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fplogo.jpg (4246 bytes) Crazy in  Alabama: Friday October 22, 1999

It's the summer of 1965, and an Alabama boy named Peejoe (Sling Blade's Lucas Black)-short for Peter Joseph-is about to get a fast education in grown-up matters like freedom. The catalyst will be the most unlikely of sources-his glamorous, eccentric Aunt Lucille (Oscar® nominee Melanie Griffith), who escapes from her husband's clutches and takes off for Hollywood to pursue her dreams of TV stardom. CRAZY IN ALABAMA, marking the directorial debut of acclaimed international star Antonio Banderas, is a poignant, stirring comedy-drama that intertwines two unique stories against the backdrop of glamorous Hollywood and the small town life in Alabama.   © 1999 Columbia Tristar Interactive 

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56 - Go See At Matinee

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Antonio Banderas


Mark Childress






It's the summer of 1965, and an Alabama boy named Peejoe (Sling Blade's Lucas Black)-short for Peter Joseph-is about to get a fast education in grown-up matters like freedom.


Melanie Griffith as Lucille 
David Morse as Dove  

Cathy Moriarty



Running Time

1 hour 41 minutes


PG-13 for some violence, language and some sex scenes


Sony Pictures




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 The People's Review of Crazy in Alabama

Sylvea Hollis
score = 80
I found this movie to be very well directed and the fact that it was organized by a foreigner made it even more interesting. It reminded me of a Shakespherean tragedy in that after every moment of destruction and horror there was comedy brought to ease your tenseness.  This was quite enjoyable and I as an audience member could feel my emotions being flug with the tide.


score = 90

everything about this movie was excellent,from the beginning to the end. the actor who played peejoe was the most adorable kid the director could have used and the whole plot and scenery and subplots of the movie were great. this movie is not one to miss! ive already seen it twice


david l.
score = 100
Seems like everybody liked this movie except the American critics. Consistently it gets high scores from the audiences who managed to see it before the critics killed it.   Maybe they couldn't handle the sophistication of two stories interwoven, or maybe they just hate the celebrity personae of Antonio and Melanie.  I predict this movie will become a cult favorite in video.


score = 90
I absolutely cannot believe the critics!!!   Here is proof that they can really mess up a review!  "Crazy In Alabama" is a classic!   It was very well done which is to the contrary of what the critics say.   I will definitely someday get this on DVD!   I think that it is because it lacks sex, violence, and bad language that the critics give it the low ratings.   This film is very funny in its parts and yet a very meaningfull picture with the characters that have moral   which is quite the opposite of most movies nowadays. I think it says something of the critics too...


Roland Manning
score = 100
Absolutely.  The critics attacked this movie because it tells some truths that are uncomfortable to hear: a woman kills her husband to get free, and in some ways that's equal to the struggle black people were going through in the 1960s South.  Marvelous work, sophisticated, funny, and totally above the critics' heads.


score = 100
I absolutly loved the movie!!! i am a thirteen year old girl who is sterotyped to only like movies with cute guys with shirts off. but really, i loved the movie because it was very entertaing and the fact that it had two story lines made it even better. after i saw it the first time, i decided it was my favorite movie, and went to see it again!!!! the movie had really funny parts that i cracked up too, and really sad parts that i cried too. what were the critics thinking??????????????


farrah mihandoust 
score = 100 
I really loved your movie Crazy in Alabama.I didn't go to the theathers to see it my friend told me about it and then I saw the previous so I bought the movie.


score = 100 
I absolutely loved this movie!  I saw the preview and went to see it. It was really great.  Critics are crazy.