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fplogo.jpg (4246 bytes) Body Shots: Friday October 22, 1999

When four guys and four girls set off on a wild ride through LA's nightlife, they get more-and less-than they bargained for. Fueled by the need for love and intimacy, the evening takes them on a crash course through the turbulent world of sex and dating. 1999 New Line Cinema.

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37.25 - Not Worth Seeing

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Michael Cristofer  


David McKenna
Michael Cristofer




Body Shots is the story of eight twenty-something's who try and piece together the events of one night that may or may not change their lives forever. 


Sean Patrick Flanery as Rick Hamilton
Jerry O'Connell as Michael Penorisi
Amanda Peet as Jane Bannister

Running Time

1hr- 44min


R for sexual content ,graphic sex-related , language and violence


New Line Cinema


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 The People's Review of Body Shots

score = 80 
It's a good movie though it's ending was abrupt. A must see for all youngsters. A movie with a mixture of themes. Well produced and mind provoking. Some learning of sex done in this movie.

score = None 
This movie is not about sex, relationships, date rape, alcoholism, or the characters themselves as the vast majority of reviewers errantly state. This movie is about a lifestyle - nihilistic libertinism, and its predictable, destructive consequences.  In that sense, this movie does define a generation. This movie is too brilliantly subtle for most to understand.  I challenge all to try!!

score = 90 
this is definately one of the best movies ive seen in a long time. it has all it needs:a comedy & party beginning, then sex and deep ending, and of course a great cast and a great soundtrack . this movie is a must see

Kevin Jackson 
score = 70 
There wasn't much name recognition in this film, which I feel makes a movie a hit or a bomb. This movie had a ggod story line, dealing with issues we face as single & dating adults. I find I concentrate more on the story line when it's unknown actors in the film. The story was good enought o keep me interested, if I didn't like it I would of hit the stop button, and hit the rewind one. Oh, My old friend Marc Hicks did a fine job also as the mean Bodyguard:)