GREEN Movie Trailer

By | June 22, 2011

Here is the trailer from Sophia Takal’s GREEN. The film stars Kate Lyn Sheil and Lawrence Michael Levine.

GREEN is having its New York Premiere as part of The Bam Cinemafest.

This debut feature from actor-director Takal stars the terrific Kate Lyn Sheil (The Color Wheel) and Lawrence Michael Levine (Gabi on the Roof in July) in a psychological-cum-sexual relationship drama about an intellectual, “green,” city-dwelling couple confronted with their own fears and desires when they visit the countryside and form a tumultuous friendship with a down-to-earth yokel, played by the filmmaker herself. The tranquility and placid appeal that the Proust-quoting, Green market-shopping Brooklynite pair find in their summer sublet is counterbalanced by Ernesto Carcamo’s eerily haunting score. Fellow BAMcinemaFest director Alex Ross Perry makes a cameo appearance.

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