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Battlefield Earth: May 12, 2000

After years of anticipation, L. Ron Hubbard's monumental science fiction epic Battlefield Earth is coming to the motion picture screen. Long considered a prime story for the film genre, the grand adventure of Battlefield Earth awaited only the right script adaptation before everything came together to make it a movie reality. With a Corey Mandell screenplay, which captures the immense scope and irrepressible spirit of Hubbard’s novel, that time has at last arrived.
The Battlefield Earth production has attracted top talent, making it a keenly anticipated film, already receiving media coverage a year in advance of its release. Multiple Academy Award-nominated actor John Travolta has taken on Battlefield Earth in the capacities of the starring villain and as co-producer.
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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 12.5 37.5 52 25 31.75



31.75 - Not Worth Seeing

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Roger Christian 


L. Ron Hubbard,

Cory Mandell




 $73 million


John Travolta as Terl
Barry Pepper as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
Forest Whitaker as Ker
Kim Coates as Carlo

Running Time

1hr 57min


Rated PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned
for intense sci-fi action


Warner Bros


All Types


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 The People's Review of Battlefield Earth

Akwan Cheung
score = 80
I like the movie.
I do not understand why almost everyone in Hollywood and the viewers think this film sucks.
This is an oldfashion sf movie, but with the specialeffect of the 21st century.
The story is of the classic movies, that everyone loves in those days, but apparently not anymore.
What a bullshit.
This is a good sf movie plus one bonus:John Travolta

score = 80
I like Travolta.  I liked the book Battlefield Earth.  I like sci-fi.  I like a good storyline, regardless of whether or not there may be a plothole here or there.  Find me a movie without a plothole and I'll eat my DVD copy of B.E. Yes, they could have fleshed out the story more.  The book goes a long way into explaining things, so if you haven't read it, I suggest you give it a go.  It goes nicely with the movie, even though the movie didn't keep to the exact storyline of the book, which I think would have been a better way to go, but regardless of why he strayed from the exact storyline and brought in more integral humans so early in the movie, it is still a decent sci-fi movie with good special effects and the overall scope is very epic.  It's unfortunate that it was slammed so hard by reviewers, because it's likely we will never see a movie based on the second half of the book, which is quite a bit more entertaining than the events leading up to it.

score = 10
I'm usually pretty leniant wit sci-fi movies because they usually try to accomplish too much. But this movie has nothing good about it. Iread the book and i did not think that was bad at all. This movie is the first movie i have ever walked out on before it was over. I don't see any possibility that anyone could like it.


score = 40
comments = Alright, so the acting's not the greatest...But have adults lost that much of their imaginations that all they can find are the bad things about movies? I'm 15, but I still have at least that much of an imagination...When was the last time you went to a movie and just so that--in those meager two hours--you could set your imagination free? Instead of being so concerned with an actors lines or even facial expressions, why not just let the story let your mind actually think? Movies are for the imagination, not for people to sit there like zombies and critique performances. If you're going to see this film to make fun of it, then don't.

score = 10 
Without a shadow of a doubt, the worst movie I've ever seen.  The plot had holes the size of the O-Zone in it, the acting was absolutely pathetic, and Travolta gave the worst performance I've ever seen him give.  The only reason I give it a "10" is because of the fifteen minutes of sleep I got at the end.

score = None 
This is certainly the most untentionally hilarious science fiction epic ever made. It is so poorly written and directed, and acted, that it is a parody of itself. Travolta's career has crashed on this one! And yet, there is almost a cult buzz around the film, and many will buy the video on the day of release just to feast again on the funniest, pathetic, script to appear in years. My son tears tickets at the local cinema. I asked him to bring home a "Battlefield Earth" poster for "my" bedroom. For some strange unearthly reason, I think it may be a collector's item in the future.

score = 80 
I agree with Bill.  Some people just don't get it.  If they had their way they would rip every movie apart as though they could have done a better job.  Right.  So what if it wasn't like the book, no movie is like the book b/c you can't fit the descriptions in the book into physical reality sometimes. It's just not possible. Instead sit back and enjoy the movie.  I personally thought it was good.  Some people may think otherwise, and that's fine.  All i'm saying is quit going into the movies ready to pick them apart and you will be happy with the way it turned out.  Go in with an open mind.

score = 30 
Ok, So the Movie wasn't the greatest.  If you have read the book you'll understand that this story is the greatest Sci-fi Story ever created.  No one could have possibly put this story into a movie without it being something along the lines of Roots.  But I still have to give it something because I love the book so much.

score = 10 
The 10 points go to Barry Pepper (Jonnie) for having to put up with such an awful script.  He is a great talent seen wasted in this film.  Travolta is surprisingly bad in a part that I thought he would relish.  The plot was seriously flawed, the script was terrible...need i go on?

score = 60 
I agree with some of the people that said this is a bad movie and also with some people that said its good. The movie was pretty cool but i think its kind of stupid the way they make it look like Colorado is the only place in the whole world. It kind of reminded me of ID4 with cave men. It was stupid when the cave men were flying harrier jets but the action is the only thing i liked. Forest Whitaker wasn't bad either but I liked Ghost Dog better.

score = None 
none is no misprint. "None" is the score this movie deserves. The worst movie I have every seen...

score = None 
I didn't think such a moronic movie, despite all the crap put out by Hollywood on a regular basis, could make it out to the public. To actually make it by the monumental egos, who have a vested interest in keeping at least some semblence of their pride intact, this movie must have been screened complete with morphine drip.

score = 50 
Not bad as a SF "B" movie but not particularaly great. The biggest problem is how the plot is accelerated, cutting action that If I remember right, took almost a year down to 3 weeks. That and the humans in the book didn't use kewl toys that had been miraculously preserved in perfect working order after 1000 years. They used thier brains.

score = 70 
If you are a fand of Mad Max, or Waterworld, you will like this movie, it is not your normal sci-fi movie, onlt people who actually have brains will understand this movie to the fullest, people like Mark here are the ones that ruin good sci-fi movies for the rest of us

Marsha Mann 
score = 80 
very finely acted. I did not read the book but the movie was just what i had hoped it would be...exciting!

Barry N Watson 
score = 90 
I loved the movie and have seen it several times already. All my friend who have seen it loved it too - not because it was a pretty movie, or a romantic movie - but because it sent the message that there is always hope and that no matter how bad things are, if one is determined then one, (yes it only takes one), can defeate the worst oppression imaginable. It's an intense, dark, gripping movie where mankind claws for survival and finally comes out from under of the darkness of oppression and into the light of freedom. I liked that message and all my friends did too.

Ken Kieswetter 
score = 90 
Great movie only wish would be that it was closer to book .None of the critics seen the movie all they have done is go back in history and copied the critics of Scientogy

score = None 
The only positive comment I could make about this horrible film is that the pain created by the overly loud sound of the ship engines occasionally took my mind off of the pitiful excuse for a movie. The acting was horrible, the plot gaps immense and the plot twists so transparent I fail to see how it slipped through quality control.

score = 10 
The worst movie I have ever seen.  I gave it a 10 only because it's fun to see John Travolta looking so funky.

score = None 
This movie was just horrible.Ive have seen plenty of bad movies but this movie must have been written by retarded Monkeys hyped up on crack.I could never recommend this movie.It is was poorly made and brought to the public by the phylosphy of we got Travolta who needs fancy acting and good old plot and character substence.All in all the only people who would like this film is scientology members and young children.I would rather have my teeth ripped out one by one then ever see thi movie.I think Hollywood should reinburse all the discruntled viewers who marched out of this movie having lost 1hr 37minutes of their life.

Mary O'Brien 
score = None 
Taking the characters separately they were fantastic. Taking the message separately it was scary but true.  Comparing it to the book I say "what happened?"  Is it possible that the clear and vivid descriptions in the book were replaced by "all that black" as a comment on how "black" it would all become if a race such as the PSYCHLOS ever took over a planet like earth?  Did the director want to "give you the feeling of what it would be like to have no freedom?"  Well, he did it!!  I can't give it a score--as to each his own love.

Ruthann Pharris 
score = 90 
I enjoyed it because it was a god way to relax from a stressful day. The only thing that bothered the critics was the fact that Travolta was not hiding the fact he was into scientology. True, there were some leaps but dosen't every movie do that at one point or another. Did the critis want the people to expect a movie like Mission Impossible 2? A movie that is just action combined with a little bit of sex. People are getting on Travolta's case but look at Tom Hanks. He has starred in some movies were the principles of scientology drip form one scene to another. Yet, he is the people's "pretty boy" . Wake up people! I do not know about other people's review's about Battlefield Earth but i think the movie rocks!

score = 80 
I liked it , it was entertaining, but not great.  i have not stopped thinking about it, so it does leave an impression.  i did not read the book, but will now that i have seen the movie, as it was obvious that a lot of detail was left out. it kind of reminded me of planet of the apes meets the time machine.

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