Dracula 2000

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Dracula 2000 : Friday Dec. 22, 2000

Dracula 2000's clever and revealing update begins with team of techno-savvy thieves who break into a high-security vault, hoping to steal priceless artworks. To their utter disbelief, the vault instead hides a well-protected crypt, a crypt that has not been opened in 100 years, a crypt that will unleash Dracula's ancient terror upon the modern world -- and all who come into contact with him. 

Dracula, freed at last from a century in confinement, finds himself in a 21st century of chaos and temptation, of Virgin record stores and subterranean nightclubs, where he fits right in. His first destination is the United States -- the ultimate location for his charismatic seductions of beautiful young women and his unceasing quest for power -- but there is another reason he has come here. Somewhere in New Orleans is a young woman Dracula must find . . . the only person on earth with whom he truly shares his dark legacy. -- 2000 Dimension Films 

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The People's Review of Dracula 2000


Ali Quinonez
Score = "80" 
"It started off interesting... but, my only question is HOW did these thieves end up in New Orleans ? Was this planned ? The script was a little ""scattered"", but the ending made for an interesting twist on the typical Dracula myth. I like that Judas Iscariot story... and the fact that the girl was immune to his bite because she had his blood via her father... it was somewhat enjoyable."

Score = "30" 
"Not a good movie. Acting was bad. It pretty much was boring and unoriginal." 

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Patrick Lussier


Joel Soisson 


$37 Million




Gerard Butler as Dracula
Justine Waddell as  Mary Van Helsing
Christopher Plummer  as Van Helsing
Jonny Lee Miller
Omar Epps
Jennifer Esposito
Jeri Ryan
Colleen "Vitamin C" Fitzpatrick
Lochlyn Munroe
Sean Patrick Thomas

Running Time

2hr 7min


Rated R for violence/gore, language and some sexuality. 


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