By | November 6, 2016

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film “ANONYMOUS.” The film is directed by Akan Satayev. starring Callan McAuliffe (Flipped, I Am Number 4), Lorraine Nicholson (Soul Surfer), Daniel Eric Gold (Charlie Wilson’s War), and Clifton Collins Jr. (“Westworld”).

Release Date: Friday, December 2, 2016

ANONYMOUS follows Alex Danyliuk (McAuliffe) a teenager learning the ins and outs of computer programming. When his family hits financial trouble, he turns to a life of online crime and identity theft, fueled by rage at the banking institutions’ status quo.

Along the way he meets Sye (Gold), a street-wise hustler who introduces him to the world of black market trading, and Kira (Nicholson) a young hacker secretly working as an FBI mole. After quickly finding success in causing financial market chaos, they gain the attention of Z (Collins Jr.) – a mysterious, masked figure, who’s the head of an online crime group, and a number one target by the FBI.

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