The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic – Trailer

By | February 11, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #TheBlindMan “The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic”. The film is directed by Teemu Nikki, starring Petri Poikolainen, Marjaana Maijala, Hannamaija Nikander, Matti Onnismaa, Samuli Jaskio (Heavy Trip), Rami Rusinen.

Jaakko is blind and disabled, tethered to his wheelchair. The brightest moments in his day are those on the phone with Sirpa, the woman he loves even though they’ve never met in person. When Sirpa gets difficult news, Jaakko decides he must go to her immediately, even if none of his usual caretakers can accompany him. After all, he only needs the help of five kind strangers in five specific places between home and her…what could go wrong?


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