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MOMMY – Trailer

By | September 24, 2014

Here is the trailer from the upcoming film MOMMY. The film is directed by Xavier Dolan, starring Anne Dorval, Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Suzanne Clement, Alexandre Goyette, and Patrick Huard. MOMMY will be in theaters January 2015. A feisty widowed single mom finds herself burdened with the full-time custody of her unpredictable 15-year-old ADHD son. As they… Read More »

STARBUCK Movie Trailer

By | March 25, 2013

Here is the teaser trailer from film STARBUCK. The movie is directed by Ken Scott, starring Patrick Huard, Julie Le Breton, Antoine Bertrand. Patrick Huard stars as David Wozniak, a 42-year old lovable but perpetual screw up who finally decides to take control of his life. A habitual sperm donor in his youth, he discovers… Read More »