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Fantasia 2000: Saturday January 1, 1999






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 The People's Review of Fantasia 2000

score = 80
comments = I thought that the Music was awe-inspiring, but the animation was somewhat lacking(except for Aspegi's "Pines of Rome". Where is the Disney briliance found in such films as Alladin and Bueaty and the Beast; it was not in all of Fantasia.

score = 90 
It has very original ideas I loved all of it exept for the broom sequence with Mickey.  Other than that it was very, very good.  I recomend this movie to all ages. It brings the best of classical with the best of cartooning!!!!!!

Sally Burnell 
score = 80 
The music chosen for this movie happened to be among some of my favourite pieces of classical music. Several sequences left me a bit underwhelmed, but there were others that just dazzled me and made me feel that the Disney magic was back, in particular the Gershwin "Rhapsody in Blue" sequence, the Shostakovich "Piano Concerto No. 2" sequence, which was actually chosen to accompany a story already written, "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" by Hans Christian Andersen, and the final "Firebird Suite" sequence, a clever allegory to the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State some 20 years ago. (did anyone besides me notice the resemblance to the volcano after its eruption in that sequence to Mt. St. Helens and what it looked like after it blew some 20 years ago?)      The little girl in the seat behind me in the theatre was scared by the erupting mountain in that final sequence, and I had to grin to myself, because of my reaction as a small child seeing the original "Fantasia". The final sequence in the original of the mountain unfolding to become some terrifying demon scared the lights out of me, as did the terrifying "Night on Bald Mountain" music of Modeste Mussorgsky. The lovely ending of the "Ave Maria" was a soothing balm to the terror of the demonic mountain in the previous sequence, and I remember feeling great relief when that music came on and the demon mountain was forced to retreat from its night of terror and unleashing skeletal ghosts from their uneasy rest.      I think this movie is a worthy successor to the original "Fantasia" and shows quite clearly the astonishing advances in animation technology that have occurred since the release of the original film. One could see that very clearly in the wonderful reprise of the original "Sorceror's Apprentice" sequence from the first "Fantasia". Although one might imagine what that sequence might have looked like with computer generated affects, still, one must marvel at what the master animators over 60 years ago were able to accomplish, that they are still able all these decades later to hold us in thrall to their artistic mastery. When Fantasia 2000 is released on video, I want to be the first to own a copy of it, so that I can watch it over and over again, as this is a film you can easily do that with and find something new in it that you missed the last time you saw it, just as you can the original (which I do own on video!). A film most definitely worth seeing, and I give it an enthusiastic "thumbs up"!

score = 20 
It had very beautiful artwork and very good music the only problem with this film is the creators seemed to totaly miss Walt Disney's idea, to have a cartoon that was in sync to the music. You will notice a drastic difference if you compare the old fantasia with the new one. In Walt's fantasia every single note affected something on the screen, this one looked like a silent cartoon thrown together with any old music, there was o relationship at all between the pretty pictures and pretty music, it was pathetic, and i felt raped of a good movie. Horrible job disney.

score = 100 
Fantastic! Fantasia provides a feast for the eyes and ears.  Best to sit in the last row, far enough away from the Imaz screen to take in the full beauty of the animator's artistry. Marvelous music and inspiring imagery uplift the spirit and touch on every emotion. Well worth the price of admission!

charles Brown 
score = 40 
The screen was so big that the picture looked as if the dots of the lights that beam it across the screen could almost be seen. However, the short stories set to music were fine and Disney like. It's a good movie to see once but not twice like many of the other Disney films. Don't take me wrong the artists did an outstanding job on this film.

score = 100 
Finally the special magic of Disney is back.  This is such a beautiful experience -- it's more than a movie.  I can't believe that I felt weepy at one point when Donald and Daisy held hands (Pomp & Circumstance as Noah's Ark -- brilliant!!!); I now believe that whales can fly and ostriches can do yo-yo tricks.  The only problem was that it was too short.  Thank you Walt Disney studios for bringing back the special experiences of Pinnochio and Dumbo. What took you so long?   Everyone with a soul shouldn't wait to see this, because you need time to see it a second time before it leaves the IMAX theatres.

Carol Ann 
score = 90
I was in awe again, like I haven't been since I was 10.  Every piece was interesting and different and fresh.  The only disappointment was that the Sorcerer's Apprentice din't translate well to the Imax format and looked a bit grainy.  The rest was magic.

score = 100 
Despite small flaws, this was without question one of the most amazing films I have seen.  Ever. This, kids, is what animation is about.  For years, animators have said that animation IS an art form.  This movie proves that potential. 'Rhapsody in Blue' was clever in its insights into city life and beautiful in that Hirschfeld style (though I saw no "Nina"s).  'Carnival of the Animals' had some of the most wonderfully comic timing and expressions I've seen since the days of Tex Avery and Chuck Jones.  And finally, the 'Firebird Suite.'  Dang. This one just blew me away.  The styling was beautiful.  The character animation was gorgeous, as were the backgrounds.  The animation went so well with the music that I forgot to listen to the score.  The ending made me want to sing. It was truly breath-taking. The only regret I have is that the decision not to animate Rachmaninoff's 'Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini."  Having heard the premise behind it (a nightmare and a dream struggle for control of a child's soul), I was really looking forward to it. Oh well.  Maybe next time.

score = 100 
Never in my whole life have I enjoyed a Disney feature as I have enjoyed this one.  This one is far greater than the origial Fantasia (and I love the original)!  Viewing it at an IMAX it engulfed and overwhelms you with emotions. The Whale sequences, Donald and Daisy, and the Firebird Suite were the highlights.  This is the one Disney to truly see again, and again, and again. One wishes that Walt was alive to see this stellar masterpiece, it would have justified and confirmed his original intentions with Fantasia.

score = 80 
The producers were smart to show it in IMAX. I liked pretty much everything, especially Noah's Ark with Donald Duck. I liked the old Fantasia a little better though.

score = 100
Once again Disney has outdone themselves.  I have seen almost every Disney movie (and own most of them)and watch them over and over again.  Fantasia 2000 is the same I could watch it again and again.  The Noah's Ark scene with Donald Duck was really great.  My favorite part was Mickey Mouse of course.  I'm glad that part was brought back from the original Fantasia.  Way to go Disney!! Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward to your next big hit.

score = 100 
By the time they started the last sketch, my head was propped on my hands and all I could say was WOW!!!  My family had an interesting time comparing our personal favorites from disney's fantasia 1940 and the new one. Movies like this are something Walt would be proud of.  I agree with Carol Anne that the Sorcerer's Apprentice was grainy, but I was kind of glad to see they did not feel they had to alter(touch up a masterpiece.  And Rapsody in Blue was great.

score = 90 
It was so unbelieveably awesome-I can't wait to see what Disney's gonna do for the video!!!! I loved the watercolor-painted flamingoes.  That was very artistic. And it looked great on screen. The Hirchfield was genius!!! I kinda expected to have Mickey's Big Scene cleaned up a bit, but apparently not. Still, it was deffinately worth going to. I wish they would put in a violin concerto though...maybe Bartok's Romanian Dances?

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