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Any Given Sunday: Wednesday December 22, 1999

Warner Bros.' Any Given Sunday is Academy Award-winning filmmaker OLIVER STONE's all-encompassing look at post-modern society through the dynamic prism of professional sports.
Although professional football provides the action-packed backdrop of Any Given Sunday, the film takes a simultaneously epic and intimate look at the men and women who comprise the milieu of the film, from the modern-day gladiators of the gridiron, their coaches and often beleaguered families, to the moneyed team owners and business concerns who attempt to control the game as big business, to the hungry sports media, and hangers-on trying to get a taste of the glamour. 1999 Warner Bros.

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67.5 - Worth Seeing

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40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Olive Stone


John Logan (I),

Oliver Stone






Al Pacino as Tony D'Amato
James Woods as Dr. Harvey Mandrake
Cameron Diaz as Christina Pagniacci

Running Time

2hr  40mins


Rated R


Warner Bros.


All Types


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 The People's Review of Any Given Sunday

Michael Alfred Smith
score = 40
The storyline of this movie was shallow. With its "Saving Private Ryanesque" cinematography, I needed motion sickness pills to get through it. The movie attempted to show depth in regards to the plight of NFL gladiators, but with the over-acting of Pacino and the under-acting of the rest of the cast, Oliver Stone's 1960's surrealistic visionary style was lost in the fumble pile. I am hoping for Stone's return to film excellence, but this pieced-together MTV trailer  is not good for the digestive system.


Brian Smyth
score = 90
I think that "Any Given Sunday" was awesome. It had a great plot, cast, and director.  The movie was so realistic with Football.  The sound was great.   It also had great screen shots of tackles and linemen crushing each other.   The performances was another great thing in this movie.  Al Pacino was a great football coach and Jamie Foxx was a good quarterback.


score = 80
This movie was great.  It had an equal mix of drama and hard hitting action to keep you wide awake the whole movie.  Al Pacino gives his usual stunning performance as a wacked out coach, who while not screaming at everyone is being hit on by 20 yearold hookers.  I definetly give this movie two thumbs up. Also Jamie Fox and LL Cool J give very good performances.


score = 10 
This was absolutely the worst movie (no exaggeration) that I have ever seen in my life.  I wish I would have never went to see it.  The camera work was terrible.  It seems like you would be able to see one whole play in a 2hr45min movie. The acting was a huge disappointment.  The usually hilarious Jamie Foxx gave a career ending attempt of a performance.  Al Pacino was not as good as he could have been. The only exception was Dennis Quad who gave a descent performance.  All in all I would have to say that this was the worst movie I have ever seen.


score = 30 
Worst Movie I have ever paid to see in the theaters, It was an hour too long, and 3 starts short of being adaquete.  The best part of the movie was the Soundtrack.  Although it made a decent attepempt to change the camera view while the game was being played, it didn't work.  The plot was an attempt to show what pro football is all about, but it got sappy, and Stone went too far.


Matt Garza 
score = 90 
I thought "Any Given Suday" was outstanding. The plot was excellent, the cast was excellent, and the story was great. I loved how this movie portrayed the realistic action of how football is played today, and this movie is every sports fanatic idea of a movie that will stay with them forever. The sound was awesome and the screen shots of the football tackling and crushing were phenomenal. Al Pacino played a great role as usual as well as Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, and Lawrence Taylor I might add. This is every sports fanatic dream of a movie about a particular sport.


Phil Mattox 
score = 30 
Excellent characters and plot except for three things:  1)  unneeded locker room nudity  2) muddled references to historical legends  especially the transformation of lead character from loner to leader 3)  cheap Stone graphics that resembled a video game.  Had it not been for the two nudity scenes and language would recommend it to kids.   When will HOllywood figure it out that great movies can be made without nudity and gross language?



score = 100 

I thought that movie was excellent.  The plot and acting were great. The movie has kind of given me a new outlook on football from a female perspective.  I especially enjoyed the below the waist shots of the male football players.  Finally, someone has thought about what females want to see from men instead of what men want to see from females.


score = 20 
This was definately a pretty crappy movie...i agree with it being one hour to long.  It had the slowest beginning of any movie i have ever seen. Im surprised anyone stayed through the first half hour.  Al Pacino did great, as usual..but i feel Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz could have done a little better...if you havent seen it your money and dont see it in the movies or rent it.


score = 80 
The movie had an awesome story and the action of actual football game was just unbelievable, but the way hollywood showed the life of the players was wrong.  The movie was full of unnecisery f-words.  But if you ignore those things about the movie then you are looking in an awesome experience.


Eric Froberg 
score = 90 
This movie rocked.  The soundtrack was totally awesome.  The cast was great.  It was the best movie I've seen in a while.  Loved L.L. Cool J's red hat.  I have a red suit and would love to get a hat like that.  Where can I get one?  The only things that I didn't like about the movie was the camera was kind of shaky during the actual football plays but I think it added to the violence that is involved with the game.  I also like how they made fun of the guy from The Last Word.  That was hilarious.


Rick Matthews 
score = 10 
I would say most people are getting sick of football movies. The outcome of the game is usually predictable; the underdog will prevail, so it was no surprise as we knew who would win. The play-by-play camera action was very jumpy, far too much thunder-sounding hits and we saw this movie in an excellent theatre with an ultimate soundsystem, so the noise was too much. Too bad Stone sacrificed a good story line for loud noises; should have spent more on decent dialogue. James Woods, who isn't much of an actor anyway got the boot from the movie and not too soon for my liking-he always plays the whiny/sucky parts anyway. Did he actually get paid for this part? Nowadays you can usually tell how good a movie will be when they load up the cast of actors with more than 2 or 3 really qualified talents; it usually turns out to be a lemon of a movie. My prediction, give it two weeks into January/2000, the hype will pass and the movie is on its way to discount theatres and video. This movie was disgusting and I could have spent more productive time watching paint dry


score = 80 
Let me start out by saying that this is definetly a football movie. If you don't like your typical flashy clothes, big egos, foul language, and last minute clutch plays football movie don't go see it.  That being said I liked this movie a lot.  It's a fun ride if you don't take it too seriously... kind of like Bond movies.  It even manages to give a message/insight.  Nothing life changing mind you.  Just as to how beautiful the game is when you strip away the comercialism.   The greatness of team.  It actually helped my girlfriend understand a little as to why I love football and miss playing the game...


score = 100 
I thought it was a very good moive it brought back some old memories of when I played football in college and coaching in the semi-pros. From the up chucking to the playing the best players and doing what is right. I think this is a good movie for coaches to see.


Kyle DeVylder 
score = 20 
This movie was the biggest waste of eight dollars. And was also the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. There was barely a plot to the movie so I found myself allmost dozing off several times. Also I think about an hour and a half could have been knocked out to get the total existance.    Jamie Fox should stick to his commedy routine because he simply can not dramatically act. The movie was nearly as long as titanic but the difference between the two movies is I went back and saw Titanic two more times. I felt like I was being torchered. I would only suggest it to those old Highschool and college stars reminecing to when they once had glory, but now they are just old men watching crappy movies.


score = 30 
They draged out the whole movie, and it was hard to make out any of the game sceens, with camaras shoting all over the place.  I love football and played in High School, but this movie was bad, I was tempted to leave after the first hour. I just couldn't see Al Pacino as a coach.  And what was with those Met Rx commericals with Jaime Fox, that was horrible, and extremely boring.  And in conclusion, who was at all suprised about the outcome, in the final game sceen?


score = 60 
If you are wanting to see a movie with a wonderful storyline and outstanding plot this is not the movie for you.  However, if you don't mind an auto biography about the life of football players this will give you great insight. It's focus was definately  portraying the life of football players and what they truly go through.  After being enlightened by Any Given Sunday, one may realize how painfully difficult real life is for football players.


chuck crank 
score = 100 
this movie is the best movie i have ever seen in my entire life and i have seen a lot of good movies in my  life so everyone in the world should see this movie if they dont like it they should be shot at point blank range thank you for takeing the time to read this byebye


score = 90 
this film was awsome! Al Pacino was great as always and Jamie Foxx didnt do that bad either. i wouldn't pass this flick up. the music fit perfectly with every scene making the viewers feel as if they were on the line. the camra work was also great. If you don't like it there is something wrong with you.



score = None

I loved the movie. I think it is one of the best movies out.  People must remember that this is a MOVIE and not really life.  Don't try to make it out to be more than what it is a MOVIE.  Go see it it is truly entertaining.


The Unknown Entity

score = None 

Good, but - ahem!  The male full frontal nudity was just as unwelcome to me as when I am subjected to female frontal nudity....  and the swearing was a bit much -- along with some of your other responders, I would say that this movie would have been great to take my son to, had it been minus these two things.



score = 20

This movie was too long and drawn out!!!!!!!!The plot could have been much more intense.  What were the writers thinking.


score = 60 
I liked the movie but I thought that it was a little long.  It seemed like they were dragging it our more than needed.  Even though I thought this, I still would recomend anyone to see it, only if they wanted to sit and a movie theatre for almost 3 hours!


score = 100 
Any given Sunday was a great movie , it described the sport as it is and Al Pacino played a great over the hill coach.I give it a 10, 4 stars and 2 thumbs up.


Michael Willy 
score = 40 
I thought that the movie wasn't woth the fourteen dollars that I payed for my girlfriend and I to see it. As a football player, I must say that it didn't really portray the game of football. I must admit that I didn't see the whole movie. I walked out in the middle because it was really offending with the language and all.


score = 90 
My husband is a real football fan. He begged me to see this movie with him. I thought is was going to be another boring over reated football movie. But I was wrong. The movie was great! Well written and the actors were wonderful. Jamix Foxx deserves an award for his role as well as Al Pacino. Honesty I think anyone who likes football will really enjoy this movie.


score = 80 
This movie was everything that I expected. It didn't show the fake football images that have been shown in the past movies like The Program and Varsity Blues but instead made the game of football real by not dragging out each play to a two minute mini drama. The camera work was a difficult adjustment to make but eventually I was able to follow along. The only big problems I had with the movie was the outright horrible acting of Cameron Diaz. She was the one thing that really put the movie down from a ninety to an eighty. Al Pacino gave an Oscar nomination performance however he will need to top this if he plans on winning. Jamie Foxx demonstrated his ability to play a serious role as well as being able to act comedically. Although the modern camera work may have been difficult to follow for the old and the artsy types who are looking for a slow dragged out slow motion scene as have been seen in the past I felt that the movie demonstrated these techniques well and have opened the door to future realistic sports movies.


edd and thema 
score = 100 
Howdy gang.  The movie was great.  I am obsessed with the movie.  I havent saw a movie since a good movie since the civil war.  My son did though, too bad he had to go, a brave soul.  All, you all need to see this picture because my favorite Cow, Bessie and that piece of crap I call my son is in it. SEE IT NOW or grandma Thema will beat you with her ugly stick!!!!Have a nice and country day


Keisha W-M 
score = 100 
I think "A.G.S." was the best movie i've seen all year even though its only january. it had a great plot,cast and director.the camera work was da bomb!Jamie Foxx deserves an award for demonstrating his ability to play a serious role.


unknown 20 
score = 70 
IT was an ok movie it was an originaln oliver stone not somthing you wold see with your children


score = 90 


score = 100 
This was definetly the best football movie I have ever seen.  It was awesome.  I think it really does show what football is all about.  The plot was good too.  The soundtrack is good too.  What else....everything about it is good. go see it.


Jim Brosnan 
score = 90 
Any Given Sunday is a film that had the potential to be great. Al Pacino played the role of a worn out coach very well, but it needed more to be a better film. Some of the film was way off considering every play was the play that was going to make or break the game. Also there was too much male nudity, I thought this was a film meant to be seen by men who like football...


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