Drop Dead Gorgeous: Friday, July 23, 1999


In Drop Dead Gorgeous, teenage innocence and spirited camaraderie all go up in hilarious flames over the course of one vicious, nasty, back-stabbing beauty contest. Wow! Sounds fascinating!  This movie shows what really goes on behind-the-scene at those teenage beauty contest. The Advance word is that this movie is a slick black comedy filled with more laughs than Austin Powers.

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"Drop Dead Gorgeous" is a "documentary" about a beauty pageant in a small town in Minnesota that sort of reminds me of that really bad TV movie with Yasmin Bleeth (Killer Beauty Queen?   Don't remember the title), but much better. Stars Kirstie Alley as a former beauty queen turned Stepford wife and psychotic stage mother who will do anything to have her daughter crowned.  Ellen Barkin spends much of the movie with a beer can fused to her hand.  Also a cameo by Adam West.  The movie reminded me of a John Waters flick.   Afterwards one scene that was in incredibly bad taste kept going through my head, but on  reflection I realized that the entire movie was in bad taste.  Let me put it this way...in this film nothing is sacred.  Nothing. Everything is fair game, from bulemics to burn victims to sign language practitioners to born-again Christians to corpses to the mentally retarded.  It's not a great movie, but it could be a great cult hit.  I grew up in (and escaped)a town like the one in the film, and I laughed my head off and left in a great mood.  See it like I did--at one of those two-buck-a-seat second run theaters.  And don't forget to smuggle in the Skittles.


James Liddell, England


THIS IS THE BEST FILM THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN! Well worth the money and you will certainly get hundreds of giggles and many roars of laughter. The best scene? There was one scene that stood out from the rest, Ms. Richards' 'Dancing With Jesus' Scene. I have never laughed so much in all my life! Not even a room full of laughing gas could make me laugh more. Well acted and scripted, well done new-line!