By | November 8, 2019

Last Christmas Review

It’s two reviews for the price of one time again featuring myself, Cinemarcos, and Priscilla cause we both got stuff to say about this little Christmas treat. The first question many of you might ask is ‘is this just another cookie cutter seasonal rom-com?’ That was the first question in my mind anyway. Now would be a good time to admit that I adore Emilia Clarke. I loved her in Terminator Genisys and loved her even more in Me Before You. I was late to the Game of Thrones experience, so when that came around, well it just cemented her place in my heart. But actually, it was Me Before You that really tugged on my heart strings. Emilia has the most expressive face (most especially her eyebrows) ever. You have no choice but to feel with her and for her. This film is no exception. For the ladies, apparently Henry Golding is quite the looker too, as evident by Priscilla’s constant reaction throughout the movie, but I’m sure she will elaborate a little more on that subject in her section. So basically, what makes this film stand out amidst the other seasonal rom-coms is them. But wait, there’s more, like one of the most enjoyable soundtracks ever, heavily featuring George Michael because Emilia’s character Kate is a huge fan of his. Come to think of it, so am I. George is one of my most favorite voices in recorded music history. I caught myself singing along a few times during the movie. Geez, another bias on my part, but at least I’m being honest. Of course, the movie is cute and it has a good, witty script. You might need to be on your toes if you have trouble with a fast-spoken British accent though. Another stand out of this film is the powerful emotions it could conjure from the audience; it’s a tear jerker for sure. It also has a decent twist too. So, you see, it’s not just another rom-com, it has a little more plus it is sweet and charming.

So, if you get to know me, you will find that I love rom-coms, especially British rom-coms, and especially holiday British rom-coms. So, I knew that this film was right up my alley. I am also a huge fan of Emilia Clarke as Cinemarcos stated earlier, because of Me Before You and most definitely because she is and always will be the Mother of Dragons. After watching her so intently for a while now on Game of Thrones, I was so excited to see her act in something sweet and light hearted. It is a sweet film and light hearted, but as my hubby stated above, it is also a tear jerker. I binge on Love Actually, Bridget Jones Diary (one and two, three not so much), The Holiday, About a Boy and I will even throw in there Notting Hill, over and over, every year starting on Thanksgiving night. I tell you; I will now include Last Christmas among my Brit/rom-com/Christmas watch list. Emilia plays Kate or as her parents still call her, Katerina as only she can, sweet, quirky and a little damsel in distressy (is that a real word?). Oh, and did you know she can sing?!? Henry Golding is amazing as Tom Watson. He was just dreamy, really DREAMY…. Sorry, but I could just stare at that man for hours! Interesting to note, Emma Thompson, who plays Kate’s mother Marta as an immigrant mother who still fears being sent back to the old country and worries incessantly about her Katerina, also co-wrote the film. Who knew? An unspoken star of this film also has to be the English streets, shops and squares of London. I just wish I could climb right in and live there. As my dear hubby mentioned above, there is a twist you might not expect and I wish I could be there and see all your faces when it is revealed. Cute date night movie, especially at this time of year. Oh, before I go, remember to look UP!

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