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I Dreamed of Africa: Friday May 5, 2000

Academy Award® winner Kim Basinger and Academy Award®-nominated director Hugh Hudson team in I DREAMED OF AFRICA, a fierce, passionate love story about the universal desire to discover adventure, lose one's inhibitions and meet the challenges of life, told against the magnificent backdrop of Africa's mythical beauty and unsolvable mystery.

I DREAMED OF AFRICA is inspired by the true story of the indomitable Kuki Gallmann, a beautiful, inquisitive woman who had the courage to escape from her comfortable yet monotonous life in Italy to start anew in the wilds of Africa with her son Emanuele (Liam Aiken, Stepmom) and her new husband Paolo (Vincent Perez).

Though first in awe of the incredible power of nature and sense of freedom in the wide open Kenyan countryside, Kuki soon discovers that life in rural Africa is not a fairy tale existence. Wild elephants and lions roam the land unhindered, devastating storms destroy all in their path and desperate poachers ruthlessly murder endangered animals. Yet through the most trying of setbacks, Kuki emerges as resilient, filled with the strength and desire to take on life lovingly and fearlessly. -- 2000 © Sony

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Hugh Hudson


Kuki Gallmann (Book)




Kim Basinger as Kuki Gallmann
Vincent Pérez as Paolo Gallmann 
Liam Aiken  as Emanuele (Young)
Garrett Stronmen as Emanuele (Teenager)
Eva Marie Saint as Franca

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Rated PG-13 for a scene of nudity, sensuality and some violent, traumatic episodes.




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 The People's Review of I Dreamed of Africa

score = 80 
While I find Ebert's review of this film intelligent as always, I'm disappointed with all of the negative assessments of the story as slow and unmoving.  Is that not supposed to be the point?  Not all life tales can be easily condensed into a two-hour plot.  I think American culture is deficient when we can no longer sit still through a two-hour look at an actual person's life and not feel bored because we are not entertained by explosions, car chases, snappy one-liners and juvenile intrigue.  As far as lame plots go, I've seen absolute crap turned out by directors like John Woo, which nonetheless have some entertainment value because of special effects, translated "unreality."  In I Dreamed of Africa, the effects are real, the landscape really exists, and if sitting through it requires calmness and patience, then that is the lesson to be learned.  If you didn't like this movie, that is your prerogative, but try to at least respect the film on its own merits.  Personally, I found it fascinating, beautiful & moving, as well as thoroughly entertaining.  I saw and liked Gladiator also, but for different reasons, and if you're going to the one expecting to see the other, that is your problem, not that of the scriptwriters'.

emily austin 
score = None 
It was a very beautiful and inspiring movie.  Despite the tragedies that occurred to Kuki Gallmann, the movie is a must see.  If for no other reason than to realize that even in tragedy one can go on living and living enthusiastically if one determines to use pain and turn it into good for the benefit of the larger community. It helps one to go on.

Kathy Morris 
score = 80 
Yes the seams of the movie were loosely woven but if you use a bit of your own wits to hold it together you are rewarded with the story of a courageous woman and a beautiful continent and the talents of Kim Basinger.  Nice reward!

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