By | April 3, 2021

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film “WHAT LIES WEST.” Directed by Jessica Ellis, the film stars Nicolette Ellis, Chloe Moore, Jack Vincenty, Sionne Elise, Beverly Simmons, Jeff Prater, Anna Peterson.

New college graduate Nicolette has a problem: her ex (but is he though?) stranded her without a promised summer job and she needs money, pronto. The only work available is babysitting Chloe, a sheltered teen with a very, very nervous single mom who refuses to let the 16-year-old stay at home by herself. Chloe and Nicolette have nothing in common. Nothing at all, that is, until Chloe starts dragging Nicolette on longer and longer hikes every day.

Nicolette soon susses out that Chloe’s not just enjoying the excellent weather outdoors; her recalcitrant, reluctant summer partner has a secret plan, one that might just play into Nicolette’s own need to stand out from the crowd if she wants to sneak her way into Hollywood. The unlikely pair, united by a shared need to change their lives, set out on their biggest adventure yet: a four-day hiking trip from the backroads of Sonoma County all the way to the Pacific Ocean. But can Nicolette and Chloe overcome their wide personality gap to make it to the beach? And more importantly, can they get all the way back before Chloe’s mom finds out?

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