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Bicentennial Man: Friday December 17, 1999

"Bicentennial Man," directed by Chris Columbus ("Stepmom," "Nine Months," "Mrs. Doubtfire"), follows the life and times of the title character, an android (Robin Williams) who is purchased as a household robot programmed to perform menial tasks. The Martin family quickly learn that they don't have an ordinary robot when Andrew begins to experience emotions and creative thought. In a story that spans two centuries, Andrew learns the intricacies of humanity, life, and love. © Touchstone Pictures.

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Points 50 50 38 62.5 50.13 Film-o-Meter

50.13 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

Christ Columbus


Isaac Asimov,

Nicholas Kazan






Robin Willians as Andrew Martin
Wendy Crewson as Ma'am
Embeth Davidtz as Little Miss/Portia

Running Time

1hr 40min 


Rated PG  for  language and some sexual content


Buena Vista Pictures


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 The People's Review of Bicentennial Man

score = 90
I have few words to comment this marvelous film.It's great, it's story was excelent and I would like to congratulate the writer of the film, but from this writing because I'm far from the USA, I'm from Argentina and it would be a bit difficult.Well, congratulations and I hope you continue doing this type of films. Bye.

score = 100 
Boy, was I blown away. This was a great movie! It tells a very good, touching story. More than anything, it shows spirit, and is very uplifting. This is much better than any action/ adventure type that they spend way too much on. This type of movie sticks with you and inspires. Robin Williams did a very good job.



score = None
This may not be a fair review as I am dealing with the impending death of my Mother and I went to see the movie hoping for a couple of hours of comic relief as the previews indicate.  This was NOT a fun movie with the exceptions of a few momments thrown in here and there.  2 1/2 hrs of slow moving boredom and 4 people on their death beds did not relieve any of the boredom. This is not what I expected of a Robin Williams film although his charactor did come through a few times.  Like I said due to my state of mind this may not be a fair review but even on a good day I would feel cheated.


jk in ohio
score = 100
without a doubt one of the best movies i have ever seen! Saw on Friday night and still thinking about it on Tuesday. exactly what a movie is supposed to do. tell you a story and entertain you.


score = 90 
I don't understand some of you critics sometimes.  I've been going to movies that you give mediocre or bad ratings to lately because I've found that I've enjoyed those movies the most.  Bicentennialman is a great movie depicting a characters struggle to gain something that we all take for granted life and our basic beings as humans.  Talk about originality too, this show was all about taking chances.  Robin Williams once again shows us why he is one of the most prolific actors of all time... one question, is it true that this man has never won an oscar?!  Somebody needs to fix that!


JC in Princeton 
score = 100 
One of the best movies that I have seen in a while.  Robin Williams is great and in my opinion deserves an Oscar for his performance.  A must see, but be warned that this is a two tissue box movie for the ladies.


score = 60 
I thought this movie was a lot better than stuart little.  it was so good and i thoguht it was a lot betetr than i thought it would be.  i liked it a lot.


DW in OZtralia 
Worth seeing. I think the rating system above is crap. If I were Robyn Williams and looked in at this page I would be more than discouraged; what a load of bull. Is that he best the 'reviewers' can do? Rate it as a matinee movie? They'll be sucking mint julips in a retirement home before he does. As a kid I usually opted for a Sci Fi book during free reading time at school and strangely, many of the books I read, and feelings I felt from them, I'm now seeing in film with my kids. Bicentenial Man (the movie) was about as good as anyone could portray the book. You need imagination to be hooked into Sci Fi (some could see it becoming fact), so, no 'reality only' heads please; go watch a war documentary or something else completely retrospective. I sadly feel though, that Isaac Asimov missed some of the truths about life and death because of a lack of understanding about the true creator of the universe, and his Son. I also feel sorry for the person 'unknown' above, with a dying mother. May be some consideration of aspects of matters in Bicentennial Man could have prepared him for such (or even better, the bible).



score = None 
This is a stunning and poignant film.  We took the whole family, and with the exception of the very young children, we all enjoyed it.  The only jarring note was the intrusion of the microphone into various shots, even the most tender and sensitive scenes.  With such an investment into the sets, costumes and acting, it's hard to imagine how the director allowed such a blatant error to happen and indeed repeat throughout the film!  Yet, the story is compelling.  The essence of "humanness" is discovered  through emotions, creation, ownership, freedom and even death.  It's a movie that makes you think and feel.  Surprising that the protagonist--an android--is more capable of reminding us of the real value of human life than the "human" heroes in most current films.


score = 80 
Very nice movie. Worth seeing. Could've been better though.  See, the whole movie is about the search for humanity.  The first half of the moive did a find job in developing the story and giving its message.  But the ending is kind of naive: a robot standing in front of a committee asking for the recognition of his humanity.  In reality, it's not likely to happen. Think about it.  A group of congressmen, scholars, doctors, lawyers open up a committee to listen to what a robot has to say about humanity?  Give me a break!  They won't even allow the robot to stand in the commitee.  If they did, that means they already treat the robot as a human being.  His humanity is recognized.  And the whole trial thing is a jok!  Instead, I think the better ending would be: druing his search for humanity, he finally realised that, in order to become a total human -- emotionally, and physically -- he has to accept to consequence, the price is death!  So he finally transforms all his  body parts into biological.  Marry his lover and dying old together --- The End.


score = 100 
Its about time we got some real SF instead of the ongoing populus all but soap opera crap.  Three chears for Isaac Asimov and those who were involved in making his story come to life.  This movie (as the book) showed real depth and an exelent acting job by Robin Williams.  After all you try and show emotions while still keeping the persona of a robot! Martin from Australia.


score = 70 
Bicentenial man  as an out of this world movie made me question myself, what if it will really happen someday.


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