By | June 28, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #WrongPlace WRONG PLACE. The film is directed by Mike Burns, starring Bruce Willis, Ashley Greene, Michael Sirow & Texas Battle.

Frank (Bruce Willis), a former police chief of a small town, finds himself being hunted down by a meth kingpin seeking to silence him before he can deliver eyewitness testimony against his family, but ultimately finds himself up against more than he bargained for when he threatens to harm Frank’s daughter (Ashley Greene).


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Announces Digital Release of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League

By | June 28, 2022

The age of heroes is upon us when the Warner Bros. Pictures and DC full-length HBO Max Original feature film “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” comes to Digital on July 19. The screenplay is by Chris Terrio, story by Chris Terrio & Zack Snyder and Will Beall, based on characters from DC, Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The film’s producers are Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, with executive producers Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, Wesley Coller, Jim Rowe, Curtis Kanemoto, Chris Terrio and Ben Affleck.

In “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.

On July 19, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” will be available to own digitally in high definition and standard definition from participating digital retailers where you purchase movies. Additionally, a Trilogy bundle will also be available on Digital on July 19. The three-film collection includes Man of Steel, Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” Digital contains the following special features:

  • Building a Scene – A thrilling look at how the films most incredible scenes were brought to life*. RT: 6:00
  • Road To Justice League – Director Zack Snyder reflects on his trilogy of films in the DC Universe*. RT: 24:30
  • “Justice is Gray”* – Director Zack Snyder’s black and white version of the film. RT: 242 minutes

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    WILDHOOD – Trailer

    By | June 26, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Wildhood WILDHOOD. The film is directed by Bretten Hannam, starring Phillip Lewitski, Joshua Odjick, Avery Winters-Anthony, Michael Greyeyes, Joel Thomas Hynes, Steve Lund, Savonna Spracklin.

    In a rural east-coast trailer park, Link (Lewitski) lives with his toxic father and younger half- brother Travis (Winters-Anthony). When Link discovers his Mi’kmaw mother could still be alive, it lights a flame and they make a run for a better life. On the road, they meet Pasmay (Odjick), a pow wow dancer drawn to Link. As the boys journey across Mi’kma’ki, Link finds community, identity and love in the land where he belongs.


    SHARP STICK – Red Band Trailer

    By | June 24, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #SharpStick SHARP STICK. The film is directed by Lena Dunham, starring Kristine Froseth, Jon Bernthal, Luka Sabbat, Scott Speedman, Lena Dunham, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Taylour Paige, Jennifer Jason Leigh.

    Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth) is a sensitive and naive 26-year-old living on the fringes of Hollywood with her disillusioned mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and influencer sister (Taylour Paige). Working as a caregiver and just longing to be seen, she begins an exploratory affair with her older, married employer (Jon Bernthal), and is thrust into a startling education on sexuality, loss and power.



    By | June 24, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #WhiteBird WHITE BIRD: A WONDER STORY. The film is directed by Marc Forster, starring Ariella Glaser, Orlando Schwerdt, Bryce Gheisar, with Gillian Anderson, and Helen Mirren.

    From the best-selling author of Wonder, the book that sparked a movement to “choose kind,” comes the inspirational next chapter. In White Bird: A Wonder Story, we follow Julian (Bryce Gheisar), who has struggled to belong ever since he was expelled from his former school for his treatment of Auggie Pullman. To transform his life, Julian’s grandmother (Helen Mirren) finally reveals to Julian her own story of courage — during her youth in Nazi-occupied France, a boy shelters her from mortal danger. They find first love in a stunning, magical world of their own creation, while the boy’s mother (Gillian Anderson) risks everything to keep her safe. From director Marc Forster (Finding Neverland and Christopher Robin), screenwriter Mark Bomback, and based on R.J. Palacio’s book, White Bird: A Wonder Story, like Wonder before it, is an uplifting movie about how one act of kindness can live on forever.


    Roadside Attractions Acquires U.S. Distribution Rights to GIGI & NATE

    By | June 24, 2022


    Roadside Attractions has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Free Turn’s Gigi & Nate. Making her scene-stealing big-screen debut in the titular role of service animal “Gigi,” Allie may be the smallest cast member, but audiences will discover her enormous heart when Roadside Attractions releases the film exclusively in theaters on September 2nd, 2022.

    The film, starring Charlie Rowe, Oscar® winner Marcia Gay Harden, and Jim Belushi, is based on true events. Gigi & Nate is the story of Nate Gibson, a young man whose life is turned upside down after he suffers a near-fatal illness and is left a quadriplegic. Moving forward seems near impossible until he meets his unlikely service animal, Gigi – a curious and intelligent capuchin monkey. Although she is trained to assist Nate with his basic needs, Gigi helps Nate find what he needs most of all: hope.

    The film is directed and produced by BAFTA® winning director Nick Hamm (Driven, The Journey), alongside producers and frequent collaborators, Piers Tempest (The Wife, Ordinary Love) of Tempo Productions and René Besson. Executive produced by Marie-Christine Jaeger-Firmenich. Jon Hamm of Free Turn Films and Nick Drew of Axis Studios also executive produced. Emmy nominee David Hudgins has penned the script.

    “Gigi & Nate is a unique, stranger than fiction story that highlights the truths we see every day”, Nick Hamm said,“ the sacrifices we make to support our loved ones, the emotional bond between human and animal that transforms our lives, and how either, but particularly both, give us the strength to persevere.”

    Joining Rowe (Rocketman, Never Let Me Go), Harden (Mystic River, Into the Wild, Pollock), and Belushi (Red Heat, K-9, Retroactive), is three-time Oscar® nominee Diane Ladd (Rambling Rose, Wild at Heart, China Town), Josephine Langford (After, Moxie), Zoe Colletti (Annie, A Boy Called Christmas), Hannah Riley (Paper Towns, “Better Things”), Sasha Compère (Single Drunk Female, Love Life), Olly Sholotan (Bel-Air), Emilio Garcia-Sanchez (The Society), and Mishel Prada (Riverdale, Vida).

    Roadsides’ Co-Presidents Howard Cohen and Eric d’Arbeloff stated, “it’s no secret that animals have extraordinary lessons to teach us. Gigi teaches Nate resilience – something we all need right now and why we’re so excited to bring this film to audiences this summer.”

    Paul Leonard-Morgan composed the original score and Mary Ramos is the music supervisor. The cinematographer is Elliot Davis and the production designer is Marcia Hinds.

    The deal was negotiated by Howard Cohen and Angel An on behalf of Roadside Attractions and WME Independent on behalf of the filmmakers.


    “The Silent Party” (La Fiesta Silenciosa) – Trailer

    By | June 24, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #TheSilentParty THE SILENT PARTY. The film is directed by Diego Fried, starring Jazmin Stuart, Gerardo Romano, Esteban Bigliardi, Lautaro Bettoni, Gaston Cocchiarale

    A few hours before celebrating her wedding at her father’s ranch, bride-to-be Laura (Jazmin Stuart) goes for a walk alone and stumbles upon an unusual party at a young neighbor’s house. The music and the atmosphere take her away from her own tensions for a moment until a violent act drastically changes the course of the night. Soon her father Leon (Gerardo Romano) and boyfriend Daniel (Esteban Bigliardi) become part of a plan for revenge. Directed by Diego Fried and Federico Finkielstain.


    SMILE – Trailer

    By | June 23, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Smile SMILE. The film is directed by Parker Finn, starring Sosie Bacon, Jessie T. Usher, Kyle Gallner, Robin Weigert, Caitlin Stasey with Kal Penn and Rob Morgan.

    After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she can’t explain. As an overwhelming terror begins taking over her life, Rose must confront her troubling past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality.


    MY OLD SCHOOL – Trailer

    By | June 23, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #MyOldSchool MY OLD SCHOOL. The film is directed by Jono McLeod, starring Alan Cumming, Clare Grogan, and Lulu.

    In 1993, 16-year-old Brandon Lee enrolled at Bearsden Academy, a secondary school in a well-to-do suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. What followed over the next two years would become the stuff of legend. Brandon had been privately tutored in Canada while he accompanied his mother, an opera diva, on tour before her tragic death. The preternaturally bright student surprised teachers by blazing toward his goal of entering medical school, displaying a wealth of knowledge beyond his years. Brandon found friends despite his initial awkwardness, taking bullied students under his wing, introducing classmates to seminal retro bands, and even starring in the school’s production of South Pacific. But then his unbelievable secret was revealed. Filmmaker Jono McLeod returns to his old school for a nostalgic look at the strange but true story of his former classmate, Brandon Lee. Utilizing playful, period-specific animation, a pitch-perfect soundtrack, the memories of students and teachers, and the talents of Alan Cumming to bring the tale to life, MY OLD SCHOOL offers more than one surprise along the way.



    By | June 23, 2022


    The HBO Original six-part documentary series The Anarchists, directed by Todd Schramke and produced by Blumhouse Television, debuts SUNDAY, JULY 10 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) with new episodes airing subsequent Sundays at the same time on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

    In 2015, Jeff Berwick, a Canadian entrepreneur turned provocateur, launched a conference in Acapulco, Mexico in hopes of promoting anarchy in its purest form – an ideal espousing the absence of government with absolute individual self-rule. The event, called “Anarchapulco,” draws an international array of libertarians, fugitives, and families seeking to “unschool” their children to protect them from the bureaucracies of modern life, as well as crypto-currency evangelists and others attracted to the idea of creating a stateless community, free from governments and central banking systems.

    Unfolding over six years, The Anarchists chronicles a strange and deadly series of events. What begins as an impulsive one-off gathering, turns into a full-on, annual event, growing in size and attracting sponsorship from crypto-currency companies featuring speakers such as Ron Paul and BitCoin evangelist Roger Ver. And when rule-avoidant freedom activists come together in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, utopian ideology collides with the unpredictability of human nature. Relationships are fractured, rivalries are forged and ultimately, lives are lost.

    With intimate access to the main players, The Anarchists features candid, first-hand accounts from Berwick, the reluctant figurehead of the movement; anarchy activists Lisa and Nathan Freeman who left the United States with their children to find a freer life in Mexico; and John Galton and Lily Forester, American fugitives on the run from drug charges, among others.

    The Anarchists follows individuals engaged in this movement with full access to the drama that ensues as a community tries to live alongside tourists and drug cartels with only the principles of anarchy as their guideposts. The loosely defined ideology proves unable to hold the community together and many of the radical expats eventually find their dream of an anarchist paradise crumbling around them. Ultimately, this stranger-than-fiction tale evolves from a critique of our modern culture into a dramatic observation of the limitations of ideological thinking and the consequences of rejecting consensus.

    HBO Documentary Films presents A Blumhouse Television Production The Anarchists. Directed by Todd Schramke; executive producers, Jason Blum, Jeremiah Crowell, Kim Kylland and Todd Schramke for Bird Murmur, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, Mary Lisio, James Buddy Day, Andre Gaines, Allen Bain; co-executive producer, Ben Parry. For HBO: senior producer, Tina Nguyen; executive producers, Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller.


    By | June 22, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #MyFavoriteGirlfriend MY FAVORITE GIRLFRIEND. The film is directed by Amanda Raymond, starring Bonnie Piesse, Tyler Johnson, Ray Abruzzo, Michael Dibacco, Misty Rosas, Alex Mapa, Michael Nouri, and Keston John.

    My Favorite Girlfriend is a charmingly offbeat, romantic comedy about a mismatched couple and the multiple personalities that come between them. Into Conrad’s meticulously ordered life comes total chaos. His new girlfriend Molly shares headspace with five or six other women, each with distinct traits Conrad finds loveable.


    1883 – Blu-ray and DVD Release Date

    By | June 22, 2022

    Embark on an epic journey west with the Dutton family in Academy Award® nominee Taylor Sheridan’s acclaimed original series “1883,” arriving on Blu-ray and DVD August 30, 2022 from Paramount Home Entertainment. The hit prequel to the Emmy®-nominated series “Yellowstone,” “1883” follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey through the Great Plains. It is a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land – Montana.


    The “1883” three-disc Blu-ray and four-disc DVD sets include all 10 episodes, plus over two hours of bonus content including the never-before-seen featurettes “A Land of Peril & Wonder: The Journey of 1883” and “From Cast to Cowboys: Creating the Pioneer Spirit.” The sets also include additional behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew and more special features as detailed below:

  • A Land of Peril & Wonder: The Journey of 1883
  • From Cast to Cowboys: Creating the Pioneer Spirit
  • 1883: The Road West
  • Inside 1883
  • Behind the Story for each episode
  • MONSTROUS – Trailer

    By | June 22, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #Monstrous MONSTROUS. The film is directed by Chris Sivertson (I Know Who Killed Me, All Cheerleaders Die), starring Christina Ricci (“Yellowjackets,” The Matrix Resurrections, Buffalo ’66, Casper), Colleen Camp (Sliver, Clue, Die Hard With a Vengeance), Santino Bernard (8-Bit Christmas, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, “Bing”), Don Balderamos (Suburbicon, “Castle”), Nick Vallelonga (Green Book, The Many Saints of Newark, The Birthday Cake).

    A terrifying new horror awaits Laura (Christina Ricci) and her seven-year-old son Cody when they flee her abusive ex-husband and try to settle into a new life in an idyllic and remote lakeside farmhouse. Still traumatized, their physical and mental well-being are pushed to the limit as their fragile existence is threatened.



    By | June 21, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #PotatoDreamsOfAmerica POTATO DREAMS OF AMERICA. The film is directed by Wes Hurley, starring Lea DeLaria (Orange Is the New Black), Dan Lauria (“The Wonder Years”), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls), Marya Sea Kaminski (Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel), Sera Barbieri (Three Busy Debras), Tyler Bocock, Hersh Powers, Sophia Mitri Schloss (Big Shot), Cynthia Lauren Tewes, Lady Rizo, James Grixoni (Twin Peaks : The Return), and Alycia Delmore (Take Me)..

    Wes Hurley’s acclaimed Potato Dreams of America, which received a positive reception at its premiere at SXSW and its Los Angeles premiere at Outfest 2021, will be available in special limited-edition Blu-ray form June 21 from Dark Star Pictures and Vinegar Syndrome. The title is also available On Demand and Digital.

    Hurley’s autobiographical dark comedy tells the story of a gay boy growing up in the collapsing USSR, his courageous mail-order bride mother and their adventurous escape to America. Full of unexpected twists, the film is an immigrant’s take on the American Dream and the power of cinema, proving that life is often stranger than fiction.


    WE BURN LIKE THIS – Trailer

    By | June 18, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #WeBurnLikeThis WE BURN LIKE THIS. The film is directed by Alana Waksman, starring Madeleine Coghlan (‘Rae’), Devery Jacobs (‘Chrissy B.’), Kendra Mylnechuk (‘Layne’), Angelo Rizzo (‘Wolf’), Casidee Riley (‘Maggie’), and Megan Folsom (‘Lacey’)

    Inspired by true events, WE BURN LIKE THIS is a coming-of-age story that shows the inherited effects of historical trauma and the strength of survival and healing. When 22-year-old Rae, a descendant of Holocaust survivors, is targeted by Neo-Nazis in Billings, Montana, her ancestors’ trauma becomes real. As antisemitism continues to rise in the community, we follow Rae on her journey to forgive herself, her mother, and the broken world.


    I LOVE MY DAD – Teaser Trailer

    By | June 17, 2022

    Here is the teaser trailer from the upcoming film #ILoveMyDad I LOVE MY DAD. The film is directed by James Morosini, starring Patton Oswalt, James Morosini, Claudia Sulewski, Lil Rel Howery, Amy Landecker, Ricky Velez, and Rachel Dratch.

    Inspired by writer, director, and star James Morosini’s true life experience, I LOVE MY DAD follows Chuck (Patton Oswalt), a hopelessly estranged father who desperately wants to reconnect with his troubled son, Franklin (Morosini). Blocked on social media and concerned for his son’s life, Chuck impersonates a waitress online and starts checking in with Franklin. But things begin to spiral when Franklin falls for this imaginary girl (Claudia Sulewski) and wants nothing more than to meet her in person, as Chuck has inadvertently catfished his own son. A thrilling comedy with an unexpected twist, I LOVE MY DAD also stars Rachel Dratch, Lil Rel Howery, Amy Landecker and Ricky Velez.



    By | June 17, 2022

    Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #CodeNameBanshee CODE NAME BANSHEE . The film is directed by Jon Keeyes (The Survivalist, Rogue Hostage), starring Antonio Banderas (Pain and Glory), Jaime King (Black Summer), Tommy Flanagan (Westworld) and Catherine Davis (Run Hide Fight)

    Caleb (Antonio Banderas), a former government assassin in hiding, resurfaces when his protégé, the equally deadly killer known as Banshee (Jaime King), discovers a bounty has been placed on Caleb’s head, which the powerful mercenary, Anthony (Tommy Flanagan) is now seeking to collect. Caleb and Banshee must put the past behind them and join together one last time, along with Caleb’s daughter, Hailey (Catherine Davis) if they are to survive the secret CIA plot that threatens to destroy them.


    MY POLICEMAN – Teaser Trailer

    By | June 16, 2022

    Here is the teaser trailer from the upcoming film #MyPoliceman MY POLICEMAN. The film is directed by Michael Grandage, starring Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, Gina McKee, Linus Roache, David Dawson, and Rupert Everett.

    A beautifully crafted story of forbidden love and changing social conventions, My Policeman follows three young people—policeman Tom (Harry Styles), teacher Marion (Emma Corrin), and museum curator Patrick (David Dawson)—as they embark on an emotional journey in 1950s Britain. Flashing forward to the 1990s, Tom (Linus Roache), Marion (Gina McKee), and Patrick (Rupert Everett) are still reeling with longing and regret, but now they have one last chance to repair the damage of the past. Based on the book by Bethan Roberts, director Michael Grandage carves a visually transporting, heart-stopping portrait of three people caught up in the shifting tides of history, liberty, and forgiveness.


    THE KILLLER – Teaser Trailer

    By | June 16, 2022

    Here is the teaser trailer from the upcoming film #TheKiller THE KILLER. The film is directed by Jae-Hoon Choi, starring Jang Hyuk (Bloody Heart, The Swordsman), Lee Seo-young (Kpop Singer of GWSN), Bang Eun-jung (My Roommate is a Gumiho, Young Adult Matters)

    Based on a popular Korean web-novel, The Killer is a stylistic, anime-like, action-thriller in the vein of John Wick, The Raid, The Man from Nowhere. It stars JANG Hyuk (Disney +’s Bloody Heart, The Swordsman, Tomb of the River, Windstruck, Volcano High), a veteran actor, who has recently made his mark in the action genre, doing his own stunts and choreographing fight scenes.

    Ui-gang is a hit man who has decided to retire. He has a nice house and all the money he needs, but one day his girlfriend takes a trip to Jeju Island and leaves him with a request. Her companion on the trip has a 17-year old daughter Yoon-ji who will be left alone during their three week vacation. Ui-gang reluctantly agrees to look after Yoon-ji and make sure she doesn’t get into trouble.



    By | June 16, 2022

    Here is the new trailer from the upcoming film #PussInBoots PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH. The film is directed by Joel Crawford, starring Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Olivia Colman, Harvey Guillén, Samson Kayo, Wagner Moura, Anthony Mendez, John Mulaney, Florence Pugh, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Ray Winstone.

    This fall, everyone’s favorite leche-loving, swashbuckling, fear-defying feline returns.

    For the first time in more than a decade, DreamWorks Animation presents a new adventure in the Shrek universe as daring outlaw Puss in Boots discovers that his passion for peril and disregard for safety have taken their toll. Puss has burned through eight of his nine lives, though he lost count along the way. Getting those lives back will send Puss in Boots on his grandest quest yet.

    Academy Award® nominee Antonio Banderas returns as the voice of the notorious PiB as he embarks on an epic journey into the Black Forest to find the mythical Wishing Star and restore his lost lives. But with only one life left, Puss will have to humble himself and ask for help from his former partner and nemesis: the captivating Kitty Soft Paws (Oscar® nominee Salma Hayek).

    In their quest, Puss and Kitty will be aided—against their better judgment—by a ratty, chatty, relentlessly cheerful mutt, Perro (Harvey Guillén, What We Do in the Shadows). Together, our trio of heroes will have to stay one step ahead of Goldilocks (Oscar® nominee Florence Pugh, Black Widow) and the Three Bears Crime Family, “Big” Jack Horner (Emmy winner John Mulaney, Big Mouth) and terrifying bounty hunter, The Big Bad Wolf (Wagner Moura, Narcos).