LAWLESS Movie Review

By | August 29, 2012

Take a good look Hollywood; this is how you produce a great action movie that offers real entertainment value that will stand the test of time. Combine a great storyline, add skilled actors, sprinkle with the right amount of violence and romance for added flavor, and voilà you have the makings of Oscar-worthiness. The Proposition Writer Nick Cave and Director John Hillcoat, are back at it again. This talented duo literally knocked this one out of the ballpark with an all-star lineup reminiscent of action flicks such as Gangs of New York and Brian De Palmer/Kevin Costner’s The Untouchables. This real-life storyline was virtually brought to life with the likes of Shia LaBeouf (Transformers), Tom Hardy (Inception) and Jason Clarke (Public Enemies). They are superb together as siblings, with support from veteran “bad guys,” such as Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce.

LaBeouf goes the distance, to play the role of weakling little brother whose destiny is to man up and protect the family’s reputation of being “immortals”. His character brings out the dynamics of his skill set and drives him in to some of his finest acting, to date. He is absolutely spot-on in this role.

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