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score = 100
Tugleaer! Totally Awsome! Sweet! Beautiful Movie! Very Touching! Radical! Groovy Dude! Far-Out! Groovy in a happin'n Kind a way!


Reuben Cheah
score = 100
The score should be 1,000,000 over 100! The movie was really good! Couldn't have done better! A very moving story of a Man's love for his family and a Kings love for his country.


Katie Rose
score = 90
I thought this film was beautifully made; the actors were amazing and it accurately depicted the story of Anna and the King of Siam.  It deserves more credit than it has been given.


Rob Barrett
score = 100
As stated by most, SPECTACULAR!  I thought Chow Yun Fat WAS the King of Siam.   Great acting, great sets, great all around.  As usual, the critics don't know a good movie when they see one and unfortunately they will control this one right out of a well deserved Oscar nom for Chow Yun Fat and Foster.


score = 100
absolutely fantastic. couldn't be better. worth all the wait. outstanding performance by Chow Yuen Fatt and Jodie Foster. also not forgetting Bai Ling, Tom Felton and of course the local talent especially Keith Chin, Syed Alwi and Deanna Yusoff. many would compare this movie with the Yul Bryner's King and I. my opinion don't do so. Anna and the King has it's own beauty be it the story itself, but also it's script, costumes, locations and many more. a really, really must see movie.
score = 100
This is a wonderful family movie, and I am disappointed that the movie gets so-so reviews from most professional movie critics.  It's unfair to compare this version with previous one. I'm from Thailand and I enjoyed the movie even though it's not entirely accurate. Too bad the movie was not shot in Thailand otherwise it would have been more beautiful. If you ask me, I'd say go see it.


I think the movie is superb.  The story is very emotion.  Yun-Fat Chow is a smart, tough and patient Siam king.  On the other hand, Anna (Jodie Foster) is emotion, and never afraid of speaking her mind.  However, when they (Anna and the king) interact, the chemistry between two intellect people tends to somehow complimented each other as they face complicate issues such as politic, education and love etc...  The movie is a well make with beautiful settings.  I highly recommand people to go and see this movie.


score = 90 
A must see movie!! Don't believe blindly and don't reject witout investigation!! So, see it and judge it yourself, see the arting that this movie deserves!! I love Jodie and Chow, they were just great!! Pay attention to the setting and costumes, and finally the whole film was shot in my beautiful country-Malaysia!!


score = 100 
The movie was fantastic.  Chow Yun-fat and Jodie Foster had great chemistry that made the movie incredible.  Both Chow and Foster played out their characters beautifully.  This is a movie that viewers must see.  It will touch you deeply.


score = 100 
I just saw the movie and really thought that it deserved alot more credit than what it has recieved (A 52.25?!). However, what was of some concern to me was that most of the actors in the movie didn't speak accurate Thai (I would know b/c my dad's Thai and he criticized this). But what's even worse was that the only one spoke accurate Thai was the traitor in the movie (the general), which probably means that he was the only Thai person in the movie! If this is true, then I'd find that to be very insulting. But either than that, this is a very beautiful and enjoyable (though severely underrated) movie.


score = 100 
Great movie to watch!  Jodie's best roles of all, she doesn't have to hide her intelligent here, and she contributed a lot to this movie behind the scene which I witnessed myself in Penang.  Chow was great and the children were lovely.  Don't read the so call movie critics: Ebert of Chicago-Sun Times was a racist, total no knowledge of King Mongkut contribution to Siam.  Andy Seiler of USA Today and Rene Rodriguez of Heralb pretended they knew the British, but my Birtish friends said they  have never seen any American actresses who can speak English so well and acted excellently.  Kevin Maynard of Mr. Showbiz just stereotyped the Thais.  They are not qualified to give make review, just look at people's reviews.  Everyone just loved it, go and see this movie in big screen, you'll love it too.


score = 50 
Splendid and amazing reproduction of the Bangkok grand palace. Charming and talented performance by Chow-yun-fat. Jody Foster copied her act from what she did in Somersby (with a potato in the mouth brit accent). Please, Please do not ever think that this is the true story. In this film probably contain less than 0.1% truth about the relationship between Anna and King Mongkut. Anna Leonowens invented her story and Hollywood made her story even more like cartoonish fiction !!!


I thoughly enjoyed this movie. I really felt as if I were there in Siam during that time period. This movie is deffently worth seeing again.


score = 100 
I LOVED this movie!  They make so many idiotic films, but Anna Has romance, intelligence, and love.  I don't care if it's not factual.  It's a movie!  I never saw Jodie act before, but I will now!.  Chow - Well, I would have thrown over convention for him.  I think the king abdicates when his son is old enough, and he traces Anna to New York.  Why New York?  They couldn't have done it in London!  Tell the reviewers to shut up.  At the theater I was in, no one spoke or moved throughout the entire film.  I would like to see Jodie and Meryl make a movie - with Mel!


score = 100 
anna and the king was a very beautiful and touching movie. the entire cast did an excellent job, and my favorite actress, bai ling, was splendid in her role as tuptim. the film moved me to tears, and i went to see it twice. i believe tuptim was bai lings greatest role ever.


score = 80 
My husband and I both loved the movie. The acting, sets, costumes, all were wonderful. Just one criticism, however. Why does Hollywood insist on having at least one explosion in every so-called "blockbuster" movie? The "action" line in the movie added nothing, and detracted from the last 30 minutes or so. It could have remained strictly a romance and still have been every bit as good.


kitae purtell 
score = 100 
Today 12/28/99 

I went to see the Anna and the king.which was a very beautiful film and wonderful customs it was.when i saw that movie it make me think how it was in thailand.I love to place where  my king #4 has lived,i believed that you gyu who make the movie has a very good of makeing and such and wonderful and real movie.It much take alot of time makeing this movie because i know the goverment in thailand would not let you make the movie in they country.But has did very well without doing in thai. The movie was sad i was crying when the little girl dead,it was so sad.I don't konw what to say of saying how beauitful the movie it is and very very very good story.when this movie came out i just can wait to see it,but i did saw have give more story than the old movie so i very happy about because have i never see my country so beautiful like this in 100 year ago.     thank for makeing such a geart movie           p.s. i think the littlt king number 5 was very cut i think you have pick a good looking little king #5.Also jodie and yum-fat was a great actor and actrres,i think you have pick a good cast .also i am from thailand and i am 14.good buy.


Vaishnavi Lewis 
score = 90 
I loved this movie!  Exquisitly beautiful, I loved spending 2 hours in this place with these people. It was uplifting to my senses and kind to my mind. I especially enjoyed the gentle, strong, compasionate and regal portrayal of the king by Chow Yun-Fat.This telling of the story had integrity and made me curious about the history of Siam, unlike the musical.  I find the critics reviews unduly harsh and can't relate to their experience of this movie at all. I wonder if they have all lost there ability to simply be entertained.


score = 100 
This is an absolute must see.  With a great plot, it touches you and the intensity definitely keeps your attention.  The actors were magnificant, the sets stunning.  Don't miss it. 
score = None 
This movie was great; it blends history, intreg, romance, comedy with spectacular scenery.  Well worth viewing.  Today, it is rare to see a film of this spectacular magnitude to take one into another time and place. 
score = 100 
Chow Yun Fat was superb!! this movie just proved to the world that he is indeed the coolest actor around and the perfect choice to play the king. Jodie is as beautiful as ever. the so-called movie critics can say what they like but the bottomline is that the moviegoers enjoyed watching this film and it's not only because of Yun Fat or the locations but also because of Jodie's consistent and heartfelt acting. I couldn't care less if the movie is 180 degrees from actual fact, it's a movie for crying out loud! I watched it twice and am not ashamed about it. i'm gonna watch it again!!  the rest of the cast were impressive especially, Bai Ling... she's one gifted actress!! everybody did their part in making this movie a great experience. there's a lot of touching scenes that will surely make a lump form in your throat and tears fall from your eyes and the best thing about it is that in most of those scenes.. nobody said anything. the background music and the actors' facial expression were enough to trigger such emotions. my favorite character though was the little princess Fay-ling(M. Campbell?).. the one who gave Anna drawings. she's so sweet and adorable... she touched everybody's hearts and made a lot of people cry inside the moviehouse. a must see movie!! go and watch it people!!  let's prove to the world that there's still a place for really GOOD movies.


Linda Belcher 

score = 100 
Saw the film before going to Bangkok, loved it.  After visiting Bangkok and the Grand Palace have a greater appreciation of it.  Thailand is a wonderful place with the most polite people in all the world.  Thanks for the film.


score = 100 
Please, don't listen to the "professional" critics; GO SEE THIS WONDERFUL MOVIE!  Our entire family loved it and think that "Anna and the King" is one of the best movies of the year! Jodie Foster and Chow Yun Fat's screen chemistry is pure magic. While the musical, "The King and I," has its place in the canon of movie classics, "Anna and the King" is another moving and inspriational version of the story with added (and needed) complexity between characters and events.  Enjoy!


score = 100 
I went to see the movie the other day and can't stop talking about it.  I loved the "King and I" Yul Brynner was the "King" but Chow comes close to topping Yul off his King pedastal.  He was a great choice to play the King.  I have only seen him one other time in a shoot'm up movie, this was an excellent removal from that.  Two thumbs up for Chow!!!  The scenery was beautiful, the costumes were amazing and may I say the elephants did a bang up job!!!!  Jodie should have left her British accent at home but I think she did a great job in the role.  My recommendation to see again and again.


Helen Villasor 
score = 100 
As a widow myself, this movie brought reality to how a widow feels when she loses her soul mate.  Oddly enough when Anna (Ms. Foster does a remarkable job) is asked how she has survived widowhood, I heard myself echoed when Anna replied "One terrible day at a time."


score = 100 
I haven't been to theathers for a long time, until this movie attracted me twice to see it.  It's so grand, so nice to watch in big screen.  I love the whole story and all the actors and actresses were great, everyone played their parts well.  Make me proud of my hometown heritage sites, Penang--Malaysia, where well filmed in this movie.  Don't get the pirated VCDs, watch it in the cinema.  You'll love it!


score = 100 
this movie was great!!!! i enjoyed it and it made me felt noticed...because this movie was about culture and thailang history...i'm Hmong and this was just a great movie..i can't seem to describe anymore than was really relaly good.. the countries in themovie mentioned sounded familiar to me because it's always spoken by my parents and other relatives.. thailand had beautiful sites and the movie made me thought about my old traditions and my american traditions.^_^


Thai guy living abroad 
score = 60 
I loved the attempt of building the Royal Thai palace scence and all the well-design costumes but I was really disappointed by all those supporting actors that should pay more attention on pronouncing Thai words which were seldom used in the movie and even it was used in some scence with a very short phrase. They should be trained by Thai to at least pronounce a bit better to Thai to understand what they said esp. the actor who acted as Prime Minister of Thailand at the time; I could not understand a word in Thai that he was saying through out the film. However many thanks to Chow that he probably had a chance to visit Thailand frequently i.e. he knows how to pronounce Thai words in an understandable level. This flim would be extremely great if they had hired Thais who are fluently in both English and Thai to play as those supporting roles. Even though the movie is still banned to be shown in Thailand but as a quality factor of using other language should be considered too. Beside the story that had already been mentioned by others Thai viewers here which I think it is just a matter of movie or novel trying to make the story more interesting.


cynthia breaux 

score = 100 

I thought the movie was excellent. Jodie Foster was fantastic.



score = 10

Nice costumes, lavish set, predictable plot, so-so acting, and definitely not based on fact as the film claims - the real King Rama IV was +60 year old when Anna was hired.  But it should appeal to the mindless masses.



score = 90

Superb. The best movie I've seen in five years. Jody Foster is at her best. She and "the King" have taken romance to new, higher levels. This is a multi-level movie that has something for everyone. I'm surprised it's not Number One on everyone's list!



score = 100 

It's funny how bad critics rate this show. It's like they have something against it or something. Personally I love it. We all love it =) Never mind about the historical accuracy, never mind about the relatively slow pace, go watch it!


score = 100 
I loved the fact that this was a love story without mush.  I enjoyed the musical, but after seeing the drama version I realized that this story is meant for the boxoffice and not broadway.  Good job Jodie Foster for betraying a strong and indepentant woman without turning her into a feelingless beast or a b----.  Applause for the scenery and to Chow-Yun Fat as well.  Go see it, bring your hankie.


score = 100 
The King and I with Yul Brenner is my most favorite movie.  This movie was great.  I enjoyed it just as much.  I thought Chow Yun-Fat's acting was superb.  He played the King impeccably.  Jody Foster was wonderful.  This movie will also go down as a Classic 
score = 80 
I agree with the critics that "Anna and the King" tends to be historicaly inaccurate, politically flawed, and we've all seen far to much of "The King and I." But who really cares-forget about all of that for now. Movies aren't real; that's what makes them so appealing in the first place. The film takes you back to a world of asthetic splendor and cultures that are very different from our own. (Critics don't seem to understand this fact) The visuals are spectacular, great sets, great costumes! Chow Yun Fat delivers an amazing performance, and the movie is intriging and emotionaly compelling. Granted, the film needed to be edited better, but if you have bad thoughts about seeing it (i certainly did) - don't because it's definitly better that could be expected. And no "House of Uncle Thomas!" Thank goodness, no one deserves to have to hear that one again :) 
score = 100 
Jodie Foster and Chow Yun Fat at their best!!! this is definitely the most entertaining film i've watched last year. there's not a wasted scene in this movie and the whole cast was given a chance to shine in this movie. i love it so much i watched it twice in one day. i miss Princess Faying... i'm gonna watch it again!!!



Chow Yun-Fat was magnificient: charismatic as he always is in his Hong Kong movies.  Jody Foster was very believing as the 18th century outspoken, egalitarian English lady of her time.  The sceneries are magnificient with a cast of thousands.... a must see for the whole family.


k squared 
score = 100 
this movies was awesome.  It made you leave the theater feeling touched and inspired to do something great of your own.  Chow was incredible, you could see every emotion in his eyes, very warm actor.  Jodie was incredible, as always.  Beautiful story, scenery, not to much violence, no tediouse action. muy bien


score = 100 
I thought this was an amazing, fabulous, outstanding, spectacular film if you catch my drift. I cannot believe the critics scoring. Hello did they actually see the movie. Why is it critics always seem to rate high on the rotten movies and low on the award winning ones. This was one of the best films I have seen in a long, long time. I believe these critics may need to find another career. No offense, please.



score = 100 
It's too bad the critics rate the movies with violence and killing higher than a fantastic movie such as this. My husband & I found the acting superb, scenery & costumes fabulous and the story line "refreshing".By the way.....who picks these "professional" critcs.My sister & I would love the job!


score = 100 
This the most incredible film I have ever seen in my life.  The music, the actors, the background, and everything are so incredible.  Wow, what else I can say about this film, well, the comment about this film is can't be describe by my words, but all I can say about this film is, when you starting to watch this film, you will love it.  Especially the part of the youngest princess died in her father's lap, (sop), I cried in the theather.  That's the most touching part, deep inside my heart.  Nothing else to say, just, you MUST watch this film!


score = 100 
SUPERB movie!  Chow Yun-Fat was spectacular in the role of King Mongkut and he stole the show. Jodie played her part wonderfully as well.  The music was also wonderful.  The day I saw it I went and bought the soundtrack. If you've seen the movie you've GOT to get the sndtk.  It'll take you right back.  The love story was also wonderfully acted.  Who cares if it's not 100% factual?  It was a great movie, don't believe the critics.  Go see it!


score = 80 
The love between them are sad..... chow is doing a good job in acting as a king who cant reveal his passion


Ninoska Mórán Wilhelm 
score = 100 
Excelent film, Chow Yun-Fat, Wonderfull, love you, is cool, Jodie Foster the best....from Venezuela Mil felicitaciones!!! una película impecable. mi E-Mail: Ninomw@USA-NET


score = 100 
Great Movie!!! A film I can see over again with the same stunning reaction. One of the best, if not the BEST movie I've seen! A champagne toast to the entire cast!!!


score = 100 


score = 80 
Great! Great! Great!  I've never seen a tandem like this one with Mr. Chow and Ms. Foster.  What a chemistry!  I'm dying to see both of them in another movie.  Hail to them....


score = 100 
I saw it with my 2 daughters, ages 12 and 13, they wanted to see it again the next day. this is a must see and i will buy the movie.


score = 100 
It's the best movie! Everyone should go see it. I didn't think it would be very good, but it was excellent! Chow Yun Fat was a great king and Jodie Foster was pretty good too, though she could have improved her accent. The scenery was beautiful and the song "How Can I Not Love You" was great. All together it was a brilliant movie with great acting and an excellent score!


score = 100 
This is the best film I've ever seen. The story, the costumes and the actors, everything was excellent. I'm from Switzerland and saw the movie 3 times in 3 weeks. I love it. Chow Yun-Fat is a great actor. I love him.


Inga Dóra Hauksdóttir 
Anna and the King is one of the best movies i have seen. It is one of my favorite moives. Jodie Foster and Chow Yun Fat wonderful as Anna and King Mongkut. You must see this movie.



score = 100

Loved it all the way. It just moved me



score = 100

point over 100!!that's perfect!yun-fat was impressive and amazing as well..foster is the most suitable woman for that role.. u ought to see it.."anna and the king" was grateful!!!


score = 90 


score = 90 
The movie was great..though i had to watch it after 3 months of its release..anyway, the whole story was amazingly done..with the props and costumes..totally superb!..just to think that it was shot in my country..makes me even prouder!anyway, i guess it is a GREAT movie and ppl should watch it..its worth the money ur paying!..:) to all the actor and actresses involved-they did one hell of a job..for both the international  and local ones..anyone should go and see it..and you'll definitely enjoy it!!


score = 100 


score = 100 
The movie's so GREAT. The scenery is so beautiful and the actors are superb.The people in the moviehouse loved watching it.I definitely like Chow and Foster together. They make an indomitable tandem. I really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really, LOVE the movie.IT'S TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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