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Being John Malkovich: Friday October 29, 1999

A puppeteer (Cusack) finds a door in his office that allows him to enter the mind of and literally become the famous actor, John Malkovich for 15 minutes. Entrepreneur Cusack and his counterparts try to use this experience in a money making venture, but finds himself with a choice between a life of fantasy and deception, or reality and truth. -- 1999 Gramercy Pictures


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87.88 - A Must See

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Not Worth Seeing
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65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"



Spike Jonze


Charlie Kaufman






A puppeteer (Cusack) finds a door in his office that allows him to enter the mind of and literally become the famous actor, John Malkovich for 15 minutes.


John Cusack as Craig Schwartz
Cameron Diaz as Lotte Schwartz
John Malkovich as John Horatio Malkovich

Running Time

1 hr. 52 min


R for language and sexuality


Gramercy Pictures


Real Player


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 The People's Review of Being John Malkovich

Paul Rodgers
score = 100
Being John Malkovich is the greatest film I have ever seen. It is a work of pure,crazed genius.A modern masterpiece.My God!How did anyone come up with the idea for it?
Cusack is his usual brilliant self,Cameron Diaz shows that she`s not just a pretty face. But it is Malkovich himself who steals the show playing a crazy version of himself!

score = 100
Throw away all the standard movie template that standard Hollywood films offer. This film takes you on a strange ride, and you never know what'll happen next.
The cast works so well that you easily overlook the fact that they're actors. They become the people they portray in the film.

score = 90 
I thought this move was great!! i've been a fan of Malkovich since Con-Air; and since have seen every Malkovich movie i could get my hands on.(And working in a video store, that wasnt hard!) One reason this movie was so great was its originality. This is uncharted territory. To find a portal into someone else's brain!! ive never seen that idea anywhere before. And who better to have a "brain portal" than John Malkovich?! Definately check this flick out!!


score = 90 
I loved this movie. It was weird, but not over-the-top. It made me think. Not because it raised "disturbing" questions or anything like that, but simply because it was an interesting idea portrayed in a way that kept you wondering "what if...". Both the originality of the script and the quality of the videography make this an extremely interesting and entertaining movie.


Sarah-Jane Fietz
score = 100

It was almost perfect.  In fact, maybe it was.  A terric conversation starter as well.I could (and do) talk about the picture for hours.  Anyone who can appreciate the humor of Steven Wright would definitly appreciate this film. I can't wait to experience Being John Malkovitch again.



score = 80

Sometimes hilarious. Almost deserved a 90, except that it did end up indulging in a bit too much "I saw you at Elaine's" New York provincialism, and lost a bit of its direction towards the end. But how can you argue with a film that features a bird named "Orrinhatch"?


score = 90

One of the best ensemble pieces Ive seen in a long time.  It's great to see actors having fun!


score = 100
A totally bizarre avant-pop fantasy. I wanted to see more of John Cusack but the disappointment was minor compared to the twists in the plot.


score = 100
This film is a must see for those of you who like the unusual. I haven't laughed this hard in a long, long time. John Cusack was incredible in his role as the puppeteer, as well as John Malkovich's role as his subconsious self.  Those of you without a really good sense of humor, don't bother just won't get it.  Going to see it again.


score = 100
One of the most thought provoking movies of all-time.  Touches on themes relating to Freud with amazing twists and originality.  If you didn't like this movie, then maybe you didn't get it. 


score = 100
This movie was awesome.  It was the most original movie I have seen in a long time and well done too.  If this movie doesn't intrige or disturb you something is wrong.


score = 90
Terrific, innovative movie.  Very clever and lots of fun.  Plot became a bit too dark for me at the end, but a very entertaining movie. Wonderful acting by all.


Mark Hager
score = 100
Outstanding! One of the most inventive movies of the year. The ending is kind of sudden and contrived, but the whole thing is a satisfying ride.


score = 100
A film about the search for control in our lives. Have you ever asked yourself: How much easier would life be if I were someone else? Would a new face, a new body make people take me more seriously?



score = 100
I have been profoundly touched by this movie as none I have seen in a long long time.   Kept me spellbound and thinking the entire two hours. Geniously cast..and who is Catherine Keeners (sp?) She is enchanting.


Rhonda Stanfield
score = 90
Well, other than the fact that I'm a fan of John Malkovich and he can do no wrong on film, I found the movie a pleasant surprise in that I was entertained until the very end by this funny, thought-provoking, and definitely absurd look at people with lives gone wrong who'd leap at the chance to be someone like Malkovich.  Great stuff!  Can't remember the last time I saw something that surreal with so many top names.  There may be hope for the movies after all!


This movie was THE weirdest and only likable "weird" movies I've ever seen.  It was intense, full of surprises and cool as hell.  Loved it!!


score = 90 
Beautifully done, exceedingly funny and so clever it blows your mind. I didn't even recognise Cameron Diaz.  I'm still laughing about that 7 1/2th floor.


Justin Kane 
score = 70 
I got the impression that this movie was created with the INTENTION of coming across as artistic, profound, witty, and all those other things a "breakthrough" movie is supposed to be like. .  It is as if the creators were straining themselves to be inventive and original. Its particular brand of humor relies heavily on our recognition of the strkingly absurd and unexpected. The freefall onto the New Jersey Turnpike is a typical moment of such "humor". which gradually grows tiresome and a bit like a smug game of self-smarts appreciation. Granted, it indeed is a fresh change from predictable run-of-the-mill Hollywood movies. But what, other than this pretentious art-flavored novelty and cleverness, is there to appreciate? The philosophical subtext beneath the comedic plot has no depth or clarity whatsoever. What are we supposed to get from this crazy idea, Being John Malkovich? The idea that one could see the world through anothers eyes yet without empathy, without being able to perceive as he perceives--- is not grounds for philosophical pondering nor of much merriment.  Lets not confuse this idea with the more genuinely subversive idea that a person can break through his own ego and see the world as another sees it thus close the chasm which separates us from the Other.  What is the greatest flaw about this movie is that it creates so many airs of special insight where there are none and casts the character's repugnant behaviors in  such a light, comic manner that we are distracted from seeing , if any even exists, whatever thing is to be learned from Being John Malkovich.


score = 30 
It was a great movie for the first 30 minutes but then after that it went down hill.


W. Martin 
score = 100
A brilliant movie. And probably the most brilliant reading ever of Kleist's "On the Marionette Theatre"


score = 100 
This movie was serious genius! I laughed, I shuddered in horror, I laughed again. Any movie that can provoke such strong emotions deserves a perfect 100!


score = 100 
Spike Jonze is the new face of filmmakers.  I rank him with P.T. Anderson and Wes Anderson as the new guard of Hollywood or anti-Hollywood.  This movie is great and is a must see.  


score = 100 
One of the most creative movies I`ve seen Malkovitch is superb Loved it! Hollywood needs to make more movies like that


J.P. DuQuette

score = 100 

Dark and hilarious.  Well-acted, amazingly witty, profound without being preachy and above all original, this is the best movie I've seen in a very long time.  Monty Python with a heart.


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