IT Chapter Two – Movie Review

By | September 6, 2019

IT Chapter Two Review

Have you ever been so frightened that you’ve forgotten that entire part of your life? Well, the members of the Losers Club certainly did. Twenty-seven years later, all that occurred in Derry, Maine has come back to haunt them.

If you recall, the Losers made a blood promise that if Pennywise were ever to returned to Derry, they would come back to defeat it. But all of them made sure to get away from Derry as soon as they could. That is, all but Mike Hanlon, played by Isaiah Mustafa. Mike could not put it behind him and someone had to stay behind just in case. The other Losers not only moved on and away, but did well for themselves. Bill Denbrough, played by James McAvoy is a very good writer, although he could work on his endings. Richie Tozier (Bill Hader) is still zinging with the one liner as a successful comedian. Ben Hanscom (Jay Ryan) is the CEO of Hanscom Industries and let’s just say he wins the prize for most changed! Eddie Kaspbrak, played by James Ransone is still a pain in the ass, but now he makes a living as a risk manager for a large insurance company. Stanley Uris (Andy Bean) is an attorney. And last but not least, the lone girl in the Losers Club, Bev Marsh played beautifully by Jessica Chastain made it out and up from her abusive home in Derry, but money doesn’t change everything. When things start to get, let’s say murderous, Mike calls the gang in, only to find that they have all collectively erased a lot of what happened and can they be blamed?

My youngest, Ralphie said “Every moment of the movie had a creep factor to make you tense all the way up to the moment a BIG scare happens”. What my boy is saying is YOU WILL BE SCARED!!!! I’m not trying to be dramatic! I remember constantly apologizing to our row mates for jumping and screaming. Pennywise, once again ghoulishly played by Bill Skarsgard, does not need to be explained to you if you are a fan of the Steven King books or if you have seen the first movie. Let’s just say he did not peak in the first film. By the way, be on the lookout for a special cameo. If you are a fan of horror and gore, you are in for a special treat (you weirdos). If you are a fan of Mr. King’s writing, you will especially like Chapter II because a lot of storylines are dealt with in depth. I mean it is a nearly 3-hour movie, after all. The scenes of Derry are still reminiscent of little town America but with a much darker underbelly.

The ghouls are ghoulier, the gore, gorier…. Go, just go, but don’t blame me if you can’t sleep tonight!

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