Stuck DVD Review

By | October 16, 2008


Inspired by a true story, Stuck is a 2007 film directed by Stuart Gordon. The movie had a production cost of about $5 millions and it first premiered in the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. It was in 2008 when the film was release in a couple of theaters back on May 30 by The ThinkFilm Company. Stuck is based on the case of Chante Jawan Mallard, who on struck a homeless man Gregory Biggs, causing him to get stuck in Mallard’s car windshield. Chante actually drove home with Gregory Biggs strap in her windshield and later left him die in her garage.

Director Stuart Gordon picked a very interesting, but odd story to work with in this film. A story full of gaps, in which he had to make use of his best writing skills in order to put it together. In that sense Gordon was able to add enough good fiction to keep the story interesting and avoid falling into total ridiculous by the end of the movie. What work for me in this film was the ability of Stuart Gordon to make a story that was very scary an dramatic at the beginning, which slowly transition into a dark comedy and finally became a revenge movie. I felt all three emotions during this film. It was like watching three good films. The movie is not perfect, but it has enough material to make the film worth watching.

Overall Stuck is one of those movies that at the end, it doesn’t make you feel like you have just wasted an hour and half of your life, On the other hand, it is just that movie that you are going to end up recommending.

Movie Review By The Critic
Release Date: October 14, 2008


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