The 13th Warrior

The 13th Warrior: Friday, August 27, 1999

This movie is defiantly the pick of the weekend.  Based on Michael Crichton's best-selling novel "Eaters of the Dead", this movie promises to be the poor man's Braveheart. Antonio Bandera will have the opportunity to get more fans on his side. The plot is exceptional, the director and producer are some of the best Hollywood has to offer. The budget for this movie started at $60 million and ended up at $100 million. Our secret sources tell us that  the performance by  Antonio Banderas is ok, but watch out for  the Norse king/warrior character (played by Sven Wollter) his performance was excellent. Can anyone say Oscar Caliber Performance? NO! Well, good! Well, like any Antonio Bandera movie the reviews are pretty bad. In fact, these are some of the lowest score we have ever seen.

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Reviewers Ebert UsaToday Mrshowbiz Herald Average
Points 37.5 50 40 25 38.13

38.13 - Not Worth Seeing

Rating System:

0 - 40 points Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


John McTierna


Michael Crichton




Over $100 million


An Arab courtier voyages with a group of Vikings, finding them to be savages.


Antonio Banderas as Ahmad Ibn Fadlan
Dennis Storhoi as Herger
Vladimir Kulich as Buliwyf


Running Time

1 hr 54min


R for bloddy battles and carnage


Buena Vista


Real Video


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 The People's Review of The 13th Warrior

Dale Dassel   

  An absolutely fantastic adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel!(The best book- to-movie adaptation I've seen since The Andromeda Strain) A beautifully shot and edited film. It truly captures the essence of Crichton's novel. It is a dark and grim adventure- and it should be!!! Among the best scenes are that of the Viking longboat journeying through storm-tossed seas beneath a leaden sky, and the northmen fighting the wendol (especially after the rain starts) at the film's climax. These scenes bring to life this Viking epic on a truly grand and unforgettable scale. I highly recommend it to anyone who loved the novel by Michael Crichton. (Kind of wished they didn't change the name, though.) An altogether breathtaking adventure movie. It is worthy of multiple viewings.

Unknown 42

score = 100 
"Not worth seeing" is definitely not the right evaluation of this movie. First of all, the acting is more than passable--besides the Sven Wolter character, other performances to watch out for are those of Vladimir Kulich (Buliwyf), Dennis Storhoi (Buliwyf's companion Herger), and among others, yes, Antonio Banderas!!! While he is admittedly not my favorite actor, he pulls of a fine performance as an Arabic ambassador with a gift for languages and a fear of battle. I loved him in this movie!!!! Also, the movie itself, like other John McTiernan films, was cleverly shot, never revealing too much footage in any given scene, and leaving us to imagine the rest. It took me a while to figure out that the wendol were actually cavemen (perhaps celts??), and not the trolls they appeared to be. At any rate, enough of this babble, this is a really good movie, good acting, lots of gore, lots of adventure, go see it or I'll sic the wendol on you!!! (hey, maybe that's where hannibal lecter originated)....

Unknown 1  

Fabulous!  The best movie I've seen in a very long time. Cinematography was exceptional.  Action was great; performances by every actor a "10".  Will probably pay to go see this one again.

Unknown 2  

This is a must for anyone at all interested in the Beowulf mythology or the fantasy genre.  The professional movie critics would not recognize a good epic if it punched them in the nose.

Unknown 3  

I think alot of people have totally missed the fact the the movie is NOT about Ahmed (Antonio B.) but about Buliwyf and his group of worldly paladins.  The movie is centered on Ahmed simply because he is the storyteller, and its told from his point of view.  Also, for some reason a large number of very stupid critics seem to think that Ahmed learned the language of the Northmen in one night, when it was pretty obvious to me that that whole scene was supposed to represent many nights around the campfire on their journey north. Movie could have been better if they had concentrated less on Ahmed and more on the true hero of the story, but I also think that no critic has any passion left in them at all. Best scene:   Buliwyf's appearance for the last battle, without doubt.

Ric Pinkerton

This was a fantastic adventure! Will be required viewing for future Fianna recruits (Celtic Warrior Group). I loved the costuming, the weapons, the locations (Breathtaking!). Visually one of the best films out in quite a while!

Unknown 4

A very good movie with an excellent atmosphere

Unknown 5

score = 100
Brilliant Movie. What I Expected!!!!!!!!!

Unknown 6

score = 100
good movie!

Unknown 7

score = 90
I'm angry this film is getting such poor reviews. Granted, the plot is relatively linear and the character development is weak, but the lush environments and depiction of 10th century life are stunning. Think of it as a sort of Braveheart meets Quest for Fire with a dash of Conan the Barbarian. Very entertaining and very pretty. Don't go in expecting to see Eyes Wide Shut and you won't get disappointed. 

Unknown 8

score = 90
Excellent film, subtle, pensive, charismatci performance and direction - shows tolerance and freindship between the Anglo-Saxons and Arabs - shows great relevance today

Unknown 9

score = 100
The People's Review must have been smokeing crack,while watching this movie. It is a RPG gamers fantasy for film makers to make movies like this. I wish they would make more...

Unknown 10

score = 80
Loved it!  Read the book first and still thought the movie was great!

Unknown 11

score = 100
I loved it.  I hope they make more movies like it that focus on

Unknown 12

score = 80 comments = I wish I knew what detractors were expecting.  The film delivers an action adventure and does it very well at that. It presents, with a minimum of effects, a realistic portrayal of life at the time in those places.  I even found it very believable that a tribe of isolated people could and do, there even are some canibals you know, develop what we consider aberrant rituals and adaptations to their environment.  I enjoyed it.   I don't know what the bellyaching is about.  Go enjoy it and stop being so critical.

Unknown 13

I loved it and I agree the Viking King was excellent. I hope we will see more of him. And maybe a sequel.

Unknown 14

Good for USA today, finally some one who appreciates this MOvie as I do

Susan in East Texas

Susan in East Texas MovieTitle = 13th warrior comments = This movie was fabulous and everything and more that I wanted it to be. The acting was good but the standout was the incredible screen presence of Vladimir Kulich. From the first frame to the last, I ws enthralled and captured by his quiet courage and nobility. I offer no critism except to say that I was gald I had read the book.I have seen this movie 4 times and will go again before it is gone from the theatres forever. I hane taken my son twice, my daughter twice, and two  of their friends. I absolutely loved this great epic and recommend it to thinking people everywhere!!!!!

Unknown 15 (could be Susan from East Texas)

I've seen this movie 4 times in two weekends and would love to seeit again. It gets better each time! I am a 41 year old mother of three teenagers and happily married for 23 years, so this is not just a "kid thing". This movie is fabulous though the story is still best told in the book. Too bad more peole didn't read it before they saw it. People can still read, right? I loved "Beowulf" and to hear Buliqwyf announce himself to the herald as the "son of Hygelac" just gave me such a rush! To see this epic tale fleshed out so beautifully made it worth the wait! No its not perfect but it is well done and extradordinarily entertaining! I was enthralled from the first crash of lightening on the high seas to the closing credits.It was for me, truly unforgettable. Banderas does a credible job but the real stars of this film is the international cast of here-to-fore "unknowns" most notably Vladimir Kulich. What an incredible screen presence he has. From the first shot of him at the feasting table to the last I was inexplicably drawn to his nobility and quiet courage. Now there's a man. It was so refreshing to see a hero of gigantic propotions who was Not characteristically comic-book, eye-bulging, mouth agape grimacing cartoon steroid popping peeled grape Arnold Schwarzenneger. I loved this movie and only wish the studio had believed enough in this project to support it so that many would see it. As it stands now, few even know what the story is about and are reluctant to see it without knowing what genre it is. Shame on them. Its too good for that and deserves much better. I plan on owning this when the video is released and placing it alongside "Braveheart" and "Henry V" on my shelf of honor.

Unknown 16

score = 100

Unknown 17

score = 80
Herger was the most impressive.  Very charasmatic

Jonathon Haberer

score = 100
My name is Jonathon Haberer of New Liskeard. I haven't seen the movie yet but I know it's good just from the people and rumors behind it. Say no to drugs. BYE!

Unknown 18

score = 100
Defintely one of the best movies of the summer (far better than the overhyped Blair Witch Project). This is a movie that not only goes beyond the Viking stereotype and portrays them as people, but one which has plenty of action as well. Defintely a movie worth seeing

Unknown 19

score = 90
I cannot believe how bad the reviews have been for this excellent adventure movie. Have all the critics lost their sense of  wonder (and their sense of humour) ? It's a wonderful yarn, in the best Epic tradition. The actors make the very best of their characters so that it matters when something horrible happens to them. Vladimir Kulich is excellent. If they want to change their minds and find a MAN (instead of a boy) to play Aragorn in 'Lord of the Rings", he would get my vote  - after Alan Rickman. Even the  scenery, costumes, creatures and the dog make it worth seeing. Lighten up out there. See this and have some fun.

Unknown 20

score = 50
I felt the movie was played reasonably well by banderas. His viking counterpart played exceptionally well though, the lighting was to dark on most scenes though, i say it was worth seeing nothing special though

Unknown 21

score = 90
I thought that the manner in which Ibn Fadlan "learns" the language of the Northmen is brilliant... How many movies just skirt the issue and pretend that everone would automatically understand everyone. It was very clever and not cumbersome like subtitles or unrealistic, i.e. not addressing the issue.  On a side note, who can say no to Antonio in a Kafeia?

Unknown 22

cheap it stinks man dont even think about watching it!!!!and i score it -100

Unknown 23

I'm glad so many people liked the movie. After searching an hour on the web I've finally found some people who enjoyed it as much as I did.

Unknown 24

score = 90
Outstanding movie.  Planning to go see it again

Unknown 25

score = 90
I truly don't understand why the major film reviewers give this movie such a horrible rating; The 13th Warrior is one of my favorite movies of all time... having been enjoyable enough to pay my hard earned money twice to see the movie.  Antonio Banderas provides his standard performance, which I enjoyed... but the real performances are by the Northman warriors, mostly the chieftan of their clan and the warrior who first befriends Antonio's character, 'Ibn'. The grim tone of the story is lightened here and there with bits of humor in good taste, and thankfully... Ibn's romantic moments are kept to a discreet minimum... serving to flavor the story rather than rule it such as in Desperado. Also, the continual references to events and names in the archaic tale of Beowulf are quite pleasing to a fan of the epic such as myself.  I haven't read Crichton's book upon which it is supposedly based, however, so I cannot review that aspect of the film.  Still, the movie convinced me to pick the book up the first chance I have. I give the movie a score of 90... simply because it's one of the most enjoyable times at the movies that I've had since I saw Braveheart.  It might not be a film for everyone... but Viking fans, Antonio fans, fantasy tale fans, and any role player worth his salt will no doubt get a great feeling after watching this masterpiece.  One note... the movie does contain a high amount of blood and gore, though it's not done in a horror movie fashion.  Don't take the little kids

Unknown 26

score = 10
There is a lot of Muslim misinformation in this movie

Unknown 27

score = 100

Unknown 28
score = 100
Finally a great fantasy film. Anyone who doesnt like this film does not know anything about viking myths and therefor  doesnt know what they are talking about.

Unknown 29

score = 80
I am frome Sweden in the north so I do like it. And I like the speial efects. P.s Sven Wollter is from Sweden:)

Unknown 30

score = 90
Very good costumes, very nice story and not oversized. I liked, that Banderas was not the great "superhero" like some other filmmakers often make of him. He is through the whole film only the screener of the story. What I found a very good idea was, the sequence where he learnd the nordic language. A very, very good idea. It is worth to see this movie..

Unknown 31

score = 80
I thought it was a very good movie. I read the book and was quite impresssed.  I must say the performance of Vladimir Kulich was staggering. I've seen him twice before in movies and each time he's been impressive.

Arthur Tan, Holland

Great storytelling, authentic-looking Vikings, blood-chilling monsters. What more could you expect from the big screen? The characters haven't got much depth, but they are believable enough. The Viking-leader impressed me by his quiet manner and common-sense thinking. Also, the Wendol were realistically portrayed as cave-dwelling creatures from an age gone by. Final note: shame on George Lucas, he could learn from this movie how a simple story can be told to the best effect (with the minimum of special FX!).

Unknown 32

score = 90 comments = I started to like Antonio since I saw his movie Mambo kings . But when I watched 13th Warrior , I realized that I 'm so inlove with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish all Arabs look like him in real life !!!! Selene

Unknown 33

This movie was pretty good.   I have had two assignments in my freshman English class at LSU on this movie.   Who cares what professional critics think?  Let them make their own lifes miserable by moaning and complaining about every critique that they payed to write.   Sure hope LSU can win more than two football games this season!?

Unknown 34

score = 90
Why on earth is you people disliking this film? It is not that bad. I'm greatly   impress and moved by the courage and the brotherhood between the warriors. In fact, the bravery and the never ending spirit to fight on even they are greatly outnumbered ,they displayed is what we should learn from. So what if the plot is not that good. A must see movie for those action lovers !!!

Unknown 35

Why the didnt you post my review??? thats un cool. i think you should put everyones up, i mean i totly wrote what i think and i think would like to hear from both sides not just "a very good movie" because some people dont like it and i think they would like to hear that. thanks.

Unknown 36

Films should not be scored, they are not athletic competitions between winner and loser. Films connect with some of us, and not all films are for every one.The 13th Warrior is not a Braveheart or any other, it is a very interesting window into what was possibly a good representation of the Norse culture. Whats the matter with some heroism now and then-not sensitive enough for the critics? Were the love scenes missing tears and the heros too busy for self doubt?-Yes thankyou! This film had it's shortcomings like most, but it was refreshing clear in it's purpose. How many of us dare to question our childhood fears, let alone fight them in the dark?

Mitja from Slovenia

score = 100
What should i say.The best movie in this year that i have seen. The charachters are super,specialy the king bulyf and the man with the battle axe-i dont rememmber his name.The scenes are super. I haven't reed the book yet,couse i dont know if i can get it in our language.

Unknown 37

score = 70
The 13th warrior was good for many reasons but sadly Antonio B. acting at the and of the movie during the final battle was poor. There was the humour and action in the movie that were the plus-points but in certain scenes should have been more alaborated. But in all the movie was pretty good, also considering there was a muslim hero which you hardly see in movies.

Unknown 38

I love fantasy and therefore I loved this movie. It was very nice to see a movie depicting Viking times and beliefs. The scenary was awesome, it really created a mysterious effect. No wonder the ancient Vikings believed in demons and dragons, the world they lived in had a mystical feel to it. However I would also like to say that this movie could have been so much better. It seemed like the director and the characters didn't have the confidence to go all the way. The plot could have been better and more detailed. Character development could have been better and the scenes could have been longer. For example the plot of the king's wicked son trying to take power, that could have been done in more detail. Also the relationship between Ahmed and the Viking woman, could have been fleshed out a little more. I wish that they would make more movies like this in the future. Also ignore the critics, they never seem to realize that if they don't like the movie then it doesn't mean that the movie is crap. Every movie has an appeal, and every movie is the best movie in the world to some people.

score = 100 
Hi! I'm Michael From Czech republic. I saw the movie twice and I must agree with all that it's FANTASTIC movie!!!

Unknown 39

score = 100 
I thought Dennis Storhoi stole the film!  He needs to come out to the U.S. and kick a** in the movie industry!

Unknown 40

score = 100
I agree with just about every one else on this page.  This film rocks my world!!!  I also agree with reviewer #39 Dennis Storhoi should come over here and make some movies.  Besides being such a good actor he is absolutely beautiful. :):):)

Unknown 41

score = 100 
I don't quite agree with you, with what you said about the movie "The 13th Warrior!"  I think it's a great movie. And many loved it.

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