Big daddy: June 25 

After the major impact of the Water Boy, the specialist at Smart Cine are predicting a major money gross with this movie no matter how good or how bad this movie will be; This movie will make a lot of money this coming weekend. 

Big daddy Review:  

In Big Daddy, Adam Sandler's latest film in the new genre of moronic,
Mr. Sandler, tries to take a stab at acting. The good news is he's still a moron. Sonny koufax(played by Adam) is just your regular unmotivated shcmuck, which makes one wonder how he ever got through law school, who
adopts a child to prove to his girlfriend that he is responsible
and ready to become a mature adult. To say that there is much of a movie after the premise has been set is saying too much. As is usual with Adam
Sandler movies the jokes come in a series of bangs that seem to be disconnected with the rest of the movie. So if you don't care much about plot and like to laugh at SNL skits then Big Daddy is the movie for you.

Rated PG-13

( *1/2 )one star and a half out of five

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Big daddy  June 25 

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