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fplogo.jpg (4246 bytes) Bringing Out the Dead: Friday October 22, 1999

Nicolas Cage plays EMS paramedic Frank Pierce. It is the early 1990's and New York has not yet undergone its renaissance of recent years. Surrounded by the injured and the dying, Frank is dwelling in an urban night-world, crumbling under the accumulated weight of too many years of saving and losing lives. The film follows Frank over the course of fifty-six hours in his life - two days and three nights on the job - as he reaches the very brink of spiritual collapse and redemption. Đ1999 Paramount Pictures 

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76.6 - Woth Seeing

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Martin Scorsese


Joseph Connelly
Paul Schrader




The film follows a paramedic over the course of  - two days and three nights on the job - as he reaches the very brink of spiritual collapse and redemption. 


Nicolas Cage as Frank Pierce
John Goodman as Larry 
Patricia Arquette as Mary Burke

Running Time

2 hours


R for violent content, drug use and language


Paramount Pictures




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 The People's Review of Bringing Out the Dead

score = 100
comments = its the best movie i ever see its reflect the truth of our lifes death is always in our track and one day we have to be in contact with ambulance man

score = 10 
This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I turned it off less than half way through the movie. It was very boring and depressing. I wouldn't recomend this movie to anyone.

score = 100
I didn't know great film making until I watched this movie.  The realism shown is this movie is on target with life on the streets of New York City.  Even today most people don't believe the elements portraited in this film still exist today ,but they do....Scorsese shows this wonderfully, while keeping it true to the segment of society that live this way.   I had to see it twice to fully comprehend the meaning behind this touching movie.

score = 90
I really liked this movie.  It was not an easy to watch--but it was certainly worth watching.  I think that alot is said in the title alone--Bringing out the Dead.   When one thinks of an ambulance driver and what that role ensues--images of heroic grandeur and rescuing come to mind--what this movie shows is quite the opposite.   Nicolas Cage's character often finds himself simply bringing out the dead or saving those who have either brought themselves close to death by their own design, or saving those who do not want saving at all.  Alot of what his character is fighting against and "rescuing" people from cannot be cured with medicines and needles or anything he could find in the back of his ambulance.  The disease cannot be treated with medicine at all--he says in the movie, "This is an ambulance--aren't there any bandaids in here?"  Where is the bandaid?  Where is the medicine that will put an end to all the misery and pain that he sees every night?  And even more! frightening is the questions as to what and who will take care of those who witness such misery?  He works with other characters that all seem to have their own way of dealing with all the pain and madness--and yet nothing seems to be effective--they're all quite mad.  To see the ambulance take such a nasty spill was shocking--not that a car accident is uncommon in a film or even as an idea--but to see an ambulance flip over is shocking because it's almost like that should never happen.  We forget that those men are only people just like everyone else.  He yearns for accident victims, fractures and yet all he finds is people suffering from self induced hurt.  He saves those who do not want to live, cannot kill those who want to die, saves those who deserve to die by their own hand, and then the one innocent patient that he encounters--the newborn baby--dies.   They say that to work in an emergency ward in a major North American city is like working in a war zone.  Death by the bullet is now the leading cause of death.  It is the sickness of society itself that produces all these casualites--including those who witness it.


score = 90
Nicely done movie, the plot could use some work ,but the reality of the picture makes it worth seeing.  I believe it shows true life situation for people working overnight in NYC.  No story book ending just real life caught on film.


score = 90
Sad, disturbing, but real life.  Not much more to say about this soon to be classic


score = 100
I didn't think I would like this movie ,but after seeing it and thinking about it I decided I love this movie.  It's the real New York that noone wants to talk about.   I loved Nicolas Cage in this movie, he was so believable!!!


score = 100
WOW!!! I had no idea what happened to people who worked the EMS graveyard shift until now.   This movie really made me think about life and our roles in the world.  Go see this movie!


score = 10
I've never seen such a pompous, prententious film. Sorcese has not only lost his touch but also his ability to make a film that is watchable. The story line has already been overdone in other films and the seedy hospital scenes were much better in Jacob's Ladder. Anyway, any more words on this film is a waste of time. It is really bad.


score = 100

This film was a surreal and amazing picture of New York City crime and and poverty that we as an audience tend to be turned off by.  It compelled me more than any movie I have ever seen. The cinematogrophy included edited scenes of awkard angles and positions, different speeds and directions of lights, and an incredible sense of originality.  The lighting that was so unique, casted a silver glow, creating a superficial but at the same time, incredibly true perception of life and death.  If you are tired of Hollywood glamour and a predictable plot, you should see this film.


score = 100
I loved it!!! I will definetely agree with my guy ebert:) I loved the story to this. Nicolas was great as usual. But this was a real wake-up call. With it's humor mixed with a bit of teary atmosphere I would definetely ask all I know to see it! Great story to be told and watched!!!


score = 70
great movie but too much music and too much special effect to be a realistic view on a night in the big appel...this movie can not make us forget taxi will have to try to live with that gost.


Mike M.
score = 70
Although the cinematography was excellent and the film captured the excitement of working the midnight shift in which a different world emerges with the darkness, I felt Cage **was not** as engaged as he has been in other films. At times I felt that he was removed from the scene, and other times the acting seemed, well, like acting. For example, in the scene where he is freaking out in the ambulance, it seemed over-acted; I didn't believe he was freaking out. The dialog was not always the best, and the fact that the film needed so much narration made the story less than self-contained. Overall, I was a little disappointed.


score = 100 
brilliant movie,i saw it three times and would have seen it again if it hadn't left the theatres so soon. i can honestly say that this was one of the best movies i have ever seen. marc anthony was brilliant,as was the rest of the cast. can't wait till the video comes out!


score = 50 
Fast-forward views and hard music for 20 minutes don't make up for the long and boring 2 hours of meaninglessness.  Decent cinematography, I guess, and a few chilling aspects.  Interesesting menagerie of cast members but overall just boring and no, it is NOT realistic at all.


score = 90 

Excellant, didn't really appreciate it when i was watching it. But once i had got home it started to make me think. So what if it made me a little down. I think it's good if a director can play with your emotions.Ending a little inconclusive. But i think that was just Scorcese's attempt to show that after all that chaos and torture nothing had changed in his life.


The film is incredible. Here in Argentine is very succesfull and the people talk all the day about it. I love Nicolas Cage is a gig actor and for me the best. Nicolas I love you... Sabrina


score = 90 
how to say it.í`m a male nurse and have been working about 15 years with alcoholics,drug addicts and insane here in Finland,europe.what can i say.i resommended this film to everybody,who have been working and especially who hasnīt.itīs hard to say anything, because this story is so true to me and i guess to anyone late forties male.thank you again martin.and god bless you.yours Jari


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