NO TIME TO DIE – Movie Review

By | October 8, 2021


Safin: James Bond. License to kill, history of violence… I could be speaking to my own reflection. Only your skills will die with your body, while mine will survive long after I’m gone.

James Bond: History isn’t kind to men who play God.

I was around during the days of Sir Sean Connery but was too young to truly appreciate the mystique that is James Bond. I grew up during the Roger Moore time and was hooked. After getting through the brief Timothy Dalton stint and the hyped Pierce Brosnan reign, I was quite skeptical of this Daniel Craig guy taking over such a world renowned role. His performances along with the grittiness of these recent Bond flicks have brought me to the conclusion that, at least for me, Daniel is my favorite Bond. So much for my skepticism. I will say right off the bat without giving anything away that if you are a fan of James Bond movies, this is a must see if there ever was one. I would also recommend (if you’re comfortable with it) seeing it on the big screen. The visuals in this film are some of the best I’ve ever seen. The filming locations and overall cinematography are breath taking eye popping and all around amazing. But the sophistication doesn’t exist only in the visual but also in the script, the stunts, and the action. True to Bond form, this film does not disappoint in any of those arenas. What makes these Daniel Craig 007s so great is the perfect melding of classic Bond with a new Bond. We still get classic Bond in aspects like the cars, weapons, gadgets, one liners, and his debonair persona. The new Bond includes a lot more realism, it is very much more gritty, and quite emotional too. This is our modern Bond at his best and this film highlights that fact.

The cast of this movie is definitely worth mentioning. We’ll start with Oscar winner Rami Malek who is very disturbing as Safin. Lea Seydoux is arguably one of the best Bond leading ladies ever. I mean come on, she’s the only one to do it twice. On that note, I will mention that this James Bond movie does push the envelope and break a few traditions so heads up on that if you are sensitive to it. I thought it was bold and almost refreshing. I need to mention the stunning Ana de Armas whose role was brief but potent. She was strong and silly which made it enjoyable. Then there’s the also powerful role given by Lashana Lynch. You don’t want to mess with her. It took me a bit to realize why I recognized her so much. We still have our usual suspects in Mr. Fiennes, Ben Whishaw as Q, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, and one of my favorites Jeffrey Wright as Felix. All these people have only added to the success of this franchise. Also need to mention that even though his role was also brief, one of the better actors of our day, Christoph Waltz commanded the screen while he was on. Last but not least, Mr. Craig is as I said, one of the best to ever do it. He will be missed as James Bond.

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