28 Days

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28 Days: Friday April 14, 2000

From director Betty Thomas (Dr. Dolittle, Private Parts) comes 28 DAYS, the story of Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock), a successful New York writer living in the fast lane and everyone's favorite party girl - until she gets drunk with boyfriend Jasper (Dominic West), borrows her sister's (Elizabeth Perkins) wedding limo and earns herself a stay in court-ordered rehab.
There, Gwen comes face to face with a unique set of rules and rituals embraced by an assortment of interesting characters - Counselor Cornell (Steve Buscemi) and fellow re-habbers Eddie (Viggo Mortensen), Gerhardt (Alan Tudyk), Oliver (Mike O'Malley), Andrea (Azura Skye), Roshanda (Oscar® nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and Bobbie Jean (Oscar® nominee Diane Ladd) - and eventually realizes that life is not one big party!. © 2000  Columbia Tristar Interactive


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Betty Thomas 


Susannah Grant




Sandra Bullock as Gwen Cummings
Viggo Mortensen as Eddie Boone
Diane Ladd as Bobbie Jean
Dominic West as Jasper

Running Time



Rated PG-13 for mature elements substance abuse, language and some sensuality


Columbia Pictures




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 The People's Review of 28 Days

score = 50 
The movie tried to capture the serious and humorous aspects of alcoholism and failed miserably at each. Sandra is a talented actress but this vehicle would have been hard for anyone to ride. Alcoholism is a serious desease. These types of pictures, which addresses it with ambivalence do more harm than good....28 days...zap! it's gone, I think not!

Nicole M. 
score = None 
I thought this was a great movie. It really showed the serious side of a very serious problem ALCOHOLISM. Sandra Bullock is phenomenal. The movie will make you laugh and cry!!!!!

score = 90 
It was a great movie! Touches the hearts of those of us who have been down that road and made it out alive. Sandra is as great as always.

score = 60 
I thought that the movie had a good theme but could have developed the story to be more realistic and in depth.  Sandra Bullock did a great job but she didn't have good supporting charactors to develop the story to how it could have been.

score = 70 
The movie was nice. Started as a comedy and then became real serious. I liked the comedy-part the most. Too bad they didn't went that road all the way.

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