By | May 26, 2012

If one could essentially take the horror flick The Hills have Eyes and merge it together with Quentin Tarantino’s Hostel, one would come up with a plot identical to Chernobyl Diaries. The beginning half of the movie was very dawdling and very much reminiscent of opening scenes of Tarantino’s Hostel (minus the Tarantino’s trademark blood and gore). Additionally, moving in to the second half of the movie, the adventurous group of American youngsters traveling in Europe experienced a nightmarish encounter, not unlike The Hills Have Eyes. Needless to say, this apparent hybrid flick did not measure up to either of the aforementioned flicks.

I found the acting to be mediocre and the plot line very much overdone. The lineup of, virtually very little known actors, did diminish the appeal of the movie. The characters seem to not fit together, especially when introducing the foreign actors of the movie. As previously mentioned, the storyline played out extremely sluggish and it seemed to take forever to get to any action. Very little was left up to the imagination of the viewer and things would become pretty much predictable once the action kicked off, with the only exceptions being what the killers actually looked like and the ending sequence of the movie.

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