Digimon: The Movie

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Digimon: The Movie : Friday October 6, 2000

A powerful new Digimon hatches and begins to consume data at an exponential rate. This Internet Digimon rapidly digivolves to its mega form, Diabormon, taking over worldwide communications in the process -- while preparing to launch missiles from the U.S. to Japan. With time running out, only the combined efforts of a worldwide network of kids, plus a new mega-hero Digimon named Omnimon, stand in the way of global disaster. 
One of the kids encouraging the DigiDestined during the battle on the Net is an American boy named Wallace, who has become the human companion of twin Digimon. Unfortunately, the Internet battle results in one of these Digimon becoming separated from Wallace. The lost Digimon grows up very confused, and four years -later it kidnaps the original DigiDestined kids in a misguided attempt to find Wallace. It's up to a new team of DigiDestined heroes to defeat the wayward but dangerous Digimon and rescue the older kids. -- 2000 20th Century Fox


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Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz 


Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz 



Running Time

1hr  22mins


Rated R for language, drug content and brief nudity. 


20th Century Fox


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 The People's Review of Digimon: The Movie 

Score = "100" 
"It was such a great movie. O.k. so some of the graphics weren't so good but who care. All those movie reveiwers care about is what they wan't to see and obviously they didn't wan't to see it and probably didn't pay attention to the good parts and rated it poorly, so :P to them.


Score =  "100" 
"There is only one word you can use to describe this movie: AWESOME! Possibly the best movie of all time! I loved every part of it, even the ones everybody else hated. I went to go see it for my 13th birthday, and it was the best present that anyone gave me! The movie looked so good in the previews, that even my cousin, who is totally anti-Digimon, wanted to go see it!!!" 

"Silver Fox"
Score "10" 
"I gave it a 10 because I went to see it with my little brother and came out thinking, 'that's not as bad as I thought. Not something I'd take my boyfriend to see, but not bad.' so, in conclution, I want to say that if you like that kind of moive, than that's your thing. I, personaly, thought it was ALRIGHT. "

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