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Autumn in New York: August 11, 2000

The passion and poignancy of classical romance take on a contemporary edge in Autumn in New York, the story of a once-in-a-lifetime love affair that unfolds in a single brief season. The pairing of an aging man who doesn't believe in forever with a younger woman who has only a moment to give produces a resonant story about the risks that must be taken to truly live and love.
Autumn in New York follows the sexual exploits of Will Keane (RICHARD GERE) - New York restaurateur, infamous verging-on-50 playboy, master of the no-commitment seduction - until he runs into an unexpected dead end when he meets Charlotte Fielding (WINONA RYDER). Charlotte is half Will's age and twice his match, a 21-year-old free spirit yearning to get out and taste the excitement of adult life. 2000  MGM Studios


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Joan Chen


Allison Burnett






Richard Gere as Will Keane
Winona Ryder as Charlotte
Sherry Stringfield as Sarah
Jillian Hennessy  as Lynne
Anthony Lapaglia as John

Running Time



Rated PG-13 for language and some sensuality.


Metro Goldwyn Mayer




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 The People's Review for Autumn in New York

ted mendoza
score = 90
incredible movie.  richard gere and winona ryder are so compatible with each other, it is scary.  you actually forget that they are so apart in age, and the story of love takes over you.  winona is stunning & charming & intellectually creative & inspiring, and you get captured by her magic, and mystified, you forget your own life and needs...because suddenly, you can't bear to remember how life could ever be as satisfying and amazing without her.  i loved the movie.

Joyce C.
score = 80
I think it was a wonderful film! Each scene pulled me in amazingly I could sense the emotion even when their weren't words. Winona did a wonderful job creating her enchanted character! The sound track was a bit of a dissapointment I was hoping for a recital of the poems Winona recited in the movie! I have yet to find the words to, "No thing that flew"

score = 20
was totally let down.  boring.  got out of the theatre still waiting .... very surprised because the actors are 2 whom i love.  not their fault.  story wasnt right.

score = 10
This  movie was beyone pathetic. It was so uncomfortable watching Gere and Ryder act together that I fast forwarded most of the film. Thank god that I did not pay for this poorly done film. The script was so horrible that the actors did not know what to do with themselves. I think that Ryder should have walked off the set.

score = 90
I saw it 2 days before and I must say that in somepoints it's a bit exaggerated and sometimes cut in a childish way but yet it's very felt and makes u feel it too.I felt like the actors were a bit nervous in their act but their acting was so real and warm.Just a person who has passed things like that can really understand it.Welldone Rich&Winona!

score = 10
One of the most sickening movies I have ever seen, bad play, bad plot, extremely predictable, childish, after 15 minuts you know the rest of the movie. I was lucky that I saw it for free, or I would have asked my money back!

score = 100
oh..god it is the saddest movie that i never ever watched can make you even crying while watching it and the actor and the actress is really cool..and romantic...but it suppost to be happy ending...

score = 90
I found that this movie had the most beautiful scenery, including Winona and Richard Gere.  It was wonderful in the theatre.  A touching story, definetly need lots of tissues.  A must see movie!

score = 90
comments = It was the saddest most beautiful film I have seen in years and years.  I have seen it three times.  Don't rent it; see it in the theatre.  It's gorgeous.

score = 70
comments = this movie was so awesome, but make sure you wear waterproof mascara before you go because it is so romantic yet so entirely sad....i loved it,

K. Morris 
score = 50 
Listen to the reviews by Kjose and Carl except you can go see the movie.  Many things about it are lovely and both stars did a very good job.  It was choppy and some of the pieces you needed to see earlier came later.  It was the way it was put together that made it difficult--plus the "nobody home" dialogue they gave to Winona Ryder


score = 20 
I love both of the actors, Richard and Wynona. but honestly, this movie SUCKS. don't waste your time going to see it, wait for rental just for some pretty shots of Manhattan and the 2 actors. the end scene was very sweet tho.



score = 50 

I saw it at a screening last night.  I was expecting it to be terrible, but was pleased to find out it wasn't that bad.  It was incredibly obvious, though. The director seemed to underestimate the audience's intelligence by never letting us think.  There was too much expository dialogue, glances, etc.  Their love seemed fake.  He seemed to love her more out of guilt than true love. But, this is only a movie.  It could have been worse and it was beautifully shot.



score = 30

The most boring, yet annoying film I have seen in a long time. I totally predicted almost every scene, and the outcome way before it was over. Absolutely nothing new here. And I really love Winona Ryder, but she was terribly annoying in this film. It's like she was making a movie about Drew Barrymore, because that's exactly the way she acted; with the forced smile and stupid little giggles.  She turns and gets mad and hateful at exactly the right moments too. Good for her! STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE!!!


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