DVD Release Schedule For October 2007

The Fantastic 4 are back! Yes, they’re back and they did it. Not only did they save the planet, they saved their franchise  ...
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It's been forty years since the making of The Jungle Book and Disney is celebrating all the way ...
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Remember back in the 80s how you rode your bike with your friend and you guys called each other Maverick and Goose.  ...
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Living in the post 9/11 era, who among us hasn’t felt a little mistrust, and fear when watching the evening ...
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The Jungle Book (40th Anniversary) Jericho - The First Season
The Sarah Silverman  Season One Numb3rs - The Third Season
Planet Earth & The Blue Planet Seas of Life (Special Collector's Edition) I Love New York - First Season
Criminal Minds - The Second Season The War - Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

"28 Weeks Later"  starts six months after the deadly virus had destroyed the Britain Mainland ...
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Can you “Change the world”? According to God (Morgan Freeman) you can start by simply doing acts of random kindness ...
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Take a wrong turn down the aisles of your local video store and you might notice that those inbred cannibals from the wooded  ...
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To create an intelligent and intellectual comedy, sometimes all that is needed is a good idea  ...
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Homie Spumoni The Treatment
Roots - The Next Generations Roots - The Complete Collection
Twilight Zone - The Movie Everybody Hates Chris - Season 2
C.S.I. New York - The Third Season Family Ties - The Second Season
Poltergeist (25th Anniversary Edition) Girlfriends - The Second Season

When watching a film based on a true story, specially one that has been controversial and has received major  ...
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In Transformers an alien race of robots known as The Autobots, the good guys, and the Decepticons, the bad guys,  ...  Read more »
“That boy’s got the devil in him.” says Milton, borrowing from J.T. Hague, referring to Robert Rodriguez’s   ...
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After his success with "Blade Trinity" as a writer-director, David Goyer takes on "The Invisible"  ...  Read more »

Medium - The Third Season That '70s Show - Season 7
Normal Adolecenses Behavior Return to House on Haunted Hill (Unrated) [HD DVD]
Crazy Love Believers (Unrated Edition)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - The The Trials of Darryl Hunt
Show Business: The Road to Broadway Jingle All the Way (Family Fun Edition)



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