Jason Statham took the next step in his career by taking a role that requires more than just punching and kicking to the sounds of a loud soundtrack.
The director magically crafted each relationship Mauro has and gave them a very realistic view.
A collection of 8 episodes handpicked by the series creator Chris Carter.
The story line for this film is really simple but sufficient as you would expect it to be for a fairy tale.
The bottom line is that the story of this film is as common as coffee and doughnuts, however it is the sugar added to it by the writers and actors .
Yet another remake of the popular Asian horror that has captured the fascination of this genres aficionados, this one an actually creepy and original story that deserves a chance.
Each episode is majestically depicted in every aspects, from animation, music, story line, script, voice acting everything is perfect.
The most important thing to keep in mind while watching Impact Point is to keep an open mind and low expectations, and it will not disappoint.
This movie takes us on this challenging journey along with Brandon. It is as powerful as it is emotional.
“Vantage Point” attempts an interesting concept, that ultimately fails when the movie becomes repetitive.
Persepolis is an interesting movie that gives us a glimpse of what life was and is like is Iran.
Charlie Bartlett touches on real issues that a lot of our youth face today
What sells even more in this picture are the charm in the performances and the charm in the story itself.
Roland Emmerich has us accustomed to impressive movies such as Independence Day, and The Day After Tomorrow
The story itself is great, now the approach and delivery of the whole staff is fantastic.
The pang brothers showed me a more entertaining and engaging story catching my attention from beginning to the end.
If you have a heart, or if you’re a parent, or if you’re Hispanic, there is a very good chance that this movie will touch you.
Even though the general storyline was really quite typical, the simplicity of the way the story was laid out is what makes this film special
While the movie is not great it still managed to be mildly entertaining and it has its moments
Blood + is an exceptional anime series, the way is written and displayed extraordinarily.
Rails and Ties although extremely illusory will keep you entertained for the whole 101 minutes it last.
I was able to get a couple of laughs out of this picture but nothing more.
Talk about hyping up a movie, this one was hyped, pushed, promoted, and heavily advertised
Funny Games is one of those movies that will stay in your mind for a while implanting a sense of mistrust that will make you see the world around you in another way
Once you play the first episode you would not want to stop until you finish all the set.
A pretty decent comedy without forgetting the impact of such devastating news on a person's life.
Director Doug Liman did a good job choreographing the action and I really liked the style of shooting he did for the movie.
Paramount Home Entertainment HD presentation of this masterpiece is just exceptional.
I was able to get a couple of good laughs by  the end of the movie  and I didn't feel that I had wasted my time with "Meet the Spartans".
I was very disappointed with this version and would have expected better, especially from Hollywood.
With an extraordinary sound and quality picture better than the previous releases of these film.
Hit the road with Vince Vaughn as he takes on America’s heartland with the wildest comedy tour of all time.
The movie will not disappoints at all in its purpose, it will entertain to the fullest and for Rambo fans this is the most graphical yet.
It’s a movie that has some interesting elements on the crime scenes cleaning business but gets mixed up with too much plot and very little suspense.
Rambo lives up to its expectations and ups the ante in both action and violent.
The antagonist of Rambo III is stronger than the pervious installment and that is a major plus
Rambo came in and blew our minds with its over the top testosterone driven action and its challenging statements about the Vietnam war.
As you might imagine the movie look even better than “First Blood” did in high definition.
This modern version of Indiana Jones contains a street stunt and a very exciting, nerve breaking cave exploration.
This movie will surely get the audience involved by the way it was filmed.
Get caught behind enemy lines. Go into battle beside the brave young men who fought and died for freedom.
The 1968 Horror classic Night of the living Dead has not died.


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