By | January 16, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Donkeyhead DONKEYHEAD. The film is directed by Agam Darshi, starring Darshi, Kim Coates (“Sons of Anarchy”), Sandy Sidhu (“Nurses,” “Legends of Tomorrow”), Stephen Lobo (“Arrow”), Huse Madhavji (“Schitt’s Creek”), Marvin Ishmael (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”), and Balinder Johal (“Beeba Boys”).

DONKEYHEAD, a term of endearment used by Punjabi parents towards their children, stars its writer/director Darshi as “Mona,” a failed writer who carves out a life of isolation while caring for her ailing Sikh father. When he suffers a debilitating stroke, her three successful siblings show up on her doorstep determined to take control of the situation.



By | January 16, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #DefinitionPlease DEFINITION PLEASE. The film is directed by Sujata Day, starring Ritesh Rajan (“Russian Doll,” “Jungle Book”), Anna Khaja (“The Walking Dead: World Beyond”), Jake Choi (“Single Parents”), Lalaine (“Lizzie McGuire”), with LeVar Burton (“Roots,” “Reading Rainbow”), and introducing Maya Kapoor.

Monica (Sujata Day), a former Scribbs Spelling Bee champion who must reconcile with her estranged brother when he returns home to help care for their sick mother.



By | January 15, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #TheSurpriseVisit THE SURPRISE VISIT. The film is directed by Nick Lyon, starring Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts, Dopestick’s Tricia Hawn, Rob Riordan, Jacqi Vene and Serah Henesey.

When a young couple makes a surprise visit to Mom, they get an even bigger surprise themselves from an old family friend who plans to steal Mom’s valuable jewelry while she is out of town. But when the “easy peasy” robbery goes wrong, resulting in the accidental death of the daughter’s husband, it forces the two young drug addicts to make a difficult decision; to abandon ship, or do the unthinkable.


X – Movie Trailer

By | January 13, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #XMovie X. The film is directed by Ti West, starring Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow,Owen Campbell, Stephen Ure, and Scott Mescudi.

In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them in the act, the cast find themselves fighting for their lives.



By | January 13, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Invincible INVINCIBLE. The film is directed by Daniel Zirilli , starring Johnny Strong (Black Hawk Down, The Fast and the Furious, Get Carter), Marko Zaror (Undisputed 3: Redemption, Machete Kills), Michael Paré (Eddie and the Cruisers, Streets of Fire, The Philadelphia Experiment), and Sally Kirkland (Anna, The Haunted, JFK).

At a secret military site, injured soldier Brock is treated with advanced nanotechnology that turns him into an uncontrollable killing machine. Sent to stop the threat, security agent Cam is badly injured in a battle with Brock – but, to save his life, Cam must be implanted with the same technology that turned Brock psychotic and invincible. Will Cam gain the power to stop Brock, or will he become a lunatic menace himself? Intense hand-to-hand combat brings this stylish sci-fi action-thriller to life.



By | January 13, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #RedeemingLove REDEEMING LOVE. The film is directed by D.J. Caruso, starring Abigail Cowen, Tom Lewis, Eric Dane, Nina Dobrev, Famke Janssen and Logan Marshall-Green.

REDEEMING LOVE is a powerful and timeless love story that takes place against the backdrop of the California Gold Rush of 1850. The story centers on Angel (Cowen), who was sold into prostitution as a child. She has survived through hatred and self-loathing, until she meets Michael Hosea (Lewis) and discovers there is no brokenness that love can’t heal. The story reflects the redemptive power of unconditional and sacrificial love with characters and circumstances relevant to the contemporary world.



By | January 13, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Indemnity INDEMNITY. The film is directed by Travis Taute, starring Jarrid Geduld, Nicole Fortuin, Andre Jacobs, Gail Mabalane, and Tshamano Sebe.

INDEMNITY is a high-octane action thriller written and directed by South African filmmaker Travis Taute (Netflix’s his series BLOOD & WATER) that follows an ex-Cape Town fireman (Jarrid Geduld) whose world is rocked when he wakes up next to his wife’s dead body with no recollection of what transpired and all evidence pointing to him as the killer. Labeled the prime suspect, Theo quickly finds himself hunted by sinister forces and a notoriously ruthless deputy chief of police and embarks on a breakneck mission to uncover the truth behind his wife’s death before a terrifying conspiracy changes the course of a nation forever.


HOUSE OF GUCCI – Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand Release Date

By | January 12, 2022

Experience the “gloriously decadent” (Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press) and “murderously delicious” (Jazz Tangcay, Variety) thriller influenced by the astounding real-life story of the Gucci family and their unexpected legacy in MGM’s HOUSE OF GUCCI, available to own for the first time on Digital February 1, 2022 and on Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand February 22, 2022 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.



  • The Rise of the House of Gucci – Go behind the scenes to discover how Ridley Scott’s vision of this astonishing story fell into place.
  • The Lady of the House – An up-close look at Lady Gaga’s performance as Patrizia Reggiani and how her powerhouse charisma and unwavering dedication breathe life into this complex character.
  • Styling House of Gucci – A deep dive into the visual delights of the film, from aesthetics to attitude.
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    STUDENT BODY – Trailer

    By | January 12, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #StudentBody STUDENT BODY. The film is directed by Lee Ann Kurr, starring Christian Camargo, Montse Hernandez, Cheyenne Haynes, Harley Quinn Smith, Austin Zajur, Anthony Keyvan.

    A distressing incident compels childhood best friends Jane and Merritt to take action against their high school math teacher, driving their splintered relationship into further turmoil and provoking deadly consequences.


    THE LONG NIGHT – Trailer

    By | January 11, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #TheLongNight THE LONG NIGHT. The film is directed by Rich Ragsdale, starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Nolan Gerard Funk, Deborah Kara Unger.

    While searching for the parents she’s never known, New York transplant Grace (Scout Taylor-Compton) returns to her childhood southern stomping grounds with her boyfriend (Nolan Gerard Funk) to investigate a promising lead on her family’s whereabouts. Upon arrival, the couple’s weekend takes a bizarre, terrifying turn as a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader terrorize the pair en route to fulfilling a twisted ancient apocalyptic prophecy.


    OFF THE RAILS – Trailer

    By | January 10, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #OffTheRails OFF THE RAILS. The film is directed by Jules Williamson, starring Kelly Preston (For The Love of The Game, What a Girl Wants, Jerry Maguire),Jen ny Seagrove (Local Hero, Another Mother’s Son, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’s Diary) and newcomer Elizabeth Dormer-Phillip With Ben Miller (Paddington 2, What We Did on our Holiday), Franco Nero (Django Unchained, John Wick: Chapter 2), and Judi Dench (Philomena, Shakespeare in Love, Victoria & Abdul).

    Three best friends from college recreate their post-graduation trip across Europe to honor the memory of their friend Anna. Joining Kate (Jenny Seagrove), Liz (Sally Phillips) and Cassie (Kelly Preston) is Anna’s 18-year-old daughter Maddie fulfilling her mother’s last wish to have them take this trip with her. When lost passports, train strikes and romantic entanglements get in their way, they put old feuds aside to complete the journey and remind themselves that they are still at their peak.


    ORDINARY PEOPLE Newly Remastered Blu-ray Release Date

    By | January 10, 2022


    Robert Redford made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed drama ORDINARY PEOPLE, arriving on Blu-ray as part of the Paramount Presents line March 29, 2022 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

    Winner of four Academy Awards®—including Best Picture, Best Director (Redford), Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium (Alvin Sargent), and Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Timothy Hutton)—ORDINARY PEOPLE was hailed as “an intelligent, perceptive, and deeply moving film” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times) and “a powerfully intimate domestic drama” (Todd McCarthy, Variety).

    Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, and Timothy Hutton give powerful and moving performances as a family being torn apart by tragedy and the unrelenting pressure to maintain a façade of normalcy. ORDINARY PEOPLE marked Hutton’s first film role and his performance not only earned him the Oscar® for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, but it also made him the youngest person to win in the category.

    Remastered from a new 4K film transfer overseen by Redford, the Paramount Presents Blu-ray is presented in collectible packaging featuring a foldout image of the film’s theatrical poster and an interior spread with key movie moments. The disc also includes new interviews with Hutton and Judith Guest, author of the novel upon which the movie was based.


    Bonus content is as follows:

  • Swimming in the Rose Garden— In this new featurette, Best Supporting Actor Oscar® winner Timothy Hutton reflects on filming ORDINARY PEOPLE and the intriguing approach director Robert Redford took to create a feeling of isolation on set.
  • Feeling is Not Selective— Acclaimed American novelist Judith Guest discusses her novel and the process involved in adapting it for film.
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • THE LEDGE – Trailer

    By | January 8, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #TheLedge THE LEDGE. The film is directed by Howard J Ford, starring Brittany Ashworth, Ben Lamb, Louis Boyer, Nathan Welsh, Anaïs Parello, David Wayman.

    A rock climbing adventure between two friends turns into a terrifying nightmare. After Kelly (Brittany Ashworth) captures the murder of her best friend on camera, she becomes the next target of a tight-knit group of friends who will stop at nothing to destroy the evidence and anyone in their way. Desperate for her safety, she begins a treacherous climb up a mountain cliff and her survival instincts are put to the test when she becomes trapped with the killers just 20 feet away.


    WAYNE’S WORLD Celebrates 30th Anniversary with New Blu-ray SteelBook – Release Date

    By | January 7, 2022

    Celebrate the world’s most endearing slackers when WAYNE’S WORLD arrives in a Limited-Edition Blu-ray SteelBook on February 1, 2022, just in time for the film’s 30th anniversary.

    Originally released on February 14, 1992, WAYNE’S WORLD marked the feature film debut of Wayne and Garth, the wildly popular characters originated by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey on “Saturday Night Live.” A hilarious send-up of pop culture, the film also features Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere, and Alice Cooper (we’re not worthy!).

    Directed by Penelope Spheeris and written by Mike Myers and Bonnie Turner & Terry Turner, WAYNE’S WORLD follows Wayne and Garth as they try to promote their public-access cable show.


    IMMANENCE – Trailer

    By | January 7, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Immanence IMMANENCE. The film is directed by Kerry Bellessa, starring Michael Beach, Summer Bellessa, Eugene Byrd, Anthony Ruivivar, Kasia Pilewicz, Asenneth Del Toro, Jamie Mcshane.

    While investigating a meteor strike in the Bermuda Triangle, a team of radio astronomers discover a mysterious signal in the deep sea that could be the world’s first contact with extraterrestrials. After witnessing various impossible phenomena, the team becomes convinced that something is trying to communicate with them.

    Aboard their boat is Jonah (Michael Beach, Aquaman, “S.W.A.T.”), a loner with a mysterious past and cryptic motives. His faith leads him to suggest that this communication may be a manifestation of divinity, a hypothesis which the scientists immediately reject.

    Soon the communications go from inexplicable to terrifying, threatening not only the team’s beliefs, but also their lives. When chaos culminates in an ominous revelation that makes everyone a threat, the team must fight for sanity and survival in a nightmare against the ultimate evil


    A TASTE OF HUNGER – Trailer

    By | January 6, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #ATasteOfHunger A TASTE OF HUNGER. The film is directed by Christoffer Boe, starring Katrine Greis-Rosenthal and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

    A power couple within the Danish gourmet scene run the popular restaurant Malus in Copenhagen. The couple is willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their dream – getting the coveted Michelin star.


    A BANQUET – Trailer

    By | January 6, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #ABanquet A BANQUET. The film is directed by Ruth Paxton, starring ienna Guillory, Jessica Alexander, Ruby Stokes, and Lindsay Duncan.

    Widowed mother Holly (Sienna Guillory) is radically tested when her teenage daughter Betsey (Jessica Alexander) experiences a profound enlightenment and insists that her body is no longer her own, but in service to a higher power. Bound to her newfound faith, Betsey refuses to eat but loses no weight. In an agonizing dilemma, torn between love and fear, Holly is forced to confront the boundaries of her own beliefs.


    DAWN RAID – Trailer

    By | January 6, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #DawnRaid DAWN RAID. The film is directed by Oscar Kightley, featuring interviews with Judd Apatow, Tanielu “Brotha D” Leaosavaii, Andy Murnane, Judd Apatow, Savage, Scribe, Mareko, Adeaze and Aaradhna & exclusive archive footage of Akon, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg and other hip-hop legends

    The film explores the incredible challenges and struggles that were buried deep beneath the glamor of chart-topping hits with the hottest local and international talent – rifts between artists, unpaid tax debts, feelings of failure and betrayal – and the immeasurable musical legacy that was created in spite of this. Featuring some of New Zealand’s and the US’s biggest hip-hop and RnB artists, DAWN RAID is an inspirational, heart pounding celebration of local home-grown talent who not only gave a voice to their local community, but paved the way for a future generation of artists.


    SUNDOWN – Trailer

    By | January 5, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Sundown SUNDOWN. The film is directed by Michel Franco (New Order), starring Tim Roth, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Iazua Larios, Henry Goodman, Albertine Kotting McMillan, Samuel Bottomley.

    Neil and Alice Bennett (Tim Roth, Charlotte Gainsbourg) are the core of a wealthy family on vacation in Mexico with younger members Colin and Alexa (Samuel Bottomley, Albertine Kotting McMillan) until a distant emergency cuts their trip short. When one relative disrupts the family’s tight-knit order, simmering tensions rise to the fore in this suspenseful jolt from writer/director Michel Franco.


    YELLOWSTONE Season 4 – Blu-ray™ & DVD Release Date

    By | January 5, 2022

    Who shot John Dutton? Fans can unravel the mystery and dig deeper into the rich history of the Dutton clan when “YELLOWSTONE” Season 4 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD March 8, 2022 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

    From Paramount Network and 101 Studios, the Emmy®-nominated* “YELLOWSTONE” continues to be a massive hit, with the fourth season premiere drawing 14+ million viewers in the U.S. to become the most-watched season premiere on cable since “The Walking Dead” in 2017. The show has also spawned a prequel series entitled “1883” starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, which premiered on Paramount+ in December.

    The “YELLOWSTONE” Season 4 four-disc Blu-ray and five-disc DVD sets include all 10 hour-long episodes from the fourth season, plus over four hours of bonus content including making-of-featurettes, behind the scenes clips, never-before-seen interviews with cast and crew, and more.


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