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Drive Me Crazy: Friday ,October 1, 1999

Nicole and chase live next door to each other - but are worlds apart. Nicole is up on the latest fashions; Chase, on the latest protest. She wouldn't miss a pep rally or basketball game; he can usually be found moping in some darkened coffee house. Nicole wants a dream date with the star basketball player. But she got dissed. Chase's girlfriend is smart and beautiful. But he got dumped. Now that they have something in common, Nicole and Chase reluctantly join forces to navigate the land mines of high school love. Their scheme: date each other to attract the interest and jealousy of their respective romantic prey. But in the midst of planning a gala centennial celebration, Nicole and Chase find that the one they always wanted was closer than they ever realized. 1999 Fox

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  56.88 - Go See At Matinee

Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing

40 - 65 points 

Go See At Matinee

65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"



John Schultz


Rob Thomas
Todd Strasser




A  girl trying to find a substitute date for her prom.


Melissa Joan Hart as Nicole
Adrian Grenier as Chase
Keram Malicki-Sanchez  as Rupert


Running Time

1hr 50min


PG-13 for sexuality, language, violence and drug content 


20th Century Fox




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 The People's Review of Drive Me Crazy

score = 100
I think that this movie is worth seeing because it is really good..................

score = 50 
I just thought the movie was kind of bland and a knockoff of better flicks of its kind. I still give it a 50 though because I like the actors and the soundtrack, too!

score = 100 
actually more than 100% it was a great movie but it is one of them kindof movies that your curiouse if there is going to be another one i hope there is another one and this time with Hart and Grenier that will make the movie even more fantastic then it allready is i hope there will be a Drive Me Crazy 2 because this is your #1 fan and will love to see what happens next!.

score = 100
This is the best movie I have ever seen. I loved it. I totaly feel in love with the whole story. I will be waiting in line to buy the tape when it comes out. And I am going to go see it at the movies again. It's a must see.

score = 90
It was a great movie but some scenes are not needed and show up for no reason and the directing is lacking. But all and all it was a good movie.

score = 100
The movie is going to be the best movie of 1999  i love the movie

Chasity Roseman
score = 90

score = 90
I think this was a great movie but was,in some places not worth it. however,excluding all these areas it was a great movie definitely worth

score = 80
I tought this was a good movie but is like the many other high school comedys. However, looking past all of this the directing was lacking. Still, I thought, after all this it was worth my time, money, and especially my good review.

score = 70
It was pretty good. Not what i expected at all but good. It reminded me of 10 Things I hate About You. But over all it was ok.

score = 100
The movie was original and funny.Adrian looked really good and his character was cool.At first I thought is was going to be another predictable teen movie centered around the prom. The movie turned out to be stellar and the end was wild.

score = 90
I really enjoyed this film, when I left the theatre I wanted to go back because I missed it.I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes on video. But the ending, I think shouldn't have been cut off like that, and Brad is a HOTTIE!!!!

score = 100
Wonderful Romantic/Comedy.  A must see for all teens.  Wonderfully acted by Adrian and Melissa.

score = 100
I LOVED THE MOVIE DRIVE ME CRAZEY! I SEEN IT TWICE SO FAR! and it was out only 2 days lol! i loved it! it was a really funny good movie! i liked that popular gay guy  (if anyone knows what his name in real life is please e-mail me at he is so cute      I LOVE HIM lol!!!!!!!1

score = 100
I love adrian garnair!!!!!

score = 90
This is an awsome movie! You have to see it! The only problem is that Melissa Joan Hart could have looked a little better.

score = 90
I thought this movie was excellent.  Even though it was a lot like She's All That, I enjoyed seeing the fresh face of Adrian Grenier. My mom even liked it.

score = 100

score = 100
I loved it! I'm in love with my neighbor and I hope it works out as good as it did for her! OH, and Adrian Greneir is Really HOT !

Nicole Trott
score = 100
It was an awsome movie. I really got into it. That alicia chick was such a b.. Adrian is such a hottie. I luv him!!

Raleigh Yoder
score = 100
I absolutely loved this was funny, romantic and great. i give a 1000

score = 100
I loved this movie!! I saw it with my friend Sarah and she loved it too!! Adrien Grenier is so HOTT!!!I really hope he is in more movies soon !! I am also a big fan of Melissa Joan Hart !! I want to see that movie again and again!! I loved it so much !! They could make a great sequel off this movie!! For all you girls out there ; didn't Adrien look like a great kisser?!?! Well I have to go and if you haven't seen it yet ; go see it!!!!           Love, Chickadee

score = 10
It's all about Susan May Pratt...otherwise the film came up short.

score = 90
This was a great movie! Very cute, it really kept me interested. Adrian Greiner was much cute in the movie than I thought-him and Melissa Joan Hart are a perfect pair, they really lit up the screen. Definitely a movie for younger teens as well as older teens who will also enjoy it.

score = 100
I think chase is really hot, and i wish that would happen to me, it's kinda like a dream come true. i'm gonna go see it again, and hopefully i will get the guts to ask out the guy i like. i think it's a must see....:-)

score = 100
This was the best movie of the year (besides the mummy) and was definitely a must see. you guys are crazy

score = 100
The movie is really great and you should see it.

score = 100
This movie is totally awesome! And not predictable, although it was a bit like another movie (that will go un-named) *cough* *cough* She's All That

Julia weber
score = 90
Definitely worth seeing it!!! Melissa Joan-Hart is a very good actor and I hope that she will make more movies. I also liked the story of the movie.

score = 100
I loved it! Adrain Grenier is really HOTT!!! I hope he's gonna be in more movies!

score = 100
Hey yall, well I just wanted to say that this movie is the bomb baby. It atta show yall peeps that sometimes best buds make the best couples.

score = 100
I really liked this movie and strongly recommend the book which I read for the first time two years ago.  I love Adrian Grenier!!!!!!!!!!!!

score = 90
I loved it.  I wish romance could really be like that.  Great acting and Adrian Grenier is so good looking.

score = 100
It was a pretty cool flick. Hope to see more movies from "The Heart Thobe Honey" Adrian Greiner!

score = 100
"drive me crazy" is a great movie.Adrian Grenier showed that he has great acting abilities,cuz i never have seen him in any other movie but this one. it had a great plot to it, to.i myself whould have to give it a 10 out of ten.i think every teenager should go and see it

score = 60
"Drive Me Crazy" was a sad, and rather stupid movie.  It reminded me of "She's all that" only it should have been called "He's all that". Not a real winner, except for the amazing attractiveness of ADRIAN GRENIER.  Mad props to the man.

score = 100
I love that movie!! It was so good! even though i don't like Milissa Joan Heart I think that the guy who played Chase is soooo hot!!

score = 80
I thought it was a really good movie.  The plot was really interesting even though i liked the blonde guy Brad better.  I gave it a 80 because there were some unnecessary scenes involving swearing and stuff.

Cinthia Ramos
score = 100
This movie ROCKED!!!!  Adrian was so hot there. I congratulate you on a wonderful movie. Adrian is so HOT. Make another movie with him please !!!!!!???????????????? I really liked your movie!! Malissa was extreamly good too. I liked the part when Nicole goes and gives Chase a kiss in front of Chase's old girlfriend!! The kiss was perfect. Adrian is such a hunk!!!     Sincerely Cinthia

score = 100
As a parent i thought it was a great movie except for a few language parts and some sexual conten

score = 100
I think it was awesome and Adrian Grenier was H-O-T-T Hot!  He was so good him and Melissa did and AWESOME JOB!  Definitly 100%!  The whole movie was so appealing! It made you feel like you were there I could totally relate to it!  Which is completly AWESOME!

score = 50
It was alright but they dont know how to act very well and some of the sceens are not very reallistic. The story wasent that good either and the title has nothing to do with the movie. It was a go to see a a Matinee sort of thing but good job workers!

score = 90
I thought it was very similer to "She's all that" I think that i like "Drive Me Crazy" more than "She's all that". It was A Good Movie to see with your girl.

score = 100
I loved this novie, it is by far my favorite movie of all times. This movie is worth buying at any cost, and watching over and over until you have to buy the movie again, because you wore it out.  Adrian and Melissa did a great job in the movie, and Adrian looked really good throughout DRIVE ME CRAZY! If you haven't seen the movie go out and see it, it is great to see with anyone.

score = 100
this movie was the BEST i have ever seen. not only did it hhave an awsome story line but it was funny and a classic. those who say that it is not worth seeing are meltally disterbed because it ROCKED!!!

score = None
the movie could have been crap, i still would have seen it, adrian grenier is a total babe, but i admit, the movie wasn't bad, melissa joan hart is starting to look a little old though

score = 100
this movie is truly a have to see movie. the coolest movie of the year. truly fro such young actors to show such tremendously impacting characters and emotions is trtuly remarkable. fro a story so simple ....the actors melissa and adrian put so much passion into the movie especially their characters .the romantic twinkle in their eyes all made up to flatter the heart of the viewer of the movie shows where hollywood is heading with such wonderful actors.

score = 100
The movie was great! Everyone who sees it is bound to fall in love with the story and Adrian Grenier!!! yepp he's GORGEOUS!!! 100%!! I must admiit that i was impressed, i didn't think it would be as good as it turned out. I'm a little disappointed at what the reviewers thought of the movie tho. They gave it a low rating. Seems as if every teen that see's the movie comes out and luvs it! If ur a teen i recommend u see the movie. A great flick!!! i give it a high rating.

score = 90 
I really liked the film, the actors were really good and lets face it, it's not a movie to make you think.

score = None 
I thought this was a "must see" movie.  It was  a great story with great actors. It dealt with real issues, real feelings that everyone can relate to.

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