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DESERT DANCER – Featurette

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Here is the new featurette from the upcoming film “DESERT DANCER.” The film is directed by Richard Raymond, starring Freida Pinto, Reece Ritchie, Tom Cullen and Makram J. Khoury.

Release: April 10, 2015 (Limited), April 17, 2015 (Expansion)


Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Here is the trailer from Magnolia Pictures’ upcoming film “THE LAST DAYS ON MARS”. The film is directed by Ruairi Robinson, starring Liev Schreiber, Romola Garai, Elias Koteas, Olivia Williams, Johnny Harris, Goran Kostic and Tom Cullen.

THE LAST DAYS ON MARS will be on iTunes/On Demand October 31, 2013 and in theaters December 6, 2013

On the last day of the first manned mission to Mars, a crew member of Tantalus Base believes he has made an astounding discovery – fossilized evidence of bacterial life. Unwilling to let the relief crew claim all the glory, he disobeys orders to pack up and goes out on an unauthorized expedition to collect further samples. But a routine excavation turns to disaster when the porous ground collapses, and he falls into a deep crevice and near certain death. His devastated colleagues attempt to recover his body. However, when another vanishes they start to suspect that the life-form they have discovered is not yet dead. As the group begins to fall apart it seems their only hope is the imminent arrival of the relief ship Aurora

Weekend New Movie Poster

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Here is the final one-sheet from Sundance Selects upcoming film WEEKEND. The film is directed by Andrew Haigh, starring Tom Cullen, Chris New.

WEEKEND opens in theaters September 23, 2011.

WEEKEND follows Russell (newcomer Tom Cullen, Best Actor winner at Nashville), who, after randomly picking up artist Glen (Chris New) at a nightclub on a Friday night, unexpectedly spends most of the next 48 hours with him in bedrooms and bars, telling stories and having sex, while developing a connection that will resonate throughout their lives. This affecting and naturalistic romance is beautifully realized, earning comparisons to Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise in its exploration of how two people can come together only briefly, yet impact each other in a profound way.