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Peoples Reviews For Center Stage

score = 90
I loved this movie, it really showed the hard work and frustrations dancers go through to get where they are, with a twist of romance.  dancing is hard work, i would know, this movie is dedinitely worth seeing again and again!

score = 70
it was worth seeing because it tells the whole meaning of real life which is made me want to be good at a something.before i saw the movie i never knew that ballet was that intresting or difficult.

Stephanie evans
score = 90
I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this movie at first but it was worth it. You never knew what was going to happen next. The dancing was brillant. I would reccomend it to anyone.

score = 100
This is one of my all time favorite movies. It's about time performers are acknowledged! The movie shows how much dedication it takes to be a dancer, like myself. Definately a must see!

score = 90
comments = This Is just about the best movie I have ever seen!
It is a definate must see and I suggest that every-one sees it now, So if you haven't seen it get your butt moving and see it!!!

Lisa Barrett
score = 90
comments = With almost every genre of film around today, it is difficult not to stumble into all the old cliches.  Center Stage is no exception, however, with that being said, this is one of, if not, the best dancing film I have ever seen.  To appreciate this film you have to know what the characters are feeling, and the only way to do that is by being a type of performer yourself.  So, anyone who has ever performed in front of anyone, in any capacity, you'll recognise the feeling within this film.  That wonderful feeling of anticipation, dread, horror, excitement and wonder that comes with doing something you love.

score = 90
comments = I loved the show!
the only thing was that they didn't really show much of charlie (sascha radetsky) and they could hve expanded on the romantic plot a bit more.
All in all, it was a great movie and it's wonderful to see that the ballet was beautifully choreographed.

score = 90 
I think the film was great.  it is inspiring to see young people follow their dreams and not let others, even their parents run their lives

score = 100 
I thought it was a great movie!  I am a dancer, and I thought this movie was a good portrayal of what really goes on in the dance world.

score = 100 
It's a great movie. I wish I'd be a part of that powerful and emotional story. That fantastic music and dancers were nearly to carried me away into staying up and dancing at cinema.

score = 60 
I thought this was a great movie. Not Brilliant, but good.  It kept my attention as well as a friend that came with me.  It is a chick flick none the less but I guess that you have to love dancing to appreciate it.  1 1/2 thumbs up.

score = 100 
This is the best movie I have ever seen. The plot was amazing. I loved the dancers, actors, and characters. I have seen it five times, and it's still wonderful. Anyone who hasn't seen it, I truely recommend you see it. Although-it's more a chick flick!!!

score = 10 
WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MOVIE IS THIS??? Any self respecting male wouldn't be caught dead in the theatre of this nonsense. I only saw it to get my girlfriend in the sac!! (PS. mission accomplished) The whole movie is about some fruity guy trying to impress some girl by dancing ballet. I found myself having more fun timing myself on how long I could hold my breath then watching this garbage. I would rather sit through Battlefield Earth 20 times having a root canal then seeing this flick one more time. What a disgrace. I urge you to not see this movie unless you want to waste your hard earned cash. The only reason I gave it a 10 was because I was thankful that it lasted under 2 hours. ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT. INSTEAD GO SEE SOMETHING WITH MEANING LIKE GLADIATOR.

score = 100 
I am a dancer and I absolutely adored the movie.  These judges dont know real dancing when they see it thats there problem.I'm very upset that it didnt get a better score.Centerstage rocks!ITs the best movie out!

score = 100 
I take credits for the young and talented actors and actresses. They are young but full of inspirations and ambition and also ready to give 100% to go all the way. A special attention for Sascha Radetsky, he's cute all right

score = 100 
Aha!  Finally the world is able to see what goes on behind the scenes in the life of a dancer!  This movie includes everything: audition stress, pushy moms, blisters, eating disorders, egotistical directors, romantic discourses...and why it is all worth it in the end!  I was reminded that I do not dance because I want to get into the American Ballet Theatre, but because I love to dance!  This movie inspires us all to follow our dreams and not fall victim to those others try to lay out for us.  Everyone needs to see this movie - and then go buy tickets to the ballet!  And I want to give a round of applause to all those dancers who were forced to stretch their talent to a new realm...acting!  (GO VICKI!!!!)

score = 90 
What the movie lacks in acting skill it more than makes up for in dancing. I was entranced through all the dancing sequences, and there were enough of them to keep me entranced through most of the movie. Anyone who likes to go to the ballet will love this movie.

score = 100 
This is a terrific movie. Very uplifting and inspirational. Much credit should be given to the creaters,writers,choreographers, and especially the actors for portraying themselves as they did. This movie's trailer caught my attention and I ended up seeing it three times and can't wait till it comes out on video. Cooper's ballet was exquiste and very modernized. A must see movie for dreamer's everywhere. Best of luck to Amanda Schull and Ethan Steifel in their careers.

score = 100 
The movie has no words in which it could be explained i just loved it...And how mostly all the actors are dancers in real life make it unbelievable how they acted and danced so great..I give them all credit for not only acting so great without it being their careers but for making what i think the best movie ever made....

score = 90 
I thought this movie was really good; fantastic actors, great plot, and a little romance make this movie one of a kind. It was very creative and original, and unlike most other movies, you had no clue how it was going to end. It's a very inspiring movie, and I recommend it to everyone 

Vanessa Redington 
score = 100 
This movie was the best movie i have ever seen. It is my favorite movie and when it comes out for sale, I am going to be the first in line to get it! I think that this movie is definetly worth seeing!

score = 100 
This was a beautiful movies but it saddens me to see it get bad raps from people who can't/don't understand and appriciate what it takes to dance like that. As a dancer, I absolutely LOVED this movie.

score = 80 
I thought this movie was okay. The dancing was great, but it dragged in parts and the writers should have put in more stuff between Charlie and Jody. Like show him staring at her and her goind dumb over Copper and they should have kissed more at the end.

score = 90 
I really liked this movie.  I think the ratings are a little low because not everyone can relate to this movie. I'm a dancer myself and was enthralled with this movie.  I think all dancer would agree.

score = 100 
I believe it was one of the greatest movies I saw. Me and my friend both loved and it made us want to get off of our seats and dance. It had romance, laughter, conflicts and it had things that teenagers could relate to. I loved it and i give it five stars.

score = 90 
This was a great movie with a good lesson. which is you don't always get everything that you want and you have to work for it. The ballet dancing was neat and very creative. the soundtrack is really good and i really encourage everyone to see this movie.

Hillary Grant 
score = 100 
I think that it was a great movie and me being a dancer loved how beautiful the dancing was I thought all of the cast did a great job and I give it a 100! I loved it I hope someone produces another film like it !     Sincerely,       Hillary Grant

score = 100 
This was the best movie of 2000.  I think that the dancing and the acting were both wonderful! I am pleased to say  that even if you don't dance this movie is a delight.  I hope that I can see some of these actors again in future movies!

score = 100 
I absulutely loved center stage. the drama, the awesome dancing, my favourite, the romance with maureen and her guy (eoin bailey). it had a really good ending too (i didn't have the feet, i don't have the heart) i'm definately going to go see it again!

score = 100 
That was the best movie Ive EVER seen and i am VERY VERY disappointed in your score!! It totally deserved atleast a 85-100 cause im telling everyone i know to go see it!! Im going back to see the movie again and im going to buy it! it inspired me to do what ive always dreamed of doing!! This movie is great for anyone!! and i think you did a horriable job scoring!! im sorry but im telling the truth!!!

score = 90 
I though this movie was wonderful! It showed ballet, the true art form and went with it. Thid movie definitly gets a 90! I though they should of had more of Charlie (Sascha Radetsky).

score = None 
I thought that this movie was great. i knew nothing about dance and i still loved the movie. i recommend it to everyone and i mean everyone guys and girls. its a really great movie!!!

Laura Flores 
score = 100 
Center stage is a must see movie for not only dancers, but also for everyone into the romance jealousy and happy ending type of movie I would say that it is more of a girl movie, but some guys might enjoyit.  Once again I reccommened that all girls should see this movie it sounds lame, but it aint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

score = 100 
This movie was awesome! I can't believe it didn't get a better rating than it did. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a while.If your interested in dancing and music than it is a must see.

score = 100 
I loved the movie and definitely think it deserved a better rating. The dancing was awesome!!!!  I wish they showed more of Charlie (Sascha Radetsky) though.  But all in was a great movie and i think it is worth seeing for everyone!

score = 100 
Center Stage is an awesome movie and is definitley worth seeing. It was a very good and interesting, but if you don't like dance or know a thing about dance I strongly suggest you not to go.

score = 100 
I think this is the best movie ever made. It was some INCREDIBLE dancing in it, it shows the really up in your face truth about what life for dancers is like. It also shows a bunch of Sascha who is UNBELIEVABLEY HOT!!!! I have seen it 3 times already and plan on seeing it more. I would recommend it to everyone, and I have already told a ton of people how wonderful it  is.

Kim Toppozini 
score = 90 
I loved the movie. The dancing was awsome!! The characters were great! The only problem was that I wished you would have focused a tiny bit more on the relationship of the two dancers that fell in love at the end. I thought it was a wonderful movie!

score = 100 
I've seen this movie twice in the theaters and I absolutley love it. The music makes me want to get up and dance myself and the whole plot is great. It really shows how hard it is and how the dancers have to go out there and put a smile on their face whether they wan to or not. It really shows what goes on behind the beauty.


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