FREE SKATE – Trailer

By | January 20, 2023

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film #FreeSkate “FREE SKATE.” The film is directed by Roope Olenius, starring Veera W. Vilo (Figure Skater), Leena Uotila (Grandmother), Karoliina Blackburn (Finnish Coach), Jevgeni Haukka (Father), Saara Elina (Ballet Teacher), Miikka J. Anttila (Choreographer), Sirke Lääkkölä (Russian Head Coach), Regina Launivuo (Russian Coach), Beata Harju (Reporter), Ilona Chevakova (Russian Skater), Slava Dugin (Fixer), Viivi Pumpanen (Mother).

A young and promising Russian figure skater is found beaten and frostbitten in a lay-by of a motorway in Finland. In the hospital, the officials find a letter from her belongings and are able to reconnect her with her Finnish grandmother, whom she has not seen for years. With the help of her grandmother, who offers her the shelter of her home, the figure skater tries to re-establish herself and recover from the trauma and inhumane circumstances that forced her to flee from Russia. She finds a new chance with top figure skating, but despite the bright future, new friends and possibilities, her past won’t let go of her. The figure skater realizes facing her troubled past is the only option to make it to the top.


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