LINCOLN Film Review

By | November 16, 2012

This film could not have been set up any better and few films deserve it as much as this one. For starters, a movie like this deserves to be directed by Steven Spielberg. Abraham Lincoln deserves to be played by a multiple Oscar winning actor such as Daniel Day-Lewis and similarly Mary Todd Lincoln deserves to be played by a multiple Oscar winning actress such as Sally Field. In the midst of all the political turmoil and the current condition of our beloved country, the timing for this movie could not have been better also. This film gives us an accurate and realistic glimpse at the last few months of one of the most loved and cherished Presidents of the United States, then and still today. Today’s politicians are so twisted and controversial that it is refreshing to see what a real President was like and to be reminded of what we have been through as a country that ultimately made us stronger. Few Presidents have had to deal with such overwhelming trials and tribulations, not only in regards to the country, but with his family and friends all at the same time. He’s dealing with the loss of a child, the mental state of his wife, a government divided, and a nation divided generating so much more loss of life. Yes, as it is today, he had his share of resistance in getting things done or passed, namely the 13th Amendment. Even back then, the divide between Republicans and Democrats was vast. Yet his determination never falters all the while maintaining the father-like attitude of a gentle soul to everybody around him. Whenever the situation got a little too tense, he would break out into telling a small story . . . reminded me of Jesus with his parables. But he was far from being a push over, and his height probably helped with that aspect. You can throw around all the Marvel and DC Comics characters you like, Abraham Lincoln was a real and true American hero, and this motion picture does him justice. READ FULL REVIEW

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