By | August 20, 2021

Hello my fellow movie fans, movie buffs, movie goers, and all-around film aficionados. I’ve missed you all. It’s great to be back. It has been a very difficult time this past year and a half and looks like we’re not out of the woods just yet. I pray that this nightmare gets behind us soon so we can get back to watching our favorite movies at the theater. It has been about a year and a half since my last review so I’m a little rusty but let’s get to it shall we. And what do we have here but another film starring Hugh Jackman. I mean pretty much anything he does and stamps his name to will be a success for the most part. He has that kind of appeal, and well deserved. As usual, he does not disappoint in this film. His primary co-stars, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton, and Cliff Curtis help keep him in check and shine just as bright on the big screen. I was most impressed by Rebecca but not that I didn’t think she could handle the role but just how well she performed it. Please forgive me but I need to let my guyness out for a moment. Rebecca is a sexy woman. She can wear a long slit dress as good as anyone else. We saw this in Mission Impossible (you know that yellow dress) and now in this film she just cements that fact. It doesn’t hurt that she has legs for days and a certain demeanor that lends itself to sex appeal. Top that off with her acting ability and we have someone who was perfectly cast for the role. I love me some Thandiwe Newton too, though. Speaking of Mission Impossible, I believe it was the first time I saw her in a film and I’ve been hooked ever since. For someone who is also a very beautiful woman, her role is very non-sexy and she pulls it off. She gives a potent performance as well. And how about Cliff in his smaller role but worth mentioning. Is there anything this guy can’t do? I’ve seen him play everything from Jesus Christ to a Colombian hitman/mobster to a high-ranking FBI agent to a prehistoric cave man of sorts. You can totally love him or hate him depending on the role and that’s a sign of a great actor.

We are all the product of our pasts, our experiences, our choices, and our memories. These things drive us and help determine our future experiences, choices, and memories yet to be made. Imagine being able to revisit our past memories as vividly and as close to reality as possible without it actually being real. Kind of like the concept in Total Recall. Tempting, isn’t it? This movie is interesting, mysterious, and thought provoking. It could have easily turned into a cheap rendition thus devaluing the film, but cheap it is not. It is also sexy and futuristic without actually becoming a hard-core sci-fi movie. In other words, it remains grounded, not too farfetched. It reminded me a lot of Inception, but not that complicated or confusing. I was quite fond of the primary setting of the story, Miami. Being a resident of the Magic City, I was thrilled to recognize some landmarks but saddened by the condition of the city as presented in this film. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. It is also interesting to see how this story that takes place in the “not too distant future” maintains a 40s or Casablanca look and feel to it somehow. The film is a visual stunner with a storyline that has some complexity, plenty of obsession, and light twists that will guide you through some of the slower moments. There is quality in this movie and writer/director Lisa Joy of Westworld fame has done a great job with her first major motion picture. I understand that going to the theater in our current pandemic condition would be a debate for many of you, but if it isn’t, you could do a lot worse than choosing to see this film.

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