By | October 28, 2020

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film “KING OF KNIVES”. The film is directed by Jon Delgado. Starring Gene Pope, Mel Harris, Roxi Pope, Emily Bennett, Kara Young, Emma Myles.

Frank and Kathy are baby boomer parents; Sadie & Kaitlin are their millennial daughters. Frank is screaming towards a mid-life crisis. Kathy pretends she’s happy and doesn’t drink that much wine. Sadie is the good child; convinced her first and only boyfriend is the one to marry. Kaitlin is the rebel, the entertainer; the truth teller who will not filter how she’s feeling. Over three days, with drama and humor rooted in life’s realities, this crap-happy family careens and skids straight towards a fateful anniversary; the suicide of their son and brother, Danny. In the end, their broken bonds can’t hide the revelation of how alike they really are.

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