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MAN ON A LEDGE Film Review

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Even the title is cliché. Yes, it’s a heist, it’s predictable, it’s the same old formula, and it’s cliché but you know what, the movie is actually not that bad. One of the best things its got going for it is that it’s a heist with a twist so it’s not THAT typical. Even not-so-great heist movies are always going to be at least a little fun and thrilling and in those categories this movie does not falter. By adding the twist you can bump it up a notch. The first heist with a twist movie that comes to mind to compare this one to is Inside Man. Now that movie is an instant classic that was very well made all around. This one is not as good but it can fall in the same general category though. READ FULL REVIEW