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Black & White: April 5, 2000

BLACK AND WHITE is a searing, comedic and exhilarating look at race, sex and hip-hop in the melting pot that is Manhattan at the turn of the 21st century. Featuring an eclectic cast of cultural icons, hip-hop stars and athletes, the film is driven by a pulsing soundtrack from Loud Records.
When Rich Bower (Oli "Power" Grant) decides to leave behind his life of crime and re-invent himself as a hip-hop impresario, he is confronted for the first time by the internecine dealings of the white world. Documentary filmmaker Sam Donager (Brooke Shields) and her fascinatingly perverse husband (Robert Downey Jr.) enter the scene as they follow a group of privileged uptown teenagers who, intrigued by Rich and his crowd, find themselves drawn to the hip-hop lifestyle. -- 2000  Columbia Tri-star Interactive

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72 - Worth Seeing

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James Toback 


James Toback




Scott Caan as Scotty
Robert Downey Jr as Terry
Stacy Edwards as Sheila King
Alan Houston as Dean

Running Time

1hr 37min




Columbia Pictures




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 The People's Review Black and White

Mr. Bill 
score = 100 
Look out T2!! Here's an action movie, with GUTS!! Black and White is a Action Packed movie, that involves why Brooke left Andre for Mike Tyson, set in the future.... Brook is sent back in time to make shure that Andre falls for Steffi Graph... The fim is shot in Black and White, yet is it's COLOUR FULL!! I like it!! I gave it 100 out of 100.