FAST & FURIOUS 6 Movie Review

By | May 24, 2013

Who knew? Who knew that a series that seemed ‘fly-by-night’ and disposable, by the third installation, could find itself in to its sixth release and still setting the tone for what a bona fide, amazing and relevant blockbuster should look and feel like? Well, if you asked me, it’s a no-brainer. With elements of muscle car action, brawn, brain and comedic action, coupled with lots of super hot ‘chicks-on-chicks’ action (ok, not that type of action, but more of the female MMA-type action), in some exotic locales, then I would say we have a recipe for longevity in the film industry. Kinda’ like that British-export series we have all come to know as “Bond, James Bond!” Needless to say, this franchise is evolving to stay relevant. They started with a “pimp-my-ride” type of appeal, then moved on to a racing phenomena, called drifting (this was the in-thing for a while), then on to the tried and true cops and robbers/drug dealers, genre. Now in 2013, we have moved on to international conspiracies and terror plots (which is very relevant, I might add) and teeters on the edge of infringing on triple “X,” the Vin Diesel original. That evolutionary style of film making hasn’t let them stray too far from what they know as their strengths. They still rely on big ‘smash-em-up’ car chases, lots of hand-to-hand close-quarters combat, and its characters’ ‘go big or go home’ enthusiasm for all of the above. Great recipe for continued growth, I would say.

As I’ve alluded to in a previous review, Duane “The Rock” Johnson (a recent addition to the F&F series) is Mr. “Save-our-franchise.” He now seems indispensable at this point, not only to this series, but to the industry on a whole. READ FULL FAST & FURIOUS 6 FILM REVIEW >>

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