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Coyote Ugly: Friday August  4, 2000

Touchstone Pictures/Jerry Bruckheimer Films romantic comedy Coyote Ugly is the story of velvet-voiced 21 year old Violet Sanford(Piper Perabo), who goes to New York to Pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter. Her aspirations are sidelined by the notoriety she receives at the day job as a barmaid at Coyote Ugly. The film is disitributed by Buena Vista Pictures- © 2000 Touchstone Pictures 


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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 50 75 39 25 47.25


47.25 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

David McNally


Todd Graff 
Kevin Smith


Romance / Comedy


Piper Perabo as Violet
Maria Bello as Lil
Tyra Banks
Adam Garcia
John Goodman
Melanie Lynskey
Izabella Miko
Bridget Moynahan as Rachel
Greg Pitts
Donald Sutherland

Running Time

1hr 41min


Rated PG-13 for sensuality.


Touchtone Pictures




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 The People's Review of Coyote Ugly

score = 100
I thought this movie was another " stare at the hot chicks on top of the bar". But this movie really was about the music and how it touched a young girl and how it was her life line. Her making it big as a song writer, behind the scenes more than in front of the mic. I love this movie, even more I loved the music Leann Rimes did a great job as the singing voice of Jersey. This movie is great also the hot girl in it are a plus! SEE IT!

score = 100
I thought tyhe movie was absoulutly fantastic,it has a really good story line,great music and anyone can watch it!
I think it was the best movie i have seen all holidays.It was so good i would be able to see it about 10 times more and i wouldn't get bored.The movie just seems to keep you glued to the screen.
You just have to see it to know what i am talking about.But definatley a terrific movie!

score = 100
I thought this was a GREAT movie. something you should definitely see! and i thought it had really good songs. it give a really good lesson on how u should always think u can make it and to follow your dream.

bianca gilfillan
score = 80
comments = I personally think it was an outstanding movie.I've only seen it once but I'll defintely go see it again.The actresses and actors were really excellent!!!It definitely gets a 8 out of 10.
bye, Bianca Gilfillan,South Africa
score = None
It was absolutely fantastic!!One of the best movies I've seen this year in Hungary!Great actors, great music!!!
Adam Garcia is sooooo cute!!!
Bye-bye,Zsuzsa from Hungary,Europe

score = 80
I found this a good movie. Not the best but not the worst. It made me cry and laugh which i like in a movie

score = 100
I love the movie.. a DEFINTE MUST SEE
love the songs love the dance and i love the plot
not just because of the sexy gals but the touching friendship among them.
a lesson to learn from it. to follow your dreams and to follow your heart... one day you might just make it.

score = 90
This film is terrific!  Great to see that in this day and age that not all movies have to have a lot of swearing and sex in them - don't get me wrong - we all love the sex, but it is still great to see a terrific film that everyone can watch - from 12 year old pre-teens to those in their mid-20's (like me)!
Great work and terrific to see an Australian actor who is allowed to keep his accent!  As well as having a genuine Australian acting out the character - not an American trying unsuccessfully to sound like an Australian!
Good work.

score = 90
Not the best movie plot I've seen, but definitely a must see.  It's not the typical: girl from small town goes to big town, takes off her clothes and gets the job kinda thing.  It's an interesting movie that still has integrity.  I really don't know why naked scenes in a movie make it so good.  That's why the world is like it is today - movies make it seem like it's ok to take your clothes off for any guy or job opportunity that comes along.  Go Coyote Ugly!

Isabelle Savard
score = 100
J'ai vraiment beaucoup aimé ce film. J'avoue que je m'attendais à un film de pitoune... mais au contraire, j'ai été impressionnée par le scénarion, la qualité de la musique et des actrices.

Rune Ramming
score = 80
I LOVED this movie, because of the VERY atractive women in this movie. The movie is pretty predictible, but that doesn't matter, when you are entertained all the way with beatiful songs and especially beatiful women. Piper Perabo...I LOVE YOU!!!

score = 80
I like the film very much. the songs were good, and it was a happy film. a must for people who wants a film which is just fun to see!!!!!

Dani, Chile
score = 80
I really like the movie cause I went to the cinema with no goos expectations at all...I mean, I actually don't find anything interesting in seeing a bunch of really pretty girls dancing to old "coyote faced" guys. But the story is actually pretty more than that...I mean, I never thoght the movie was going to have a plot! No, seriously, guys, girls, go watch it...and for you girls who think like me, I'm gonna tell you thereis a pretty good reward for us...I mean, have you actually seen this cutie boy named "Adam Garcia"? he's such a babe...go watch yourselves!

score = 100
I loved this movie!  i heard so many BAD reviews, which kinda made me think "what happens if it is really boring!" but when it was over i was so glad id seen it.  i wished it had not ended!  i'm gonna buy it when it comes out on video in the UK!

score = 70
I´m a spanish girl and Coyote Ugly film is fantastic! I really like it and the music (soundtrack) is genial. Only a question: who sing the song that Violet sing and the other barmaid are into the other people? (It said: one way or not another...) Thanks

score = 80
comments = I do not mind catching that movie again!!The movie is great especially the songs...really gotta get the soundtrack....

jorge gonzalez estrella
score = 60
comments = this movie is an interesting kind of form to have a vision of our lives. this  vision have a lot of superficial things but this is not important because all the people have they own dreams.
And a love the pretty face of Voilet

score = 90
comments = The movie was good. The story line was good and I like the soundtrack. It's a romantic comedy so people will like it. The actors was great but they should have more scene with Bridget Moynahan (Rachel/the Flame) and Izabella Miko (Cammie/the Heartbreaker).


score = 100 
This movie is a great movie... It is showing all the sides of the life especially when when u want to be successful! Worth to see... Ohh... and the songs, gotta by the soundtrack!!!

Sherry Kashtanjeva 
score = 100 
I love this movie. It is the best movie that i have ever seen. There are wonderful actors.  it is funny and i think that everyone will love it. The soundtrack is also awsome. I got it right away after i saw the movie. There is a love story in the movie so dont think it is all about only girls dancing on a bar. This is a must see movie. You should also buy the soundtrack because since i got it i have been listening to it everyday. This is a fun movie to watch. I am sure that everyone will enjoy it like i did.They picked the best cast because the actord in the movie  did a very good job. The plot and everything about the movie is awsume.

score = None 
This is absolutely horrible. I was dragged into this movie by some manipulative friends of mine. I knew it was going to be bad, but it was worse than I had imagined. Nothing happens in this movie! If you just took a normal week out of your life and made a movie about it. You would have the equivelant of Cyote Ugly. Bad title, bad plot, bad dialogue... Beautiful woemen, sure, but nothing you can't see for free by checking out the poster or just typing in one of their names in a search engine.

score = 90 
Okay, all you guys that are bad rapping this movie, you should lay off! this movie was SO awesome! just because it didnt show tyra banks' boobs, doesnt mean its not a good movie! its pg-13 for crying out loud, its not like their gonna "get down and start doing it!" its a chick flick, and that why most (not all of ya) guys are saying its not a good I right? you go in thinking your gonna see tons of sex and stuff, and your not. and i just think because you dont see all that, it doesnt make it a bad movie. its definately a teen chick flick! this movie was great!

score = 100 
This movie probably got reviewed by a lot of older peeps.... If you are a teen this movie is for you!!! Me and 6 of my friends went to it and loved it!  MUST SEE!!!

score = 10 
I saw this Coyote Ugly at a a screening and was pretty damn bored. The girls look hot, but don't expect much, it's pg-13.  it's pure bruckheimer-all surface and no depth.  not really worth seeing.  it will probably do well cause they're hyping the hell out of it, but we're talking a pretty lame movie.  i got to meet the girls from it which is the only worthwhile part of the night, and with the exception of bridget, they're all very cool. don't even bother waiting for video.

score = 40 
Just like everyone expected, this is a sexy movie with some very sexy girls but on a PG-13 scale.  You could almost call Coyote Ugly a tease.  Just as a scene comes on with sex potential, it gets "stripped" away and replaced by untalented dialogue.  Coyote Ugly looks like the NBC edited version, where so many scenes are cut out and makes the movie choppy and well, ugly.

Aline Breuss 

score = 60

I  think the movie is fun seeing, it´s a entertaining mixture between love story and comedy and the soundtrack is fabulous! I enjoyed myself a lot.

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