BRAVE Movie Review

By | June 22, 2012

Ah yes, a tale as old as time. Oops, sorry, that’s a lyric isn’t it? It’s from some Disney movie, right? Well, anyhow, the typical rebellious child not wanting to conform to the parents’ wishes much less the established traditions of her people, is what we are dealing with here. But of course what takes this to a different level is the Pixar/Disney touch. Is it safe to say that anything Pixar touches turns to gold? Well, pretty darn close I would say, but not completely. It’s funny though because a comment I read regarding this movie was saying that it seemed as if people were forcing themselves to like this movie. I can really see that in this case. It’s the Midas touch that makes people default to liking anything Pixar makes even if it really isn’t gold material. This movie was very enjoyable. It’s adventurous, beautiful, and cute to the point of almost having a constant smile on your face throughout. But when placed in the midst of the Pixar collection, this one is not exactly gold . . . silver perhaps. From a different angle however, the fact that it is a Pixar product is what keeps it at silver and not something worse. In simple terms, it’s a good movie but not as good as other Pixar gems. READ FULL REVIEW

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