LIE HARD – Trailer

By | August 3, 2022

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film “LIE HARD.” #LieHard The film is directed by Ian Niles, starring Ian Niles, Melanie Chandra, Cathwerine Curtin, Joel Marsh Garland, Alysia Reiner, Claire Coffee, Patrick Kilpatrick, Jordan Lane Price, Karalynn Dunton, Ari Barkan, Adam Lindo, Sean Patrick Folster, Sid O’Connell, Mellini Kantayya, Chris Jarell, Peter Reznikoff.

Rob Smart (Ian Niles, “Millenniums”, “A Mother’s Greatest Fear”, Black Water) is a compulsive liar with an out-of-his-league girlfriend, Katie (Melanie Chandra, “Hot Mess Holiday”, “Code Black”). After Rob makes a poor impression on Katie’s wealthy father (Patrick Kilpatrick, Black Water, Cops and Robbers), Rob aims to impress him by borrowing millions of dollars from Big Sally, a vicious crime boss (Catherine Curtin, “Stranger Things”, “Orange is the New Black”), to purchase a mansion and fake his own wealth.

After his plan succeeds and Rob is welcomed by Katie’s family with open arms, the crime boss alters the deal and Rob needs to scramble to pay the money back by the end of the week. Big Sally leverages Rob’s job at a real estate development company to get him to sabotage contracts in her favor, her scheme all along. Unfortunately for Rob, the weight of his lies gets him fired, rendering the scheme useless and putting Rob further into jeopardy.

To show she means business, Big Sally stabs Rob in the leg. When he is treated by a doctor (Alysia Reiner, “Better Things”, “Orange is the New Black”) who suspects something is awry, Katie also begins to doubt Rob. Looking to solve everything while still keeping the lie going, Rob goes all in on a rumor that there’s cash hidden in the mansion. Rob desperately enlists the help of some local thugs, Brick (Joel Marsh Garland, “The Last OG”, “Orange is the New Black”) and Clyde (Chris Jarell, Crown Vic, “The Passage”) to find the money. Like all of his dishonest plans, this one spirals out of control as well. Will Rob survive through the night?

LIE HARD is a dark comedy about the consequences of dishonesty.


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