How to Loose Friends and Alienate People Movie Review

By | October 3, 2008

So Simon Pegg is starring in another movie. Should we expect something along the lines of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz? The answer is a definite no. This comedy, with a splash of romance, will surprise you with its wit and intelligence. It is very funny with a touch of charming. Simon gives glimpses of the depth of his acting talent. He really shines in this picture and pretty much takes it over, but not from lackluster performances of his co-stars, it’s just that he was that good. His co-stars also shine with decent performances. Kirsten Dunst was sharp and complimented Simon very nicely. Jeff Bridges gave a strong, intimidating performance as Sidney Young’s (Simon Pegg) boss. Megan Fox has one of the most appropriate last names of anyone I know. She expertly plays Sophie Maes, a young, spoiled, not-so-bright up and coming movie star/sex symbol who is willing to do almost any stunt to be on everyone’s headlines. She plays the role almost too good; like it was second nature to her. Put this all together and add a reasonable storyline that actually takes a back seat to the hilarious situations and interactions between these delightful characters and you’ve got a very fun movie to watch.

Although the title of this film might get your attention, many might think it to be corny and I agree. It really doesn’t do the film justice even though it certainly applies. It is the title of the book of which this movie is based and I have a feeling that it is more appropriate as the title of the book than as the title of this movie. But regardless, don’t let the title of this movie throw you off in regards to the quality of it. It will surprise you. The lovable character Sidney Young has but one goal in life, to somehow get “in” the celebrity world. He is a struggling journalist whose ideals and lack of tact severely clash with the people in that world, thus the title. In order for someone to be good at losing friends and alienating people, you know the script has got to be sharp, witty, sarcastic, and quick. In this case it is all of the above which helped make the film that much more enjoyable. The primary back drops for this movie are appropriately the two major celebrity capitals of this country, L.A. and N.Y., and they are both represented in all their glory.

This is the first major motion picture direction for Robert B. Weide who has done a lot of TV work. He did a great job of connecting the viewer with the various characters in such a brief and subtle way as well as keeping the viewer tuned in via the comedy and quick pace of the film. All I can say is that I was surrounded by hard and loud laughter throughout the movie so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you give this movie a chance.

Review By Cine Marcos


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