Director Rebekah Chaney wins best Director at Boston International Film Festival

By | April 25, 2012

Boston International Film Festival awards Rebekah Chaney with the Indie Spirit Best Director Award for her feature film debut SLUMBER PARTY SLAUGHTER, starring Tom Sizemore, Ryan O’Neal, and Robert Carradine.

“It was great to be a participant in the Boston International Film Festival. We had a wonderful time meeting the other filmmakers and appreciate the support we received from the film festival founder Patrick Jerome,” says director Rebekah Chaney. “I would definitely recommend other filmmakers to get involved with Boston and what they have to offer to the filmmaking community.”

SYNOPSIS: On a secretive outing to a bizarre strip club, Tom Kingsford (Tom Sizemore) is unaware that his life is about to take a dramatic turn. Club owner and real estate mogul, William O’Toole (Ryan O’Neal) is a sadistic voyeur whose desire for fear and torture is put to the test as the night’s dirty deeds return to haunt him.

Tom hires a few dancers: Casey Reitz (Rebekah Chaney), Victoria Spencer (Stephanie Romanov), Nicole and Nadia, from the Lingerie Lounge, to accompany him for the evening; while, unbeknownst to them, the group is secretly followed by a psychotic, obsessive club-patron, known only as Dave (Robert Carradine). Things quickly turn dark when, what seems like an innocent shortcut through a haunted cemetery is actually a set up, and the group is placed in the middle of an existing crime scene. Panic and fear escalates and tragedy befalls Tom when he is accidentally killed and buried in the supernatural cemetery. The girls make a pact of silence: agreeing to start new lives in order to avert suspicion from the local law enforcement.

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