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The Blair Witch Project: Friday, July 30, 1999

Hey, gang, I just came back from seeing The Blair Witch Project (BWP), and I'm still suffering from motion sickness. Why? Because the entire movie is shot using hand-held camcorders that shake, rattle and roll for the entire length of the movie. I can't believe this movie has made over $100 million. This movie inspired me to get a couple of camcorders and film my brother and I playing in the backyard with my father under a blanket. I bet the critics, and the fools at Canne and Sundance would call my home video art too.

BWP is a bad movie. First of all, it's really boring most of the times and when any tension is building the screen is engulf in total darkness. Now, I know the movie was shot in amateur style to convey the feeling of a documentary, but the only thing they really capture of a documentary feel is the bore to death sensation of most documentaries. And what about all the hype saying  BWP is one of the scares movies ever make. I heard stories about people screaming, losing sleep, or being deeply disturbed by BWP. What? That has to be bull! What’s wrong with you people? Am I the only real man left?

Milton the last man on earth

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Daniel Myrick 
Eduardo Sánchez


Daniel Myrick 
Eduardo Sánchez


Horror / Thriller 




In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittesville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary. One year later, their footage was found.


Heather Donahue


Heather Donahue 

Michael C. Williams


Michael C. Williams 

Joshua Leonard 


Joshua Leonard 


Running Time

82 min.


Rated R for language


 Artisan Entertainment 


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The People's Review of The Blair Witch Project




I agree with Milton on the movie BWP. This movie was blow out of proportion to a whole other limit that I've never seen before. This movie is so bad. I wasted the eight dollars I paid to go see this movie. I was really anxious to see this movie and when I saw it the whole time I thought okay something is going to happen now, but nothing happened. I was so upset at the movie, I just couldn't believe it.

I've never been so upset, and disappointed at a movie. How are people saying its so scary? I mean I got scared at movies that were jokes because I scare real easily, but this movie made me start to doze off into a sleep. I'm speaking seriously. My friend had to tap me to get my attention. Never has that happened to me in a theater!



Thanks for having the guts to admit this movie sucks! I was drawn in by the
web site and the sci-fi channel special and all the glorious reviews
assuring me I'd be scared witless by this flick. But, it was strictly
boresville. If you wanna read my review of this flick, it's at, reviewer cybersyd.

You're not the only man alive. While I myself am a woman, my husband was
also not scared or impressed by this movie.

Thanks for renewing my faith in mankind!


I saw the blair witch last week and all I can say is it was the biggest waste of $7.00. That movie was not scary, suspenseful or even interesting. It was horrible.  People save your money!!! submit = Away We Go!



Hey Milton why  didn't java write something about the BWP. he is a afraid of the movie? The good movies for him are like South Park.



I think this movie was the best movie of the summer so far. Hollywood should see these kids and learn to create something new.



ok heres my review on The Blair Witch Project. That was the scariest and most intense movie ive ever seen !! so if you hated it you did but i loved it and my little  sister did loose sleep over the movie ok. I LOVE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!!!!!!!

Unknown 1

BWP was a decent movie.  I spent all summer awaiting this film wondering if it was true or not.  I'll admit it was a little disapointing at first but after all the hype died down and our questions were answered I was able to appreciate the film for what it was- the most entertaining(not necessarily scary) horror movie of the 1990s


BWP is the worst movie I *EVER* seen in my life! I can't believe that some people like it! The whole story of my neighbour's life would be more interesting to watch! It was a real waste of money & time ($5.00)!

Unknown 2

I never thought they made them this boring,but apparently I was wrong.This is, without a doubt,the most over hyped movie of the decade,and certainly one of the crappiest.I cannot believe that I wasted $4.50 cents seeing this crap.

Unknown 3

This movie was like driving to Fla. from NY with your 75 yr old grandfather who has a tendancy to hit the gas hard every few seconds. If you enjoy a good vomit see this movie. I wish I would have had a camcorder at my last camping trip as it would have been far more entertaining and I would have given the rights away. 5 drinking buddies doing bad impressions of the "Crocadile Hunter" would have been far more scarry and disturbing. The way the film followed the systematical psychological social breakdown of the 3 stars of this movie was no different than 3 frat buddies smoking a bong arguing over what toppings to order on their pizza. I respect independent film makers and for a small film this was still better than 50% of the movies out. However I rate this as a Friday night HBO pick.

Unknown 4

I'd just like to say that Milton is a complete and utter moron. And judging from many opinions expressed in these pages I think people are far too use to flashy graphics, elaborate (expensive) scenes and other 'eye candy' which is far too common in today's cinema. While I can understand that for some people the movement of the cameras was distracting and for some distressing, for those viewers who actually allowed themselves to watch the film without bitching all the way through it they found it interesting, intriguing and even scary. Anyone who has watched a horror film in the past 20 years would realise that there are very few out there that have a decent plot, characters and in the end a marginally believable 'horror' element. Unlike these the BWP does encapsulate these elements, from the amateur camera work to the propaganda about the movie being based on a real scenario it creates an atmosphere of foreboding, dread and eventual helplessness which does result in an emotive response on the viewer. The format of this movie promotes its plot and however detracting it is in the cinema format it does work and work well. I would like to say that I think the BWP will probably come into its element when it makes a conversion to the small screen (video), when it can be appreciated without naseum and where you can play it late at night in the dark, preferably with a girlfriend ;-). In reponse to your question Milton, no I don't think your the only real man (because that is questionable), no, your just another winger who can't appreciate a genre, format and who basically just wants to fill his small brain with the common hollywood trollope. You can keep it, I'll stick with the BWP

Unknown 5

its really scary as hell!! try to put yourself in their shoe...this is a real one remember?


Unknown 6

The blair witch project is a good movie, but i have to say its not that at all scary. I know why people think it is but there were only two parts that were.the only thing that scares me was after the movie going in the woods. i was also unhappy with the ending too.The ending is the most important part.In this case it was the worse one ive ever seen.I can understand why though because according to the legand they really didnt know what happened.i have lots more to say but ill leave it to this.if you wanna see it , then see it.

Unknown 7

Everyone here really needs to listen to Unknown 4( listed below ). BWP is the first quality horror movie to come out in a while.  If you all has some imagination, then maybe you would see this also.

Unknown 8

'I thought it was thrilling;it made me cry because it makes you seem like your in the movie stranded in the woods with a witch.The scariest part was when the girl went downstairs and saw the 2 boys just standing there.She must of totally blacked out or the witch got her."

Unknown 9

Aún no vi la película porque no ha llegado a España, pero ya puedo decir que aquí la gente la espera con muchísimas ganas. Como supongo sucede ahí, las personas que aquí la han visto son de dispares opiniones, la gente joven cree que es increible y el resto, menos hechos a ver cosas nuevas la critican hasta la saciedad.


Unknown 10

I thought that BWP was a good movie but it was not scary at all. What ruined it was everyone in the theatre getting motion sickness.  They could of made it scarier.  I live by the woods and it didn't make me jump.

Unknown 11

Eu nao assisti porem me disseram que o filme e uma merda, tudo bem vou gastar R$8,00 ( Oito Reais ) e talvez perder meu tempo dentro de uma sala de cinema.

Unknown 12

I saw it yesterday here in Sweden. And I must say IT IS the moste scary movie I´ve seen! I think it´s a love/hate movie. The idea is brilliant, everthing is genious....It´s THE BEST!!!

Unknown 13

It is original and scary. With a tipical format could be boring. Tell Milton his totally wrong Hay que ser abierto para apreciar esta cinta. No es una típica producción hollywwodense que trata con efectos especiales y mucho maquillaje. Es una situación real que desencadena el miedo que todo traemos dentro. Felicidades a los productores.

Unknown 14

The Blair witch movie was absolutely terrifying! It had a really unique form of filming which made the movie seem realistic. After seeing this movie I don't have the urge to go into the woods any time soon! Hats of to the makers of this brilliant movie!!!!!!!!

Unknown 15

Personally, I will never be able to camp again!  And those of you who didn't like the movie don't recognize real talent when you see it.  I had to research the movie to reassure myself that it was fiction.  That is real acting if you ask me.  Get over it Hollywood filmakers! You are just pissed because you didn't think of it first!


Unknown 16

This is a genuinely disturbing film, the deliberately amateurish camerawork adds credibility to a movie that proves suspense and terror can be created far more effectively through the suggestion of an evil prescence, rather than gore and special effects.  SEE IT (but not by yourself)

Arthur Cebu City, Philippines

What I noticed was that at the end of the movie there were no story how and when did the bodies of the three was found.   Or was it found? Or it wasn't there anymore? Who have found the tape documentaries? The Police or Investigators?  Can somebody help me on this?  I can't sleep asking this questions to myself. Arthur Cebu City, Philippines

Unknown 17

I thought this movie was pretty scary and believeable and that is what the filmmakers wanted to accomplish. A job well done. Good movie.

Unknown 18

I rate the movie 0-40 points.   Preferably 0.  Their was no point, you were never told the story of the Blair Witch, you never knew what happened to any of the characters at the end.  What kind of movie is that?  It left me wondering what  was going on, I have never been disappointed about a horror movie before.  Horror movies are my favourite of all time, but I would not classify this movie as a horror, and definately not recommend it to anyone who likes scary movies, cause it will ruin it for them, like it did to me.




BWP was the worst movie I have ever seen. Here in Holland we think Dutch movies are awful, and American movies are fantastic. But this one was very disappointing. If you people in America wanna see seven people who don't know eachother spend a hundred days together in a house with no TV, telephone or contact with the rest of the world and 24 cameras you should go to WWW.big-brother. nl. That's more interesting than BWP! Have Fun!!!!! Greetings from Holland, Marieke

Unknown 19

The movie finally seemed to get moving right when it ended. What were we supposed to infer from that ending? Seriously, the scariest part of the movie was when the happy campers camped in the rain. Have you ever camped in the rain in a crappy tent? Now THAT'S scary!

Acabamos de ver el documental y nos parecio una muestra cinematografica perfecta y sobre todo veridica. . . NOS AMAMOS POR SIEMPRE

Unknown 20

Big waste of my money....and time... the worst movie I ever sat threw...really sucked

Unknown 21

The movie was great. The only problem i see is it happened to grab some people by there guts and there trully beliving that there dead, If you read the book and DA Stern according to his book helped the Haxan team edit and arrange footage you would have to say there dead . So those people are mind set on there dead. I Believe movies should trip your mind out any way the person wishes and the movie will allow, but if there is this pre show HYPE that involve's the releasing of a book full of police reports, interviews, documents etc, there is a great felling of being totally missled and it seems that either way dead or alive there's going to be hell and true resentment,"My Wife". So which is it...The book or the movie, one or the other it's a different answer,,book "real: Movie Lier"

Unknown 22

very good idea. people who find errors try to convince themselves that it' s not reality, and that means the film has reach his goal.

Unknown 23

Whithout knowing anything about this   movie`s reality, I found its reality- credibility extremely convinceing. The actors performances was absolutely asthonishing. super manus,excellent acting and a marvellous ballance in general, gives it 1 Robsahm of none possible, and the title; the best movie I have ever experienced.

Unknown 24

jb de new york   mire la pelicula me parece excelente . verdaderamente nesecitamos mas peliculas de ese tipo.

Unknown 25

Ok after watching BWP I was horrified, I felt deeply disturbed and none the less terrified. I thought the blacnkness in the film, made it all the more scary and unknown. For the life of me though,I cannot come up with one single idea on what happened at the end in the celler. Its been on my mind constanlty and I just can't figure out what happened. Its left a huge impression on me, one that I will never shake out of my head, mores the pity, I wish I could forget.......Id give it a 9 out of 10 (as i said the ending through me, if not for that, easily a 10)

Unknown 26

I just saw the Blair Witch Project today and it was great. The end was hard to understand, but it was also really spooky. In a good way.

Unknown 27

As a reconnaissance commander in the Army, I have spent a lot of time navigating in the jungle and cemetaries in the wee hours of the night. I must say that the Blair witch project is an excellent movie. Heather's insistance on knowing where she is was very typical of a leader getting lost in the army. The dangerous sense of self assurance. Reactions of the cast to getting lost in the woods was very realistic as well. As a soldier in training, I have gotten "lost" while trying to find check points in navigational exercises, and it is indeed not a nice experience, especially when you know that there is a cemetary nearby and the place was previously a venue for a conflict during the Japanese occupation. People do scream at each other , exactly like that, when they are lost. And the fear was so real. One thing I found strange in the plot though, is the fact that Heather used a map alone in the fisrt part, then when the map was lost, she suddenly produced a compass! The map and the compass should have been used together in the first place, then maybe they wouldn't get lost in the first place! But then there would be no story. I was impressed by the realism of the interviews and footage. Very good. I am most amazed at the marketing strategy as well. Anyone could have done it, but Myric and Sanchez were brave enough to take a step first, and they must be laughing ( or cackling?) their way to the bank now.

Unknown 28

score= 90
A tremendous film. One of the most thrilling movies ever.



First of all, you all do not know what you are talking about.  This was a high school project that some kids made into a movie.  Give the kids some credit.  Its not like Steven Spielberg made the movie!!!  Second of all, this movie was great.  I think that it was probobly the most "WANTED TO BE SEEN" movie on the market this year.  The only reason that i think it was not "good" to some people is because of the fact, it didn't live up to the prievews.  I wouldn't pay to see it again but i would buy the movie MOST deffinitly!!! over all i give it a 99.9

Unknown 29

Very dumb boring and retarded like watching the real world on mtv but only diff is its in the woods and the real world seems more real than this piece of crap called a movie

Britt from canada

I think that the movie is a joke and not worth seeing I sure wasted my money renting the movie.I was bored watching it and I sure wouldent recommend it what so ever.. but smart young people who made all that money maybe I should make a movie too.. wouldent be hard...thats what I think.. Britt from canada

Unknown 30

This movie is great to see if you want to have something mess with your mind, but its definantly not as scary as all the hipe has made it sound. There are definantly a few scenes that are pretty creepy, but nothing like the creeps I got at house on haunted hill. A good attempt by the independant film industry, and definantly a great job on the actors parts. They were about the only thing that could get you scared with this film, and they did a wonderful job

Unknown 31

It STUNK!!!!!!  It wasn't scary, it was pointless, aimless, boring and a total waste of time and money.   "The Haunting" was much better.  It just shows how marketing sucks everyone in -- the producers should donate their ill-gotten gains to some worthy cause -- like putting woods offlimits to amateur film makers.


Fábio A. Azevedo

Probably the people at the Sundance Festival got really scared ,when they saw the movie without previous info. It's something very new. A really well-done movie , thou it was very cheap. I love to read movie reviews, and i saw a loooooot of thumbs up towards the BWP. I went to the theater expecting to piss on my pants, and to be so scared i wouldn't be able  to sleep at night. I thought i was going to experience the feelings i did when i was 7 , and saw the EXORCIST for the first time. But i was wrong. It's a good movie, but it feels better to see it on a doubly surround stereo and  on huuuuuuge screen theater. I don't think you'll get the same effect on a vcr. anyways....   go find out. Fábio A. Azevedo Recife - PE - Brazil

Unknown 32

I think that the Balir Witch was one of the movies that i would rather not see. I would Rather spend $7.00 on a TOILET BOWL CLEANER!

Unknown 33

The Blair Witch Problem is just stupid.  Either the entire movie was ruined by too many previews of the 'scary' parts, or it was just the most over-hyped movie of the year...It's lame.

Unknown 34

I am so happy I waited until this movie came on our campus movie channel to see it at OSU (Ohio State University), I almost did waste my money on this poor excuse for something new in Hollywood.  It was completely stupid and really sucked!!!! I definitely agree with Milton and everyone else who thought this movie really shouldn't haven't made so much money.

Unknown 35

about a 93, is's a must see film, the way it was made, made it more easier to believe and more fun to watch.

Unknown 36

I saw this film and it makes me wonder if the youth of America (and I am young myself) are as dumb and malleable (look it up shithead) as they seem to be. This movie was the stupidest, most un-scary piece of drivel I have ever seen. The problem with this MTV generation is that they all think they are geniuses and that what they say matters, when in actuality they are a bunch of fame-obsessed, undesreving and shallow losers with nothing to say. Grow up. The Blair Witch Project is a joke and it is insulting and dangerous that our country is made up of such a bunch of easily manipulated and marketing vulnerable dopes. Are you all on dope? I think so.  You are all a bunch of sheep  ready to be taken over by some low life charlatan. God help us.

Unknown 37

I think it was a very boring movie. Not thought out or presented well. I personally got motion sickness 10 minutes into the movie and to me that is not a good time!

Unknown 38

There was way to much bad language and bad acting to go along with it. What a waste of time.

jerry mansader from the Phil.
i like this movie very much, the story is good i like the casts and the setting of the movie.i would lke to know why this movie is always in my mind, it stagger me. it's worth seeing. love it. mabuhay! Blair witch Project.

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