Darclight Films Announces Acquisition and World Premiere of Action-Thriller BORN OF WAR

By | February 7, 2013

Darclight Films, the edgy genre-driven division of Arclight Films announces the world premiere screening of one of its latest acquisitions, action-thriller BORN OF WAR in Berlin, starring Sophia Black D’Elia and James Frain, Friday, February 8th at 19:10 at CineStar 6. An encore screening will take place Tuesday, February 12th at 14:50 at CinemaxX 11.

This extremely commercial action-packed thriller continues to reinforce the controversial role of the young, powerful, female protagonist who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

BORN OF WAR is a gritty and brutal story of a young girl, played by Sophia Black D’Elia, who, fueled by a quest for revenge for the death of her parents, is thrown into the treacherous world of international espionage. With dark and violent secrets exposed, her once simple life is turned inside out and she must choose on which side to fight and whom she can ultimately trust.

“Audiences are demonstrating a major trend toward the strong female protagonist being thrown into the fire and coming out a winner, as evident in a number of recent feature hits that have garnered major awards and recognition,” said Clay Epstein, VP of Sales and Acquisitions for Arclight Films. “BORN OF WAR is the next step in the evolution of commercially successful films that are giving a twist to the traditional action film.”

“Filmmakers did everything possible to ensure the film’s authenticity,” said producer Rupert Whitaker. “We worked with explosives experts from the Jordanian army, were advised by fight choreographer, Joey Ansah (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM), and Sofia Black D’Elia did all of her own stunts to achieve the gritty and realistic tone we were looking for. Audiences experience everything she does, up close and personal, including hanging off a 6-story ledge on the edge of an apartment block and shooting an AK-47 out of the sunroof of a 1970s Mercedes in a high-speed chase.”

Stunt Coordinator Glen Marks hung out of an attack helicopter above the city of Amman, Jordan, with a cameraman using a 5D as it performed rate 5 turns.

Production utilized smaller cameras to get intimate point of view shots, which would not have been possible with the larger main cameras. The film was primarily shot on the Arri Alexa and Red Epic using old 1960s Cooke’s lenses to give the film grain and lens flares to evoke a full cinematic experience.

This is director Vicky Jewson’s second feature film. At the age of 27, Jewson has been attracting attention for her ability to create sophisticated, commercially viable films at such a young age. She has been making movies since the age of 7 and is a recipient of the Shell Arts and Culture Women Of The Future Award.

Executive Producers include Julia Verdin (STANDER, MERCHANT OF VENICE) Mick Southworth, EP for THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY, THE BERLIN JOB and distributor of SHORT BUS, PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION and OPEN RANGE and Martin McCabe, EP for THE CUBAN WAY and THE RAMONES and distributor of multiple major award-winning films like CINEMA PARADISO, GODS & MONSTERS and THE LAST DAYS

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