey to locate the best existing film elements for each of the 50 films will be conducted in African Cinémathèques and archives around the world. Following restoration, these films will be distributed worldwide at festivals, museums, universities and other venues and made available via digital platforms and other formats.